Denise Richards ruins baseball. Forever.

May 4th, 2009 // 34 Comments

Here’s a clip of Denise Richards singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at a Chicago Cubs game Friday night. Then again, it’s not so much singing as 9/11 coming out of her mouth and crashing into our nation’s pastime. — It’s lines like that that separate ordinarly people like Bob Costas and heroes like myself. Read: They’re hireable.


  1. That doesn’t even compare to the Ozzy Osbourne rendition.

  2. It's Me Fuckers

    fuck I can’t stand this woman.

  3. Frank Rizzo

    Remember when Roseanne sang the National Anthem? That was wayyyyy worse.

  4. That doesn’t even compare to the Ozzy Osbourne rendition.

  5. Well, she can’t act and now we know she can’t sing. Looks like her only “talent” was getting Charlie Sheen to nail her so she can collect like $40,000/month from him in child support.

  6. Kathleen

    She’s just screaming into the mike. What an idiot

  7. This is funny. Hahaha.

  8. EG

    No you’re the idiot. It’s MIC, ya know short for MICROPHONE.

  9. Ruth

    “Past time?”


  10. Pilatunes

    Someone who should NEVER have been a celebrity who just can’t grasp the fact that everyone else but her has figured it out.

  11. Io


  12. Owwwwww. Not a single note on key.

  13. Ruth

    That was a quick fix… much better.

  14. cutesy

    please ban this woman from television… FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Not Going Green

    I have NO sympathy for any human or voter of this state.
    A well deserved prospectus of downtrodden debauchery.

  16. Krassy McKrass

    I do hope she can do better things with her throat and mouth.

  17. vito

    Fish, I’m gonna sue yer ass…my ears are bleeding!

    OK, maybe I won’t sue you, but now you owe me…BIGTIME!

  18. v

    OMG she sounds worse than those cats at night.

  19. Superbiggerevil


    Not exactly Roseanne Barr fucked up, but fucked up just the same. Can’t believe this shit stain is considered a celebrity just because she had Charlie Sheen spunking down her throat for a couple of years.

  20. that was awesome

    I would have belted out the words along with her. Come on people, I’m *pretty sure* it was all in good fun and not intended to be sung by a lyrical genius.

  21. AFV

    Roseanne was and still is a comedian. Her anthem was given with comedic flair. That you’re too stupid to see that says volumes about your taste in music and inability to “get” anything. Dimwit

  22. Turd Ferguson

    Thank God she tortured Cubs fans with that crap. But then again, they’re Cubs fans, they’re used to failures.
    ….Bwaaah-ha-ha! ha!….ha

  23. lousie4eva

    That reminds me of when they let the mentally disabled children do something important to make them feel special…

  24. STINK

    Yeesh. To shut her up I’d wing a $7 beer at her.

  25. Basketball Jones

    I’d like to climb her pitcher’s mound!

  26. Malberry


  27. This is your cue to print more pictures of a real baseball fan, isn’t it? I think you know who I mean – the Charmed one with the Touch ..,

  28. Galtacticus

    My eardrums almost busted! Who is she?

  29. ctti

    Oh, good Lord. Even William Petersen does this miles better than she does. Gotta love the look on the dude’s face at 00:26. “What the fuck?” would be the correct expression here.

  30. anonymous

    OMG, my ears are bleeding.

    That was PAINFUL!!!!

  31. Dr McNasty

    I’ve farted better versions of that song.

  32. As long as there are STUPID & NAIVE americans she has “WORK”, folks!!

  33. friendlyfires

    Denise Richards claims she did it for cancer;_ylt=An7D2K51fXS7VkhG.BjUozBxFb8C
    I once opened for Hole at Lollapalooza – thank goodness those were empty plastic water bottles – but I did it to make Courtney Love look good, which is virtually the same thing as what Denise did, so I’m down with that, and hey, I got a free Slurpy from Courtney afterwards and I’m not talking frozen iced beverages, but i could be.

  34. boogermeister

    I like the way she holds the microphone

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