Denise Richards makes Pierce Brosnan immediately regret doing those Bond movies

January 19th, 2009 // 29 Comments

Remember when Denise Richards played Dr. Christmas Jones in The World is Not Enough? Of course not, only she does. (On a good day.) Here’s Denise bumping into her co-star, 007 himself, Pierce Brosnan at Sundance. Running into a Bond girl must be like seeing a one-night stand you never called again. But this time with the added bonus of hearing how fucked up Charlie Sheen is while you contemplate faking a stroke. Man, that’s the sweet life.

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  1. nick


  2. nick


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  4. Mylo

    I like dennise Richards, I don´t know why she´s so hated by the media. Can anyone tell me?

  5. CaptainMorgan

    I don’t care that she’s crazy. I’d give her a go. I’d have to slap her alot and give her something to be quiet, but it could be fun.

  6. 12=32

    That, i think, is the most accurate narration of the meeting.
    First time I laugh since the change of writer. Congrats!

  7. wasnt she a nuclear physicist? HAHAH

  8. ann

    Why is this no talent loser even there? Maybe she should be home looking for a real job considering she cannot act! Her 15 minutes were up years and I mean years ago!!

  9. I love Denise Richards. I’ve never loved her more now that I’m back on my meds.

    I love everybody..

  10. Andres

    @ #4 : you’re either joking or a complete dumbass….
    @# 9 : Awesome…

  11. director

    What? No one remembers cinematic gold like “… and I thought Christmas only came once a year.”

  12. Randal

    Denise Richards has always had a stunning smile and has never felt ashamed to show it off either. Of course, having looks in the entertainment industry is never enough but Denise doesn’t need to worry about such things – she’s a natural.


  13. Deacon Jones

    Caption for pic #4

    “Like, remember when you came on my face in your trailer? This is the face I made”

    “Naturally, darling” (looks at watch, whistles, walks away)

  14. L'Eponge


    I LOL’d

  15. Laura


    Look at pic #10!


    I feel better about myself now.

  16. Laura


    Look at pic #10!


    I feel better about myself now.

  17. Laura


    Look at pic #10!


    I feel better about myself now.

  18. i think

    Pierce made a hot 007. I still think he’s sexy!

  19. “I’d love to give you an interview, dear, but that’s a water bottle, not a microphone.”

  20. Lime1

    People show a little love. Remember how you felt the first time you saw that scene in “Wild Things”.

    Now I’ll grant you a three way from a film over 10 years old isn’t much. But at least Denise isn’t wearing a T-shirt of some one she tried to keep out of a job.

  21. me

    Anyone posting after me sucks on Pierce Brosnan’s well-groomed penis

  22. edamame

    DAMN, I love Pierce Brosnan….drunk, as in Evelyn…or scruffy, as in Seraphim Falls! I don’t care if he DID make Denise Richards kiss the ol’ Blarney Stone, I’d still do him. Any Pierce Brosnan is GOOD Pierce Brosnan in my book!

  23. kate

    She is very beautiful, but why does she like to join ***seekingsugarmomma. c om****? I really do not know why. seems that she likes that site so much. she puts so many info. there.

  24. the answer to this: ABANDON THAT AIREA IN PARTICULAR & AMERICA IN GENERAL, folks!!

  25. Pierce apart from perfect actor is also a perfect person with dynamic and good-hearted character that is big supporter many charitable, ecological and many other institutions as UNICEF Ireland.

  26. Dr Smith

    She is a total nutjob.

  27. Patrick

    I’m curious if anyone can answer this question. About a year ago there was a story of Pierce Brosnan having a half sister. From the story, I gathered that Mr.Brosnan dismissed the woman’s requests for a DNA, and he told the press “no comment” when asked if she was his sister. If the man was a politician or a public official; the press would never have let it go with a “no comment”. So I’m curious as to why they seem to let Mr.Brosnan off the hook. Does the press know? That same woman is often seen in the same places as Mr. Brosnan in Malibu. While they don’t talk to each other, they do acknowledge each others presence, with a nod or whatever.He doesn’t treat the woman like a criminal or a stalker, there’s even a picture of Mr.Brosnan with the woman’s daughter circulating on the internet.

    So clearly there is much more to this story than the press is willing to find out.I wonder why?

  28. I do not like it is crazy. I would give him a chance. I want to slap a lot and give him something to be silent, but it could be fun.

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