Denise Richards is spiteful

drichards-no-grandkids.jpgDenise Richards is allegedly so pissed off with Charlie Sheen that she’s not letting his parents, Martin and Janet Sheen, see their granddaughters.

“Denise has told Martin and Janet they cannot see the kids again,” said a Sheen pal. “They are devastated. Both grandparents are devoted to those children. They didn’t think they would be treated like this.” A rep for Richards, who already has a restraining order against Sheen, said, “Denise would love for her daughters to have a relationship with Charlie’s parents.”

I doubt the authenticity of this story because it seems overly cruel, even for Denise Richards. Stealing husbands is one thing, but they reserve a special place in Hell for people who deny old people the pleasure of seeing their grandchildren. Right next to Hitler and people who take dumps in laundry machines.