Denise Richards is a liar?

April 28th, 2006 // 103 Comments

drichards-sheen-lies.jpgCharlie Sheen’s manager has told Page Six that Denise Richards’ wild allegations are just a bunch of lies to try and win the custody battle for their children:

“All of this is nothing more than child-custody issues. This all started because Charlie wanted 50-50 custody . . . When Denise said no. Charlie said, ‘Then let a judge decide.’ The next day, she comes out with a bunch of bull[bleep] claims. Did he gamble on sports? Big deal. Every guy I know does. Show me a guy who hasn’t seen porn on the Internet. Does that mean he’s not a good father? No. This guy lives for his kids. And she drummed all this up so he can’t see his kids. It is the single worst behavior of a parent I have ever seen.

“There are groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. Denise needs to go to National Enquirer Anonymous. This shouldn’t be fought in the press. Is Charlie upset? Yes. Did he threaten to kill her? No. Would he kill her? No way. When someone tells her something she doesn’t want to hear, they’re out the door.”

Denise also allegedly told Charlie she’d been seeing Richie Sambora since last November and not March as everybody is reporting. Additionally, sources say that Heather Locklear and Denise’ neighborhood friends are no longer talking to Denise because they’re appalled with her. This whole situation is like a plot to some ridiculous soap opera. Pretty soon Richie Sambora is going to rip off his face and it’ll turn out he was Denise Richards’ twin sister all along. And he’s pregnant with her child. And has amnesia.



  1. Errrika


  2. What the hell is he supposed to say? Yes, it’s all true.

  3. Sodomy_is_for_Girls

    They should just both kill each other and sell the children into slavery in Africa so Angelina Jolie can adopt them…

  4. chinadoll724

    That’s pretty shady on Denise’s part if they’d been dating since last year.

  5. boredmilf

    is it just me or is his nostril massive?

  6. Akapee

    Denise is a nobody. She is a mediocre actress at best and a whore at worst…having said all that, I’d still hit it.

  7. Pearly

    “Desperate Celebrity Housewives” part one billion. Who cares? Is it really shocking that perhaps Denise was a cheating partner and Charlie isn’t the only one? I still wanna see Denise and Heather catfight this out..prefeably to the death (both of em).

  8. Sheva

    Who doesn’t love a lying, dirty whore? Oh, I guess Charlie is now joining the list.

  9. Giggles

    Not looking good for Denise. She’s losing my sympathy. She is looking like a bit of ho.

    I thought it was QUITE FAST for her to be so lovey dovey with Richie. Maybe Denise is the bad one in all of this….

  10. prideofchucky

    You know I was gonna call Denise a crazy bitch but I should disclose that I too have sexually manipulated Richie Sambora to get what I wanted.

  11. Italian Stallion

    Now thats one bitch I would stick a needle in, only filled with air……….

  12. Italian Stallion

    Now thats one bitch I would stick a needle in, only filled with air……….

  13. BigJim

    Next thing you know Denise is going to be hanging out with Pete Doherty.

    Denise: “Pete, can you hook me up?”

    Pete: “No way, bitch. You’re way too fucked up already.”

  14. ellaminnowpea

    Denise only has two brain cells and one is on vacation….NO WAY is she smart enough to have concocted such a scenario!

    She must have kick ass attorneys!

  15. ellaminnowpea

    you know what they say about liars….
    Liar, liar pants on fire….and hers are HOT for Richie!!

  16. BigJim

    I really wish I’d stuck with those guitar lessons. Then I could have fucked up bitches with no self esteem throwing themselves at me all the time.

    I guess I’ll just have to settle for the hard-bodied gym bunnies.

  17. ellaminnowpea

    …..with no self respect……!! ha! sucks to be you!!!

  18. BigJim

    Yay! No more server problems — I can get SF from my igloo now. Which means I can telecommute and do even less work because I don’t have to worry about people catching me jerking off to krisdylee’s posts.

    Better keep the tissues handy. My wife gets grossed out when I leave the keyboard all sticky.

  19. pinky_nip

    I wish she’d shut her trap. It’s so classy to put all this out in the media. And so wonderful for her children that she cares so much about. What a twat. First of all you’re the dipshit that married him, you knew what he was like.

    I’d like to push & hold her head in a bowl of tapioca pudding. Man that would make me laugh and laugh.

  20. ellaminnowpea

    …perhaps use Bounty…the quicker picker upper???

  21. ellaminnowpea

    BigJim would lap that up?!??

  22. colormeskanky

    they both seem shady and slimy. I think they deserve each other.

  23. hugh_g_rection

    first!!! suckers

  24. Zanna

    Denise looks and acts like a bagful of smashed assholes.

    Congrats Big Jim on the igloo being reconnected. Rock out with your cock out!

  25. BigJim

    Oh, ella, I know that your hostility is a futile mask to hide your true feelings for me.

    You’ve read all these posts from other babes who want me so bad, and now you do too, but figure the lineup to get into my pants is just too long.

    Well, if you ask nicely, I could make some room for you on my schedule.

  26. BigJim


    Already doin’ it, and thinking about how much ella wants me.

  27. Denise has used up all of her lives. When she starts out as a Heidi Fleiss girl and marries into Hollywood royalty, no Plan B can ever look good after that.

    Argue as you might, Richie Sambora is more like a Plan D.

  28. ellaminnowpea

    Please do….I’m drawn to the name like a bee to honey!

  29. BigJim


    I hope you’re not too disappointed, but the “Big” refers to muscles. Down there, I’m a mere 7 or so inches, which is still way bigger than Land-bitch.

  30. Dr.Rokter

    All I know is that Charlie Sheen was in “Platoon”, and Denise Richards was in “Starship Troopers”, which was the *same* goddamn movie.

  31. ellaminnowpea

    Lands-end must be a Capricorn…he’s way too self-important & his amnesia prevents him from remembering any SOLID number at any given time….
    Surely you’re WAY modest….

  32. BigJim

    Hey, doc, I can totally see it.

    Nasty bug aliens = Gook NVA and VC

    Michael Ironside = Tom Berenger

    Casper the friendly whatever = Charlie Sheen

    The hard one I’m creating an analogy for is Dina Meyer (Dizzy). She was smokin’ hot in ST.

  33. BigJim

    I’m a Gemini, does that tell you anything? ‘Cause it don’t mean shit to me.

  34. ellaminnowpea

    remember that line from Real Genius? The one that what’s her name asked Val Kilmer? Now THAT’d be MUSCLE!

  35. BigJim

    Nope. I saw that movie about 5,000 beers ago. I killed all the brain cells that contained that dialogue a while back.

  36. ellaminnowpea

    Gemini=Jekyll & Hyde?
    I’m a Libra and I must say that Libraesque says all the things I’m just about to say…so I don’t….She’s right on!
    ***shout out to Libraesque***

    I balance….it’s all about the $….like it’s my job……oh…it IS my job!

  37. 86

    What else was he supposed to say? She is a better person than me for keeping quiet as long as she did. She was good enough not to say anything the first time she filed for divorce, but he continued to abuse her, so she told everyone so that if she turned up dead, everyone would know who did it!!

    He knocked her to the ground while she was holding their daughter!!!!! That doesn’t sound like a good dad to me!

    So what if she was hooking up with Richie Sambora? Yeah, she sucks for doing that but those are two different issues.

  38. Taureans rule all.

    That’s it.

  39. ellaminnowpea


  40. If this is true, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is, it is nothing new. My boyfriend’s now ex-wife pulled that shit and he now has no relationship with his daughter.

  41. Wild Rose

    My hubby passed Charlie Sheen in a hallway at his work a couple of days ago. I asked him if he’d kicked him in the balls for how he has been treating Denise (my hubby’s been hot for her since Starship Troopers). After reading this article, I’m glad he didn’t. She sounds like a conniving bitch. Charlie Sheen’s manager sounds like a funny guy–”National Enquirer Anonymous”–Ha!

  42. pinky_nip


    Where does your husband work? The Mustang Ranch?

  43. Spacedog

    Remember when Ritchie and Jon did that “Wanted Dead or Alive” acoustic at the MTV Video Music awards in like 1989? That was SO rockin.
    1989… seemed just like yesterday.

  44. radio3play

    #23 haha
    me too

  45. lilystar

    Ooh astrology, my favorite! :) I’m kinda newish and haven’t jumped in much cause I’m a shy Cancer. ;)

    But we are intuitive and I’ve been saying I don’t like Denise Richards for years, even when everybody thought she was so sweet and pretty and how did Charlie get so lucky…hahaha. She’s got this vacant vapid whorish quality…it’s really hard to put into words but it’s just there. I have no doubts she’s a manipulative bitch. And she can’t act. The only time I ever enjoyed seeing her in a movie was when she got attacked by a chainsaw in some stupid horror movie. You have to be bad to fuck up being a Bond girl. Ok, I just really hate her. :P

    And I love Libras!

  46. koshrpikle

    This sounds a lot like a bad episode of Melrose Place….wait, they were all bad.

  47. pinky_nip

    I really dislike Penise Richards. I’d like to sneak up behind her and chop off her dumb hair. For some reason I just want to pick on her until she cries. I would find satisfaction in that, sexual satisfaction.

  48. pinky_nip

    P.S. And she’s FAT

  49. Fisher55

    Penise Richards, HA!

    She’s horrible, but I’ve always liked her shitty movies…Wild Things was the shizzle

  50. Fisher55

    Penise Richards vs. Charlie Peen?

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