Denise Richards inspired by Madonna

November 10th, 2008 // 40 Comments

Denise Richards caught the LA show of Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet tour and found herself uplifted by the decaying figure pretending to play the guitar. Us Magazine reports:

“You feel lazy watching her because you gotta get off your butt and just work,” she told at club Tao’s three-year anniversary in Las Vegas over the weekend.
Richards added that the singer (who recently announced her divorce from Guy Ritchie) “is really an inspiration for everyone.”
Meanwhile, Richards said she can’t wait to get behind the camera to film the second season of her E! reality show It’s Complicated. How is this season going to be different?
“As my life changes, season two will be different because different things happen, and it’s a reality show,” she told Us.

And who isn’t looking forward to season two of Denise Richards: It’s Complicated? I can’t wait to watch Denise turn herself into a sinewy mummy ala Madonna only to have her show canceled when half her audience accidentally swallows quarters. Because, seriously, who the fuck is watching this thing? I had no idea there was a built in demographic who wants to incessantly hear how Charlie Sheen is a shitty dad because he masturbates to gay porn all day. I mean, c’mon, folks. That hasn’t stopped The Geekologie Writer from raising three lovely children.

EDIT: Goldfish. Three lovely goldfish.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, WENN

  1. Maureen

    Are her eyes a little off?

  2. No Way

    Is it just me or are her eyes a little off?

  3. yeah, I did it

    Not sure, but I’m thinking her eyes might be just a little off…… :)

  4. No, she’s on acid..

  5. Charlie Sheen

    I skeeted into her eyes so many times they don’t focus properly anymore.

    And hey, Denise, glad you’re inspired by Madonna, and good luck with the steroids and the weight lifting and the whole turn-into-a-man thing. Looks like I got out just in time. Nah, just kidding – you’ll keeping sitting on your bony ass and doing drugs and acting like a psychobitch. If that giant mouth hadn’t been so great for taking both my cock and balls, I wouldn’t have given you a second look.

  6. Kahlee

    I can’t stand her nose. Its weird and pointy, but not in a natural way.

  7. Sport

    She is a mess, along with anyone who thinks the Crypt Keeper is anything but a totally fucking spent 1990′s abomination.

  8. amanda

    “As my life changes, season two will be different because different things happen, and it’s a reality show,”

    I guess when you ask a really dumb question to a really dumb person you get a really dumb answer.

  9. Parker

    I want to bend her over and fuck her in the ass until those bug eyes of hers pop out.

  10. Dont let the looks fool you, you can tell a lot about a woman from the man she married or bang…

  11. Melf

    I used to hate Denise and think she was a total Hollywood tard. But one night of total boredom her show came on, And I actually ended up liking the girl. Yes shes a little ditzy and odd, but she seems very down to earth and normal. She really didn’t put on a big ” I’m famous and rich and have all the money in the world act…. like example Mrs. Hilton and her stupid shows.
    And I did end up watching the whole denise it’s complicated season.

  12. ph7

    She looks OLD.

  13. Randal

    Denise, you’re looking as beautiful since the first day you stepped into the entertainment industry. Over the years, you’ve proved to be a staying power as a female celebrity and actress, as well as a perfect face on magazine covers.

    Keep smiling, sunshine.


  14. Ann

    I can’t believe they gave this ditz another season of that crap show!! Who really watches it?! I’d say only ryan seacrest apparently!!

  15. anonymous

    Oh please #14 you must be on drugs! Denise does not have any talent and is not considered a celebrity or an actress! She really just needs to give it up!!

  16. ivan


    She’s old, stupid, and uninteresting.
    Just like Madonna.

    Denise needed to have developed a personality before hitting the sag-zone.
    I am sooooooooooooooooo flaccid right now.

  17. Hey Veggi, is it happy hour yet?

  18. ivan

    Randal (#14) is either on crack or unabashedly gay.
    Either way, he’s sucking on something.

  19. #16, #14 isn’t real. Just some weirdo.
    Veg, where’d you go??? I got us kamikazes or however you spell that..

  20. havoc

    Head. Case.


  21. Turd Ferguson

    Is it just me or is she and mikey jackson starting to look alike?

  22. What’s up FRIST? Where have you been??

  23. Jimbo, I just emailed you!!!!!
    Would you like veggi’s kamikaze? She bailed on me.. :(

  24. stickykeys

    the lights are on, but no one’s home…

  25. ummm...yeah

    Die Randal!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Well, I’m gonna go now……bye..

  27. Emilio Estevez

    C’mon Denise! Charlie said I could take a crack at you now. My ball juice is choc full of vitimins, nutrients and free-radicals! And it won’t sting your eyes the way Charlie’s did.

  28. Judas

    Gotta love those damned christstain crosses and trinkets; the sure sign of a slut. An ignorant slut.

  29. Stoney

    She looks like she smoked a big ole blunt in pic 4.

    Right on, Denise. Keep on tokin!

  30. supersex

    i’d fuck her eyes straight!

  31. “decaying figure pretending to play the guitar”


    fucking love it


    is it me or does she look like a blonde Michael Jackson? Any one see that in the first pic!

  33. traccy

    I saw she posted a personal blog on ^^^^^^MillionaireLoving. C O M^^ ^^^^, a private site for millionaire & celebrity I heard of from a friend of mine. She posted many of her pravite videos on it! Does she want to hook up with rich guys?

  34. Sparky

    whore’s back!

  35. Dee

    One stupid twat is inspried by another stupid twat..gee that’s refreshing..who’s the blonde she’s with, she’s wearing a wedding ring, careful honey, she is just trying to get down YOUR husband’s pants now!

  36. bitemebitch

    what the f**k is this bitch on?

  37. bitemebitch

    what the f**k is this bitch on?

  38. kiss

    She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site ____S e e k a m i l l i o n a i r e . c o m _____.last week. I am wondering what kind of
    she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now? ?&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

  39. sapphire eyes

    Was she “inspired” by Madonna’s extensive plastic surgery and Botoxing? Seriously, her forehead looks as if it has been stapled to her skull.


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