Denise Richards inspired by Madonna

Denise Richards caught the LA show of Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet tour and found herself uplifted by the decaying figure pretending to play the guitar. Us Magazine reports:

“You feel lazy watching her because you gotta get off your butt and just work,” she told at club Tao’s three-year anniversary in Las Vegas over the weekend.
Richards added that the singer (who recently announced her divorce from Guy Ritchie) “is really an inspiration for everyone.”
Meanwhile, Richards said she can’t wait to get behind the camera to film the second season of her E! reality show It’s Complicated. How is this season going to be different?
“As my life changes, season two will be different because different things happen, and it’s a reality show,” she told Us.

And who isn’t looking forward to season two of Denise Richards: It’s Complicated? I can’t wait to watch Denise turn herself into a sinewy mummy ala Madonna only to have her show canceled when half her audience accidentally swallows quarters. Because, seriously, who the fuck is watching this thing? I had no idea there was a built in demographic who wants to incessantly hear how Charlie Sheen is a shitty dad because he masturbates to gay porn all day. I mean, c’mon, folks. That hasn’t stopped The Geekologie Writer from raising three lovely children.

EDIT: Goldfish. Three lovely goldfish.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, WENN