Denise Richards in a bikini = MILF AHOY!

April 24th, 2008 // 132 Comments

These are shots of Denise Richard learning how to surf in Hawaii while filming an episode of her upcoming reality show. So far this baby has all the ingredients for kickass television. Namely Denise Richards, her chest cannons and a bikini. That’s Emmy gold right there. I’ve said it for years, but The West Wing would still be on the air today had they listened to me and cast Denise as the Secretary of the Boobies. I mean, c’mon, with that level of realism the episodes would’ve written themselves. But, no, I’m just some crackpot who doesn’t wear pants to business meetings. You said it was casual!

Photos: Splash News

  1. bar room hero


  2. Juaquin Ingles

    No thanks.

  3. sg


  4. Mark

    This is what Kim Kardaskank should do so she can play in the water and have fun; wear shorts so she can wear her girdle ha! ha! Instead of covering her huge loose ass ha! ha!

  5. MassGrrl

    Her tits are MUCH smaller than they used to be, pre-baby. How did that happen?

  6. Lucy

    Oh come on! 3rd from last pic – FATTY

  7. Lucy

    Oh come on! 3rd from last pic – FATTY

  8. dude_on_a_wire

    Someone has been guzzling extra snickerdoodles.

  9. IFuckingHateYou

    Nice gut!!

  10. Guy

    Would so tap that, fuck you calling her fat, I would do her regardless.

  11. IFuckingHateYou

    #5 – tits are the same size, it’s just that they look smaller with that tub of lard right below them.

  12. Gorgeousy

    She totally removed her implants! Remember her in Bond and the pool scene with Neve Campbell (who totally disapeared BTW) she was rocking rock hard fakies and now look at her modest b cup action. Well better out than back in again, implants are fucking NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASTY!

  13. Rick

    She’s about as hot as a MILF gets. So, not hot.

    Hollywood (and wood in general) loves hot young chicks in their prime. Why are we looking at something from the recycle bin?

  14. Over 40 Hottie

    Thanks for posting some MILF!

  15. shanipie

    she looks sooo average. oh and girl you need to suck it IN

  16. WRONG #11 She had mondo implants back in her heyday. Click my name or paste the link.

  17. nipolian

    She looks like she has some flab…. but she is still total prostate cancer prevention material.

  18. Rat

    she could lay off the brewskis, but she looks fine and a killer smile!

  19. alicia

    wow…her gut is gross. What’s with the no-ass-at-all? Hello….Lunges and squats!

  20. I hate you

    Yeah, I wouldnt throw her out of bed, but calling those “chest cannons” is completely off. Maybe handguns, or milk pistols would be the right choice of words. She’s still got an ass though, not bad.

  21. dk


  22. Sigmund F.

    Just say the first word that pops into your mind:

    Train? -Tunnel
    Cave? -Spelunking
    Trees? -Lumber
    Swimming pool? – Oh shit the motherf’n pool scene from Wild Things with Denise Richards and Neve Campbell, fucking A!! Doc have you seen it? No? Really? Seriously? Ahh dude you should see it..

  23. jSb

    gosh, when ever I see her stupid “duuuh-i-am-that-dumb-smile”, I want to bitchslap it off of her face … damn …

  24. It's me Fuckers

    you couldn’t pay me to fuck this psycho… okay, maybe you could… she’s so fucking psycho though if the price was right

  25. Remember when tv channels played tv shows and movies?? I know it was a long time ago, but try to remember a time when there was no such thing as REALITY TV

    Aw, you guys are probably all too young to remember. Bet you’ve never seen a music video on MTV either!!

  26. Skinny Ugly White Girl with no Ass or Chest

    Seriously, they aint one cracker chick that has half the body as an average Nubian Princess. White folk are weak. That’s why we had to do all your work for you and now you send all the work away for other poor folk.

    Skinny and weak.

  27. Auntie Kryst

    @25 Frist don’t bring up Betamax, we’ll be here all night.. It’s happy hour anyways.

  28. 1 MILF Hunter

    The MILF Hunter sez ohhhhh, yyyeeeaaahhhh.

  29. Over 40 Hottie


    Those were the days!

  30. cem

    Yeah ok “SikinnyUglyWhiteGirl”- I’ll take skinny, weak, educated and high-paying cushy job any day.

    Seriously, did you think that was an insult to white people?!
    Physically strong and stupid and poor? Yeahhhhh, no thanks.

    Idiot racist.

  31. Skinny and weak

    Hey, ease up, #26. We skinny and weak crackers pay the taxes that turn into handouts for you fat and lazy folks. We don’t like it, but we understand it, because we understand genetics (not, that’s not a type of stocking).

  32. RENEE

    wow does she look like crap. Saggy, cellulitey; she’s a mess. The only good thing seems to be that she had her breast implants removed. Did the superfish guy even look at these pics or was he being sarcastic abt the whole breast cannons, and Denise being hot comments? This is the worst I’ve ever seen her look, I sure wouldn’t let someone film me looking like that.

  33. PrimeOne

    Oh come on she has had two kids and doesn’t have a contract for any movies which would have a Movie studio pay for 24 hour trainers and nutritionists to grind her into Hollywood definition of “In Shape”.

    MILF ahoy in deed and I’m all about firing my meat torpedo into her harbor

  34. monkeyfightclub

    i would totally crush that

  35. moobs

    I like her, she’s perfect. I never hear about her.

  36. Joe C

    In other pics from this shoot, you can see how fat her thighs and pooch have become. It’s sad that she looks this bad. I am going to go watch Wild Things and cry.

  37. dude

    That fat bloat she’s rocking is what happens after Richie Sambora splooges in you.

  38. kramer

    where are those “chest cannons” exactly? she hid them under those peanuts she’s passing on as tits? she apparently has a belly as well. as someone else pointed out, the 13th photo is gross. if you scroll down so that you don’t see the face and are just looking at the body, she looks less fuckable than amy winehouse in today’s pictures.

  39. combustion8

    someone kick her flabby ass back to the gym.

  40. Sam_On_Ella

    Shit, I’d hit it…with a wet salami. ‘Cause that’s the way she likes it according to Charlie Sheen.

  41. BoboTed

    What a coincidence that her career tanked when she had her tits removed.

    Now she is just a flabby mother with an OK face.

  42. Chris

    You can tell she’s a single mom, she’s starting to get those anger lines etched in around her mouth from dealing with unruly kids.

  43. BoboTed

    Gross, her gut hangs over her shorts.

    Fit women are not shaped like a gourd.

  44. moobs

    Newsflash, lamers.

    This is pretty much what “real women” look like.. Not that plastic bubble butt and botox “high maintenance” shiat you idiots drool over these days. You people have no credibility in your opinion anyway, you made Britney/Hohan/Paris “stars” and that’s sad. Yeah, that’s some “hot” broads alright… i’m assuming you’ve never seen a really truly beautiful chick in real life, with those standards.

  45. nipolian

    She is still way skinnier (and hotter) than Kim Karfatassian.

  46. coffeebean

    She is stunning……the pictures that appear to show her belly larger than it is, is merely a result of a bad camera angle combined with poor shadowing. She is really quite fit.

  47. Reality Distortion Field

    Listen up all you flamers

    She is more than anything you losers will ever get your masterbatory hands on so go back beneath the rock you live under.

    And to all you sensible gents, I’m sure you’re all in total agreement with me

    MILF ahoy in deed-I’m all about firing my “love boat” into her “snug harbor”

  48. Skinny Ugly White Girl with no Ass or Chest

    31 cracka, damn right you go to work for us now and when Obama get in pay back gonna be a bitch!!!!!!!
    Then we gonna see who be laffin and cryin”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. In other pics from this shoot at BlackWhiteKiss . c o M where you can meet many handsome single men for love and more >> , you can see how fat her thighs and pooch have become. It’s sad that she looks this bad. I am going to go watch Wild Things and cry.

  50. alisa

    she has a gut??? where the hell is this gut you speak of…….. shes thin and not rock hard like a woman should be.

    guys id like to see your future wives looking half as good as her at her age

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