Denise Richards flashes her labia

February 2nd, 2007 // 136 Comments

While hanging out at the beach with Richie Sambora, Denise Richards accidentally flashed her labia. I feel bad even calling it a flash since she’s still wearing her shorts. It shouldn’t even be in the same category as Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears flashing their bojangles. It’d be like taking an x-ray photo of Scarlett Johansson in jeans and t-shirt and then calling her a little slut.

Click the thumbnails for the NSFW closeups.


  1. ch474

    Hey celebs want privacy? Get a freaking sunburn at home in the backyard. Then if a paparatzi spy climbs up the building next door to get pleasant holiday pics of whats-her-name’s hoohaa or Jennifer Aniston topless, I’m right with you in being outraged. Instead she’s sitting on a public beach and “forgot” to keep her legs together. That seems fair game to me.

    And Rich Ritchie … get out of the sun white boy. It hurts to just look at you. Just sell a fucking guitar and buy some freaking sun screen. Vampire grade SPF 60. Chicks do not dig blistering and peeling. Chicks do not dig the saggy bag of donkey leather you’ll look like in a couple of years. Chicks do dig slapping a sunburn like that until you lose you erection. And with abs like that, I’d wear a tshirt.

  2. ImaCracka

    Thems some flabby meat curtains!!!!!!!!!

  3. diarrhea riot

    Looks like half of a roast-beef sandwich.

  4. zine900

    You all, for the most part, are a bunch of immature ignorant assholes. This woman has birthed two children from that vagina- something your momma may have done for you? Why don’t you put down your momma’s PUSSY as well?! Well, whatever… Who gives a fuck less if her vagina is “perfect”… She has two amazing daughters because she put aside herself and brought them into this world. Now, that is a fucking awesome human being- A MOM. So, shut the fuck up- because she has accomplished more than most of you ever will.

  5. sexybitch

    #104 And you took precious time when you could be writing or phoning your mom to rebuke us all – on A CELEB BASHING SITE? Shame on you.

  6. licklick

    Look’s like there is some snot on it, too. Guess Richie also uses it to blow his nose.


  7. goldazman

    Are you sure it’s not her scrotum?

  8. BizzleFontizzle

    I smell fish… Whatta flappy vag!

  9. babygirl5187


  10. no1justminda

    Looks like it could be a little worn and flappy!

  11. Chuck

    Nasty its all stretched out ! Like she had 80 kids

  12. laudanum

    You know, if any of you had ever actually had sex and didn’t close your eyes because you were so scared and insecure of yourselves, you might realise that every single woman has a totally different vagina to everyone else. Like iceicles.
    Who the hell wants a nasty boring looking generic vagina?
    Errr, not me.

  13. hey, i’ll take that any day over britney, paris or lindsay!

  14. LAgal

    All of you are just ignorant. All vaginas are different. It’s normal to have either longer or shorter inner labia. Longer inner labia aren’t seen as often because girls in porn are handpicked to look a certain way. It’s different not disgusting or ugly.

  15. Narcissist

    kw -#17 & #37. Maybe she could try underwear. I would recommend underwear to my relatives to help avoid garbage falling out in public. If you don’t want your garbage hanging out in public then take steps to avoid letting your garbage hang out in public.
    If someone jerks her clothes off and takes pictures, I’ll get upset. After carefully inspecting the pictures X )

    Seriously though, underwear is magical.

    Denise might be crazy (CHARLIE FUCKING SHEEN?), but I don’t despise her yet.

    This is a good opportunity for women to throw shit at a man, specifically Lobster-Walrus Man to Denise’ right. Has he been mixing mashed potatoes and beer or what?

  16. Missystar

    You guys are in rare form today. Bravo!

  17. K

    People on here need to realize that grown women don’t have labias like little girls and get the fuck over it.


  18. Agent J

    Did someone say there would be x-ray Scarlett Johansson photos?

  19. Mike

    It really is good to see that fisting is still ‘in’ in Hollywood.

  20. Janet Buttimer

    I thought my daughter Tonya’s mud flaps were huge, but Denise’s are out of cuntrol! Can’t she cut those things? Big snatch flaps tend to smell and develop curds, too. I know. No wonder Richie dumped her fat ass. Bitch better stay out of Texas, or I’ll whup her but GOOD.

  21. jewellee39

    I worked in a hospital and, child birth does stretch those things out. She is a skank and as a California surfer chick I have NEVER had my whoozits hang out of my bikini or shorts. Any normal woman would be sensitive to “leakage” and you are always checking to make sure everything is in it’s proper place.

  22. Maya89

    I’m confused, why are all you guys insulting her labia? Most women have labia that look like that, unless you are pre-pubescent or just happen to be in the small percentage of women who didn’t develop there. All the women in magazines like Playboy are photoshopped to not show their labia because it is considered too lewd and intimate, but most women actually look like Denise.

    Are all of the guys on here virgins or something? What’s going on? If you hate labia so much then go f*ck a guy or a little girl. Why the hell do you think they call it a “flower”? Because there are “petals” that you “peel back”. If a vagina and a woman’s labia is so gross to you guys, then just don’t ever have sex with a woman, but don’t insult her just because you’re ignorant and immature and have obviously never seen a vagina before. Wierdos…

  23. Whoever wrote this article is hilarious. I died laughing. Sad though, what is being called *news*. Ever sadder, that I am reading it and can’t seem to stop.

  24. Mutton Chop

    Geez, it looks like it smells pretty bad.

  25. Pull Menards

    yeah that Maya89 is a walking labia that she can walk with when her legs get tired. But yeah i would totally bang Denise Richards.


  26. Instigator

    KW: You’re pointing out how this country has fallen into the toilet yet your beliefs of the whole atheist, and left wing BS is what’s pulling the little chrome lever! You are an idiot! To most of the rest of you who I have read: may revealing pics of your worst nightmares be posted for all to see with your name and address in captioned below! Some of the comments from the women have me thinking you’d jump at her life if you thought you had half a chance! I don’t think any of these people knew what they were getting into when they wanted to become famous and for their part, they made their decision, but for the mean hearted attacks, it’s obvious that this world is not evolving to be better, but more and more cruel.

  27. Anna


    the majority of people on here must all be virgins, 14 year olds or have never seen a real vagina before.

    vaginas come in all shapes and sizes, and if a woman has more external labia than some women, she was born like that. it doesn’t mean she’s a slut as it grows naturally during puberty or that she’s not tight, those are her lips, not her vagina. its like 65% of women aren’t the cameltoe girls from playboy, so you’re pretty much insulting all women and calling the majority of women freaks.


  28. Bella

    This is to Anna.

    What’s this crap about “never seen a real vagina before”? I guess you’re just as bad as those who left those comments because you are basically saying that women who are naturally born with small labia don’t have a “real vagina”. Not only that but I’d say that the amount of women who are big down there compared to those who are small(no counting those who had the surgery) are about 50-50.

    Not only that but it’s nice to see people put down a woman because she’s really big down there for once. You large lipped women don’t hold back on women who have them smaller so why should anyone watch what they say about larger labia or “beef curtains” as they have been called here?

  29. crosstalk

    “you are basically saying that women who are naturally born with small labia don’t have a “real vagina”.

    That’s not what she’s saying, retard. She said vaginas naturally come in all shapes and sizes and that you can’t judge whether or not someone’s a slut or a mom or a fister just by looking at their labia. That’s it. She didn’t disparage the look of anyone’s cooch.

    “Not only that but it’s nice to see people put down a woman because she’s really big down there for once. You large lipped women don’t hold back on women who have them smaller”

    Lol, wtf? What planet are you on? I’ve never heard anyone slagging off small-lipped vaginas. Literally never. I don’t even know what the proper slur would be — itty-bitty-lippies?

  30. LOL101

    theres nothing wrong with her,
    its pretty common!

    not all women have the ‘idolised’ small labia minora you see all over the place!

  31. redred

    she has larger labia majora. labia minora is the inner part.

  32. hk

    Wow, I bet like half of the guys making fun of her labia right now have 2 inchers. haha

  33. hk

    I can’t believe everyone is bashing women with large labia. People are born that way, they can’t change it unless they let you (“perfect” people) influence them to get surgery to “fix” it. They CANT help the way their bodies are. Seriously im sure most of you sit around all day on computers making fun of people. trolls.

  34. jack

    jesus, sambora looks like a bloated corpse.

  35. jack

    Sambora looks like a bloated corpse.

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