Denise Richards flashes her labia

February 2nd, 2007 // 136 Comments

While hanging out at the beach with Richie Sambora, Denise Richards accidentally flashed her labia. I feel bad even calling it a flash since she’s still wearing her shorts. It shouldn’t even be in the same category as Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears flashing their bojangles. It’d be like taking an x-ray photo of Scarlett Johansson in jeans and t-shirt and then calling her a little slut.

Click the thumbnails for the NSFW closeups.


  1. Man, when she’s hanging out at the beach, I guess she’s really HANGING OUT at the beach. Somehow, even when the shorts, that is almost more terrifying than Britney’s crotch. Good grief, I hate to think what the rest of that mess looks like.

  2. BarbadoSlim

    Snorting coke at a hot beach is the lamest thing you can ever do……………..err…I’ve been told.

  3. Populist

    KW, how dare you? I have the mentality of at least a 14.5 year old shallow shell. BTW, if anyone wants to photograph my junk, I’ll be at the beach sometime in June.

  4. Anexio

    No wonder Charlie left her.

    BTW, who is he bangin’ now?

  5. checkyourshorts

    while i know shaved labias are the rage now, it is still so weird to me. i’m old skool like that. dinosaur skool old skool.

    in denise’s case, her naked puss (can it be called a puss anymore?) looks like two baby birds duking it out over an enormous denim worm.

    used to be when the ladies went commando, all you’d get was a tidy beaver shot. leaving the very distinct impression that women had internal, not external, genitals. i know, old skool, but listen up paris, lindsey, brit: you cld’ve flashed the carpet, not your pap smears.

    BTW, according to some Indian vaginal classification system, there are four types of vaginas — and from these photos I’d guess Denise is an “elephant woman.” which means her vag tastes like “the forehead of a rutting elephant” too.

  6. cayana

    That.. does not look like labia to me..

    “Denise Richards flashes her ballsac”

  7. woodhorse

    #20 – you are just going to have to get used to what truly bad sunburn looks like. There’s just so many caucasions who are convinced that they don’t have to be white. The nose candy doesn’t help their judgement, either.

  8. crazyotto

    when did he turn into a fat old jewish woman,(appologies to old jew girls)

  9. iburl

    #37 … I agree 100%… I was going to respond to #25, but your response is on the money. When I hear paparazi and other such scumbags claiming that because a person is famous that they “chose” to have people take pictures of their surprisingly meaty mudflaps all day long, every day, it makes me ill. Almost as ill as actually seeing the surprisingly meaty mudflaps.

  10. coma12


    Denise, got off the fucking comments page.

  11. coma12


    That goes for you too Richie.

  12. Lobo

    Engorged oversized monkey lips like these are the reason Iowa cheerleaders are not allowed to do the splits on the basketball court.

  13. Bandeezee

    god damn that’s a scrotum, not labia!!!

  14. Hemlock Queen

    That’s one raw lobster! Er, I mean Denise’s cootchie.

  15. Carsten5577

    Eeeeewwww….My God, that’s soooooo gross! I lost my appetite for, like, a couple of years after seeing that horrible thing!

  16. imsoseriously

    WOW! This is not good she is a mama and she is clearly doin a bump!!!! Ok WHY on God’s green Earth would she do it on the middle of a beach!??

    SHE is reallly a piece of trash and Heather Locklear should be happy she divorced RS and dumped her friendship.

    EWWWWW Denise Richards this is not a good look. Remember you said all that crazy ish about Charlie Sheen? Well at least he’s out with his YOU are a hipocritical skank and didnt you hit an old lady on the head with yo laptop prolly on a bender?!!


  17. Hemlock Queen

    Here’s one half of the meatloaf sandwich, annnnnnd the other half of the meatloaf sandwich. Now would these be considered leftovers?

  18. sourCherry

    Awwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! Why

  19. Sheva

    Tough to say who is the bigger whore: Denise teradactyl flap Richards or KW, the Hillary left wing anti-American piece of shit looking to suck money out of Hollywood.

    Go fuck Fidel Castro.

  20. hobieluv83

    nice ball sac. oh wait, she’s supposed to be a woman.

  21. Shelley Bonnechance

    Denise’s ishy lady parts are one thing, but that great big giant….person….next to her, who used to be the hotter-than-homemade-hell Richie Sambora, is another thing altogether.

    I have never seen anything redder as of skin, doughy as of tummy, or more frighteningly Botoxed as of face in my life.

    Whatta pair!

  22. Gray

    Oh, look, the stingray that killed Steve Irwin is emerging from its underwater cave.

  23. Lowlands

    Has the mate-season started yet?I see this woman is already flashing with her labia.

  24. She’s starting to look like Tara Reid, but with the mansnatching personality and overall hag-ishness of Teri Hatcher

  25. Lowlands

    Lookslike the guy has been sitting most of his life in a wheelchair or something.Must be the angle this photo was taken.

  26. Lowlands

    No wonder she’s flashing her labia…

  27. p00pculture

    I say most guys running around this green earth should appreciate any pussy that comes their way instead of demanding that every woman’s pussy looks straight from a porno vid. THAT’S NOT REAL LIFE. It’s not uncommon to have an area that looks like that. It doesn’t happen by waxing, giving birth, too much sex any other stupid ways you can think of. If that happens from sex, explain to me why so many porn actresses have “perfection” down there. Who the hell has more sex than them? It’s genetic and it’s hereditary. Deal with it.

    And when the hell did it become socially acceptable to talk like that about women? You women (ALL of you no matter how you’re put together) are ridiculous for allowing men to continue to berate and ridicule women to the very last details. It’s fucked up and it shouldn’t happen.

    A woman’s ladyparts are her own beeswax unless she’s blatantly putting them out there — like a certain Ms. Spears —- but when you’re zooming someone’s crotch 100x just to point out something like that and exploit it, that’s just tasteless.

    But what more should I expect from this stupid fucking country and its stupid, uncultured populace?

  28. Blondefury

    – Right On p00pculture!! — (#77)

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  29. ImSL2

    I would guess that most of the comments on here are heavily influenced by the fact that this is a website dedicated to pointing out celebrities’ imperfections and apparent ridiculous behavior. Of course you will find comments like the ones listed above which, i might add, show no indiciation of whether the author is male or female. I propose that females are actually more critical of the female body than males, but this is, of course, just my opinion, as is yours 77. I agree that it is tastless to take advantage of such a picture at such an inopportune moment, but is it naive to think that it is just men that perpetuate the stringent standards set for the female body. On the same note, the comment is ignorant to the fact that females are equally as critical of male bodies. Both males and females are convinced that an ideal body type exists for each of the sexes. Men are equally preoccupied with “small penis” syndrome as females ejoy ridiculing this. I agree with most of what you say, but it is ineffective to pontificate to the social group who’s opinion ou intend to sway. I agree that celebrites should be left to their privacy in these situations, especially when the attention is unwarrented. There is no proof that it is genetic, though it could be. Oh, and saying something is genetic and hereditary is redundant.

  30. Cheeh604

    Like okay I looked at the 2 close-ups, I swear those aren’t flappers. They look more like nut sacs…..*shudder*

  31. sid

    “A woman’s ladyparts are her own beeswax”

    Ha ha! That just sounded funny; I don’t know why.

    As for the “This country has gone to hell” bit, that happened on 911.

    Go Ed Brownnnnn!!!!

  32. CelebrityPhotos

    Nice closeup :p

  33. fame is funny

    Wow, all it takes is one labia shot at the beach, and all the celebrity-defenders get sand all in their vagina about the comments…

  34. schack

    poopy mcpoop,

    you think labias don’t get stretched out in childbirth? are you kidding?

    you’re right about the waxing and sex. there’s no hair on the labia minora anyway, and that’s what’s featured in the picture. as for sex? there isn’t a fist or a dick big enough to do that.

    but a baby’s head is massive. the reason women have wide set hips, human infants are born in such a comparatively primitive stage of bodily development, and baby skulls are not quite hard, is that evolution selected for the baby’s head to be as big as possible during birth. who knows how many babies and mothers had to die for humans to have the physiology they currently have? you should respect that.

  35. KimIsSarcastic

    Charlie’s fist is big enough

  36. just for kix

    – Ewww.. look at Richie!

    That’s the nasty thing in those pics.

  37. p00pculture

    #79 Thanks for a thoughtful response. I know that TONS of girls are endlessly critical of one another — don’t get me wrong. But 999 times out of 1000, if you hear the endearing phrase “meat curtains” come out of someone’s mouth, that someone’s a guy. That being said, I do think girls do a fine job of cutting each other up, which I think is sad, too. I just think that in situations like this one, especially, it’s just gone WAY beyond jokes and poking fun. It’s just mean and tasteless to ridicule something that should be sort of sacred, but again — that idea has gone wayyyyyy out the window in a culture like ours. It just disappoints me.

    I’m not a celeb defender, per se, but I think it’s got to be a bitch to be famous and just be constantly scrutinized and I can’t help but feel sorry for them sometimes — although I can rarely scrape up any sympathy for Paris Hilton.

    And genetic and hereditary don’t mean the same thing. Genetic means something is present in your genetic makeup, not necessarily that it is hereditary — able to be passed forth. If something is hereditary, it is most certainly genetic, but that’s not necessarily true the other way around.

    #84. re: giving birth, I said that because if a woman has really small labia minora to begin with, I just can’t imagine that the act of giving birth is going to be able to permanently stretch the labia minora that much. From what I gather about childbirth, it’s the vaginal muscles that suffer the most during childbirth causing a woman to lose “tightness,” hence vaginal rejuvenation surgery. WOO! Doesn’t that sound fun, girls??

  38. Lowlands

    Hey girls,if you’re snorting to much.Your labias will become like this one.

  39. Lobo

    What is it about BACOS that is “sort of sacred”?

  40. E Norma Stitz

    Sitting at an (obviously) public beach with that nasty stinking junk (sambora) and her own nasty junk hanging out of her shorts.

    Hell she has more to hang out than the slut she’s with; viagra can’t increase the size of that old shriveled up 3″ pencildick.

    If a photographer can spot that huge gaping overused dildo garage then so can anyone else.

    It’s enough to give a child nightmares.

  41. ImSL2

    men use the phrase “meat cutrains” 999 times out of 1000 as compared to women. Amazing statistic. I didnt know such studies existed. Also, mentioning that saying something is hereditary and genetic is redundant does not imply that the two words are synonyms. The way your phrased it is redundant. Obviously something can be genetic and recessive and only manifest it as a phenotype if the trait is dominant.

  42. BarbyGurrl

    Her vajeen hang like sleeve of wizard.

  43. p00pculture

    bacos?? what? lol…

    & #91 Uncle. You win. You win the prize for being the most focused on the least important parts of what’s being said. Hooray. Like I said before though, thank you for a response that was more than just “blah blah get off your soapbox” and at least countered w/ a real opinion.

    I should have said “genetic OR hereditary” – not “and” — anyhow, onward march….

  44. Lobo

    Denise should have surgery to trim these conch feet, then donate them to Michael Jackson for a nose remodeling.

  45. sharpei dude

    Oohfa! That’s either a dehydrated pussy lip or a new way to carry lunchmeat!

  46. HisAngel0714

    Is that what they look like after giving birth?

  47. AmberDextrose

    Seeing as we don’t actually see the whole/hole, I’m thinking that maybe these two ‘flaps’ are actually two halves of a giant octopus sucker. Not sure what she uses it for though.

  48. schack

    my point about the babies had nothing to do with heredity, necessarily.

    i’m just saying that the human has the biggest-headed young of any mammal, and that a baby’s head is definately going to stretch your labia, and stretch them so much that they will not fully bounce back. the properties of collagen are no different from lycra or rubber bands. stretch too far, and some of the retraction will be irretrievably lost.

  49. people, you are crazy!!! and what is so interesting THERE!? are u really worried about that!?

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