Denise Richards flashes her labia

February 2nd, 2007 // 136 Comments

While hanging out at the beach with Richie Sambora, Denise Richards accidentally flashed her labia. I feel bad even calling it a flash since she’s still wearing her shorts. It shouldn’t even be in the same category as Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears flashing their bojangles. It’d be like taking an x-ray photo of Scarlett Johansson in jeans and t-shirt and then calling her a little slut.

Click the thumbnails for the NSFW closeups.


  1. anothershityear

    better her than him

  2. CDob

    Yeah, that’s not a flash…that happens all the time to people at the beach, we just don’t have photos pointing their lenses at our crotches. Well, none of YOU do…

  3. steveperry

    flappy vagina is flaaaaaaaaaaappy.

  4. tim

    I was planning on having take-out chinese tonight. Really looking forward to the fried dumplings. Now…ummmm…no so much.

  5. It looks like Sambora has one leg with two feet at the end.

  6. sol

    i’m surprised she has such a dry clam, what with Red Richie Hotness lying (congealing?) right there next to her.

  7. heather1984

    that doesn’t happen to most people at the beach, unless they have man balls! hahha

  8. Is Richie trying to become a lobster? It can’t be any worse than being in Bon Jovi (and I mean figuratively and literally).

  9. Binky

    The sad thing is Fox News is leading with this story.

  10. BarbadoSlim

    Jeeeeeesus what a monster.

    And I see Sambora’s there too, he should take better care of his skin, the sun is one of the main causes of skin cancer.

  11. promisehersmack


  12. Pointandlaugh

    eGAD! wow. Them’s some floppy meat curtains.

  13. sol

    actually a queef blew the shorts open, that’s why Richie has that expression on his face

  14. combustion8

    didnt realize she was 50, time to her vagy rejuvinated.

  15. mrs.t

    What causes the flappy labia on these young starlets? Is it the constant Brazilian waxing that has destroyed all the meat-curtain-collagen? Is it the penile implants on all the Hollywood men and rockstars, pounding the vag into a pitiful, droopy submission? I can’t wait for the “Labia Lift” to become the hot new trend.

    • peter

      My wife has HUGE labia and they are always falling out of her panties and it is pretty embarrassing for her at the beach and pool when it happens. For us guys, these girls are rare butterflies and there are not many of them…

  16. kamihi

    Nah thats not a proper labia shot, give the gal a break, Richie Sambora though – how can she possibly bear to touch him with her naked hands, it beggars belief that she ever really does, surely its a publicity stunt to get her face on the Superficial, surely.

  17. kw





    Don’t people get paid for showing their ‘PRIVATE PARTS’?? What is our society coming to where this is actually considered not only acceptable, but FUNNY??

    Celebrities need to start fighting back and suing for their rights to privacy that everyone of us has.

    Why does the fact that these people choice to make a living by entertaining us and being in the public eye give anyone a right to pry into every aspect of their personal lives and display every embarrassing moment they every have? And to go so far as to show a woman’s vagina because she was photographed at a vulnerable moment!!! DESPICABLE!!

  18. PelvicBoogie

    Looks like a 1lb. roast beef sandwich with the crusts cut off.

  19. kathleen170

    That’s sick.

  20. ToiletDuck

    Holy fuck, that is nasty – I just peed my pants and ran out of my office screaming like a girl…

    Actually #4, I think it looks more like the paper-wrapped chicken, but I think I will stay away from Taco Bell for a while until I recover from this…

  21. combustion8


  22. mrs.t

    …and kw, take your Celebrities Rights Crusade elsewhere.
    This site is powered by the hopes of many that somewhere, at this very minute, a celebrity is being exploited. And that someone will capture it on film.

  23. Speedy Ed


  24. xtina

    why does it look so gross
    mine doesn’t look like that?
    is it supposed to look like that?
    am I normal?

  25. Honeybeegood

    I find it so very touching that kw is so concerned as to the privacy rights of celebrities. Sadly enough, the media IS entitled to flash pics of famous chocha for the rest of us to ridicule. The fact that these people CHOOSE to make a living in the public eye gives everyone the right to pry into every aspect of their personal lives. In short L2law.

    That being said how on earth does one go about with all their junk hanging out and not notice? Then again judging on how well *ahem* “used” the equipment is perhaps she’s lost all feeling down below.

  26. BarbadoSlim

    E-Mail all complaints to:

  27. PunjabPete

    Thus answering a question I have been asking myself for years now… Do I still want to see Denise Richards’ labia? I mean, circa 1998 in “Wild Things”, hell yes…

    And now they don’t have a measurement of volume high enough for how loudly I am saying NO NO NO NO….

  28. RichPort

    #17 is trying to get a rise. Instead it just gets:


  29. BarbadoSlim

    That means you #17, this is our godamned constitutional right.

    Go back to Russia commie.

  30. ToiletDuck

    Oops almost forgot, “kw”, can I please see your pussy??

  31. greeneyedcat

    Hahahhaha. Sigh. #15, I wonder that too. Maybe it IS the waxing…. could be the LA tap water – I joke not.

    Haha, 17. Well, honestly if I made tons of dough, and could afford to sit on the beach all day whenever I wanted, I would possibly laugh it off. I wouldn’t like people making fun of my coochie, but its photographic prominence I might get over. After all, it IS the beach, and as thesuperficial dude so kindly points out, it isn’t at the same level as some of those folks. However, I am not sure why she’s not wearing bikini bottoms under those shorts…. it seems like the salt water could lead to some chafing.

    #22, I like it.

  32. BarbadoSlim

    This is simple people, you either rag on this ex-prostitute or: YOU HATE A.M.E.R.I.C.A.

    so you either step up, or go back to Afghanistan or wherever the hell Marx and Osama hang out.

  33. Kimbo

    Okay,two things because I rarely ever comment on here:
    *KW,if you havent noticed, this is a celebrity gossip site. Flashing her cooch is gossip, and she’s a celebrity, so this is what gets on here.
    *The first NSFW shot looks like a damn nutsack, and the second one looks like it’s the side to a giant massive black hole. I know she’s had kids and all,but damn. There’s something wrong there.

  34. schack

    there’s a commercial for C-SECTIONS right thre.


  35. D'oh Eyes

    Richie looks like a dead red Asian.

  36. ToiletDuck

    kw you are a Marxist Whore…

  37. kw


    Where on earth did you figure this out??

    “The fact that these people CHOOSE to make a living in the public eye gives everyone the right to pry into every aspect of their personal lives.”

    I realize this is a celebrity gossip site. I (obviously) am here because I enjoyed (past tense) occasionally looking at some funny pics. But this is just going to far. You people are seriously out of your minds. How would any single one of you feel if this were you? Or your sister? Or a friend? How can you seriously sit there and not think to yourselves, ok, funny or not, there is a line that is being crossed and that’s just too much?

    And for all your other comments, I am an American. Born and raised and I love my country. I am a proud atheist and a very liberal left wing progressive person. I just actually believe in people’s rights of privacy. Making fun of people in good fun is one thing, prying into every aspect of people’s lives and claiming the right to, just because they chose to be an actor is the most ignorant thing I ever heard of.

    I realize the audience of this site is mainly 13 year old intellectually challenged shallow shells but come on people, can’t you think?

    What a hopeless case.

  38. em167

    I didn’t read all of the comments, so I don’t know if someone’s already said something similar, but that first close up looks like a ball sack! That’s really embarrassing though!

  39. schack

    yo, 39, they live in L.A.

    they prance around for the camera because they know that if no one is taking their picture, they won’t get hired based on merit to act in films.

    all the actresses on this website, with very few exceptions, would not be hired if production companies didn’t think their very name would draw in audiences.

    these people are camera whores who create public images for a living.

    who’s 13 years old now?

  40. schack

    37 (mea culpa)

  41. schack

    i just can’t wait till production companies realize that the tastes of their belovedly fickle americans has once again changed. that we are so goddamned sick of seeing these whores purse their ass-licking clown lips for the camera, that we wouldn’t even think of paying 11 dollars to see them again

  42. kw

    And I love the attacks on me because I had the mind to point out that this country has fallen to the status of an outhouse.

    You people are seriously detached.

  43. schack

    and then they’ll be what they should be. whores who are out of a job.

    then maybe, just maybe, GOOD actresses will have a chance. but, of course, good roles need to be written for good actresses, and still the popular categories for women are pretty one-dimensional

  44. schack

    kw…sigh, sigh, sigh…

    you don’t think these hollywood people are part of the problem.

    let’s chat here. really. i come on this website so often looking for how to talk to lost souls in their language. can we meet in the middle?

  45. schack

    well. laundry and the critique of brandom’s mistaken 2ply interpretation of sellars’ space of reasons, by way of spinoza, who collapses emanence and efficient causality into the idea of the one substance of the world. i’ve procrastinated TOO long. but i’ll look for you in the future.

  46. Maybe if she didn’t feel the need to wear such tight
    bathing suit bottoms this wouldn’t have happened.
    And I think the waxing theory makes loads of sense.
    Regarding the comment of #34-you can’t believe that
    a woman should have her stomach cut open just so
    you don’t have to look at pictures of her lady parts
    do you? No one is that superficial!

  47. PelvicBoogie

    You’d have to park on the outskirts of the labia and take a shuttle bus to the vagina.

  48. EJ

    Oh honestly. If I had made her career choices, I wouldn’t have the right to give a damn if they took pictures of me butt-naked and stuck them up in Times Square. The slut has been naked or semi-naked in nearly every movie she’s ever starred in, for god’s sake. It’s what she’s famous for – not her god awful acting ability.

    I don’t live and work in Hollywood for a reason – because I choose not to be rich, famous, and lacking in privacy. It’s been the trade off for decades and it’s not like they didn’t know what they were getting into…

    …and they could opt out any time they wanted.

  49. ToiletDuck

    There, there kw – it’s OK, just call one of the nurses and they will lead you gently back to your room with the rubber walls, where you can masturbate all day and imagine you are some sort of celebrity advocate – mkay? mkay.

  50. BarbadoSlim

    @42 just take it outside commie————>

    NOka! comrade.

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