Denise Richards discusses the enemy

drichards-speaks-out.jpgIn a strange interview with TMZ, Denise Richards says Heather Locklear knows why both their marriages ended, and feels betrayed Heather would put the blame on her and call her a back-stabber. She says:

“Heather knows why and when her marriage ended with Richie and she knows why my marriage ended with Charlie (Sheen),” Richards said when TMZ caught up with her on Tuesday. Richards says comments by Locklear and David Spade, who suggested Richards had back-stabbed Locklear, were a “betrayal.” “It is a betrayal because a lot of it isn’t true and they know that and that’s what’s hard,” Richards said. “I have to try and just stay focused on my kids and forget that part of it as difficult as it is.”

Considering the interview looks like it was done in the middle of an empty poorly lit hallway, I’m just surprised Denise didn’t think they were trying to rape her and kick them in the nuts. Because that’s usually what happens to me when I approach women in dark alleys. Although to be fair, I’m usually carrying a knife and a sign around my neck that says “Not a sexual predator.”