Denise Richards: Charlie Sheen’s sperm is ‘tranny-infested’

May 23rd, 2008 // 62 Comments

Denise Richards is taking advantage of the news vacuum created by the 3-Day Weekend and opening her mouth to anyone in the press that will listen. This time around, it’s Page Six who has the scoop on Charlie Sheen’s sperm:

Richards claims the e-mails sent to Mueller were fakes: “I don’t want Charlie’s prostitute-tranny-infested sperm. I have two beautiful kids. We’ll leave it at that. I am so over him. He’s the one who can’t move on. He’s disgusting and he’s hit an all-time low.”

And then, like any good divorcee, Denise continued rambling about her interactions with Charlie:

“Last week, I sent Charlie a text message asking him if he’s going to Family Day [for daughter Sam's school] and letting him know Sam was sick with a cold,” Richards said. “His response was, ‘I hope you and your worthless retarded father get cancer and join your stupid mom. Rot in hell you [bleeping] whore.’ My mom died of cancer. This is what I deal with on a weekly basis.”

I don’t want to call this press barrage brilliant marketing for Denise’s show – because it’s not. I’ve now gone from having zero interest in her show to wanting to break into anyone’s house that’s watching it and drown their TV in the tub. It’s actually a pretty feasible aspiration as long as those five people* live close to each other. Also, I’m not even bothering to stop Denise herself from watching. Are you kidding me? She’s infected with tranny-sperm. Eww! Gross!

*Margin of error +/- 5. But mostly -.

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  1. sla

    I just read an article in which Denise says she doesn’t bad-mouth Charlie for the sake of the children. Hmm.

    A few years ago when they were still together and insisting Charlie hadn’t been doing drugs, someone I know met him in rehab in California. Drugs are a bitch to quit, and being married to her probably didn’t make it any easier.

  2. RogerBilkins


  3. sameshitdifferentyear

    She might seriously be sincere.


    Those voices in her head might actually be that loud.

  4. Why are the pretty ones always so insane?

  5. nahiku

    Both are living proof that there should be a law passed requiring a competency test before one is allowed to raise children.

  6. Hayden

    #6 – Hahaha. I think it is Denise who is the tranny!

  7. Hayden

    #7 – Denise is very good at comedy – see “Drop Dead Gorgeous”.

  8. Hayden

    #7 – Denise is very good at comedy – see “Drop Dead Gorgeous”. She was a model too and remember she was way hotter than this, she is past her prime. She was in every men’s magazine available and in sexiest people lists etc.

  9. Hayden

    #57 – There should be a tranny-sperm test!

  10. malicious

    way to make money out of your kids Denise, more hollywood kids fucked for life

  11. Sprmcandy

    I would eat out beautiful sweet Denise’s cunt by the hour & die happy having done so.

  12. Alma

    Hm…Chalire is not nice to her. Not at all but what on Earth would he do at the Family Day? They are not a family. Not any more. Gone. Can´t she deal with that?

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