Denise Richards attacks the handicapped


Denise Richards lost it yesterday after seeing two unauthrorized photographers on the Canadian set of her movie Blonde and Blonder. She approached them and threw their laptops off the balcony of the hotel, which ended up striking “an 80-year-old women in a wheelchair. It struck her in the arm. She was not interested in pursuing criminal charges and suffered only minor injuries.” The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were called in, although no charges have been filed and the movie production company agreed to pay for the damanges to the photographers’ computers.

Howard Blank, a representative of the Blonde and Blonder production, said, “No one was seriously injured in any way.” He said the events were “getting blown way out of proportion.” Blank added, “As a precaution first aid was called. An ambulance was called, which is also routine. No one was transferred to the hospital at all. Everything is fine.” Richards and cast members were “very upset” about the incident, Blank said, and after filming was halted for an hour it then resumed and continued until 8 in the evening.

How did this actually happen? It’s like a scene from some poorly written comedy. Nobody could really be stupid enough to throw a laptop off a balcony. She might as well have driven a truck through the Special Olympics, running over children while saying: “Are we still on the road? I think we missed a turn back there.”