Denise Richards and Richie Sambora hit the beach

February 1st, 2007 // 82 Comments

  1. kayel

    Her chin is really pointy

  2. Me

    Denise Richards is so SEXY

  3. sexylatina

    She is so beautiful. I don’t think she at all resembles a man – and her abs look good for having given birth to a child!

    Didn’t she have implants at one point in her career? She took them out, and I think she looks good. Sambora is one lucky man.

  4. AmberDextrose

    Didn’t she have a kid? Certainly did that to my stomach. Damn those pesky kids. Keep you up all night and ruin your washboard. And scatter crisps over the living room carpet.

    Never heard that pregnancy raddles your brain THAT far though. Not like even LOOKS like a good father figure.

  5. Me

    she has 2 kids actually

  6. BarbadoSlim

    Total trannies!

  7. Lowlands

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  8. elizabeththewellread

    They look like any middle-aged white-trash couple on vacation.

  9. Thursday

    i’d never have guessed that Richie Sambora was so dainty – he makes her wear a doily after he buttfucks her.

  10. BarbadoSlim

    And to think that Charlie Sheen actually pulled this whore out of his regular pool of hookers to give her a chance at getting some fucking class. The man is a saint and she’s back to whoring.

    You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  11. ch474

    Having realised that she’s calved twice I’ll cut her some slack on the tummy, however I hate that you can count her ribs between her boobs.

  12. EliasAlucard

    MILF warning!

  13. kleigh

    pic #3

    it looks like her vagina is on backwards…

  14. Kim

    Did she have a hole in the back of her shorts? why else would there be a random flower sewn to that area of her shorts. she must pick her ass too much.

  15. griffmills

    I wouldn’t bone either of them

  16. MargeAggedon

    Looking at him it becomes pretty clear that she’s with him for the publicity/money. Not that she’s any prize. Having just completed her autobiography “2 Stupid Bitches”

  17. woodhorse

    she’s planning on having another baby, otherwise she’d fix the “unmade bed” stomach. I MUST HAVE THOSE SHORTS. In blue, without the skid cover.

  18. BarbadoSlim

    “ghost rider goes to the beach” comes to mind when I look at that fourth picture, her leathery facial skin is pressed tight against her massive skull, she looks like death.

  19. sid

    What a boring couple.

    Let me know when they step on a sand crab.

    I’d rather watch Thora Birch wait for a bus.

  20. gmama

    WTF you loser freak?! Richie Sambora looks like a tub of lard and yet you focus on her? You’re a misogynistic idiot, and you’re inane comments prove it.

  21. BarbadoSlim

    I think it’s because nobody gives a shit about richard, honey.

  22. jesseeca

    normally when your shorts are up your ass, it’s
    a wedgie, but that’s just flat out camel toe in that 2nd shot in. how is that possible?

    it would do her and our eyes some good if she gained some weight. for some reason i thought she looked better than this. her skin looks like a 60 year olds.

  23. Mick

    First off, Sambors is so fat he has to wear a t-shirt on the beach.
    second, skin can move and be more loose even if your ab muscles are toned if you’ve had a kid. I think for having a few kids Denise’s body looks great…. but the things is, she just looks so old.

  24. BarbadoSlim

    From the AP:

    “…after their leisurely stroll the elderly couple treated themselves to Ben Gay mud-baths and Geritol/Metamucil margaritas at the world renowned spa.”

  25. kamihi

    What an ugly fat turd HE is, she looks pretty OK, I guess he has a lot of money or something cos he is one ugly and old fat bastard.

  26. kamihi

    fat and unpleasant – ie Sambora she looks hot and has a great body hes repulsive.

  27. frangly

    She is waaaay too thin now. I hate that so many stars have bony chests now–so unattractive. She’d look better with a bit more flesh even if it means a bit of a tummy poof.

    Cocaine, no doubt.

  28. Oh, she’d get it all right.

  29. justme

    She has old skin.

  30. jrzmommy

    After these photos were snapped, a large submarine surfaced and Heather Locklear popped out of the hatch and harpooned them both in the ass. Team Locklear!!

  31. Fugurself

    Beauty and the Beast. Except in this case it is really difficult deciding who is the beauty.

  32. Joshingya31

    I thought tits were supposed to get bigger after you have a kid, not smaller.

  33. Beautiful women are stupid.

    “Oh, he’s so fat, ugly and greasy! But he can play guitar, so I want to marry him.”

    Dumb bitch.

    Maybe I should have spent less time pumping iron and more time playing rock and roll.

  34. RichPort

    #31 – I agree. I hear her next movie is called Incredible Shrinking Breasts: A Tale of Two Titties. Much like unlatching her bra, it will apparently be a small, disappointing release.

  35. PrettyBaby

    I like Richie Sambora. He’s sexy and I would date him- belly and all! There’s some sex appeal there and of course I gotta give props to rockers….
    So…I’d hit it.

  36. Lizzle

    Hey guys, lay off Sambora and Denise. They’re just trying to hold on to what they got. It doesn’t really make a difference to us if they make it or not, but they got each other – and that’s a lot. OK? For love … They’ll give it a shot.

    Wah waahhhhhh.

  37. Onenewshoe

    This guy…….shit, I can’t believe he’s with anybody worth a crap to look at. Denise, come on over baby and take your medicine*&$^%@#@#

  38. magickal

    They both look rode hard and put away wet.

    If you think the karma’s bad on Saint-gelina (can’t take credit for that one but I LOVE it!) can you imagine the pot of karma soup that these two are stirring? Wife’s best friend = no-no. Best friend’s husband = big no-no. Denise’s ass camel toe = what the fuck?

  39. jrzmommy

    PBaby–AND he’s from Jersey!

  40. Cardinal Ximenez

    She puts the MMMM in MILF. I wish the fat ass slob bitches at walmart, shopping in their pajamas and filthy slippers (cause they are too fat and lazy to get dressed) and their screaming 10 multi-fathered kids could take a lesson from Denise and get some class, get off their ass and look in the mirror. Mom’s can be damn sexy… if they choose not to be trailer trash.

  41. 86

    SLOW day in Hollywood obviously. The only people more boring than these 2 are Heather Locklear and David Spade.

  42. Tomkat

    It’s called having a kid, dude! Her stomach stretched…she looks great though. And I love Richie – he seems cool.

  43. jesseeca

    #41, class? do you know the definition to that word because i’m pretty sure she doesn’t fit it. especially after she threw a computer at some old lady in a wheelchair. oh & then there was that time she started dating her best friend’s husband.

  44. misanthrope

    Um, why? What is the deal with Richie Sambora? The name alone gives me the willies. Blech. She obviously has low self-esteem… first Charlie Sheen and then this retard. I’m sorry, but anything related to Bon Jovi has zero sex appeal.

  45. anothershityear

    Heather and Tommy should get back together, follow these two losers around and upstage them EVERYWHERE they go, every photo-op, every vacation, every restaurant, EVERYTHING

    has-beens overshadowing lesser has-beens

  46. 86

    He has anchors for nipples.

  47. Cardinal Ximenez

    There is nothing classier than a wealthy hottie tossing a pc at an old skin bag during her pissy fit. That is the epitome of class. Obviously Denise is a deciple of Dr. Jack and was simply granting this doomed woman an early out Kevorkian style. That is soooo classy. mmm mmm milf. Jesseeca… hmmm that always reminds me of Rob Schnieder… “Its me… Jessica”… only he knew how to spell Jessica correctly.

  48. Shanipie

    People need to stop kissing her ass.

    Bottom Line, Denise is a flamming dumbass!

    Only a dumbass would have children with a man who basically bragged about skrewing thousands of women. Lile what self respecting woman would go ahead and just ignore that. Even if her abs get rock hard, her brain is pure mush.

  49. elf

    she looks good for having 2kids! come on now…

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