Denise Richards and Richie Sambora get it on

April 25th, 2006 // 94 Comments

denise-sambora-hookup.jpgAccording to People magazine, Denise Richards and Richie Sambora have allegedly hooked up. The two were spotted holding hands and chatting over the weekend in Los Angeles, eventually sitting down at a restaurant where they kissed each others’ hands and then lips.

In case you can’t keep the madness straight, Denise Richards left Charlie Sheen for Richie Sambora, and Heather Locklear left Richie Sambora for David Spade, essentially putting David Spade at the top of this crazy love pyramid. There’s probably a perfectly reasonable explanation for how these guys are getting these girls, but I don’t think my brain is capable of comprehending the language Satan uses in his contracts.



  1. colormeskanky

    note to Richie: if you’re gonna try to get photographed making out with denise richards, AT LEAST put on a shirt and take off that gay hat.

  2. theyareidiots

    further proof that you don’t have to be ugly or high to be indiscriminate.

  3. Hey Denise, Maybe you want to lay low on the tattoed rock stars when you are trying to make the case you’re worried about Charlie Sheen being a bad influence on your kids…

    I know Sambora’s not exactly Tommy Lee, but he’s not that different of a carousel ride…

    Oh, and first! (maybe)

  4. TaiTai

    Just wondering if anyone else got an ad on this post saying “Amazing New Tool.” Coincidence? I think not.

  5. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Wasn’t he the drummer for Winger or something?

  6. ziggurat

    Is the fact that hot girls are falling for ugly, untalented guys left and right one of the symptoms of bird flu, or just the general apocalypse?

  7. Badhero

    My Dad was married four different times and even he doesn’t move as fast as these emotionally needy oxygen wasters. I weep for their children…the future needy oxygen wasters!

  8. CoJo

    Hollywood really is a tiny little town, isn’t it? This is like a Jerry Springer episode where the whole town is fucking the same three people, as if there is nowhere else to find a man. Richie Sambora isn’t even that hot, and Denise Richards is hot, but crazy – speaking of crazy – who’s Charlie Sheen with these days? Lemme guess…Paris? Nicole? Linday? Mischa? Tom Cruise?

  9. sundaybl00dysunday

    Good for them!!!!
    Denisse deserves to be happy with someone who is not a total asshole who beat women like Sheen, and if Locklear wants to go whoring a while before she becomes a total old hag well, she can.

    I like the couple!!! they are both.
    Congratulations Denisse and Richie!!!

  10. sweetlips

    UH Hello….isn’t she “suppose” to be Heather’s BFF…he’s a man whore and she’s a fucking slut. Oh and this is going to go a loooonnnggg way in helping her case against that fag charlie. Dysfunctional pieces of shit.

  11. hendero

    she should hook up with the one person who really made her career what it is – Neve Campbell.

  12. Grphdesi23

    Maybe he’s hoping to revive his solo signing career.

  13. ~S.Starr~

    sundaybl00dysunday #10…

    You are a moron… So it is okay for Denise to be screwing Richie Sambora when she just left Charlie and is in the middle of a lawsuit with him…BUT when heather starts dating someone else you call it WHORING around??? F*cking hypocrite.

  14. HollyJ

    He’s NASTY. I wouldn’t touch his diseased schlong if it was wrapped in Tiffany’s diamonds…and that’s saying a lot cuz I like shiny expensive stuff.

  15. gogoboots

    I wonder why they’re so incestuous in Hollywood. Richie Sambora isn’t exactly quality, Bon Jovi sucked in the 80s and it’s practically non-existent now…

  16. Badhero

    At least you don’t see Charlie slobbering all over his “dates” in public.

    Please Denise, noone forced you to marry Charlie against your will, so stop acting like his behavior is a complete shock to you.

    Charlie, bad time to announce a kiddie clothing line–see Michael Jackson

  17. sherry-co

    Lest all you slimy slugs forget, it was Heather who kicked Richie to the curb, and if all you trailer trash are going to believe everything you read, then you would know Denise gave Charlie numerous chances to get his shit together for the “sake” of the children and there marriage. I say, Go RICHIE & DENISE! And I hope that Charlie & Heather will get together cuz they deserve each other.

  18. Smokey Josie

    I bet this does wonders for her credibility in her accussasions against her husband.

  19. Mr. Fritz

    Bon Blow Me sucked. This is so boring, who really cares about that douchebag?

  20. Caught Dead In That Dress

    #13 I find sticking ones tounge in Denise Richard’s mouth does wonders for ones standing amongst the deaf.

  21. Edna Bambrick

    I am reporting all disgusting posts.

  22. Chrystal03

    Not only is he fat but he is ugly as fu*k. Maybe if he lost 30lbs and cut that nasty hair, he would look somewhat presentable to society. Gross!!! I would rather chew off my own face than be caught with him.

  23. This relationship is funny to me also. I actually have the rest of the pictures from that same balcony scene posted over at my blog if you are interested.

    Here is the link:

  24. Edna, what’s up with these reporting accusations. You sound like a broken record. Um.. The Superficial doesn’t care what you think. Let’s see, a stuck up loser commenter, OR hundreds of devoted fans that fuel the site with hits and comments on a daily basis. hmmmm. tough one, but i’m gonna go with Tons of devoted people who fuel my site with comments.

    Edna, you are worthless. no on listens to you. Powerless and petty.

  25. mutterhals

    I only read this site for the comments. The Edna Bambrick saga is so good she has to be fake. It is an honor and privledge to to be reported by Bambrick, so here I go:

    Edna, sometimes when I take a shit I am amazed at how big the log is! It’s practically taking over the toilet. Has this ever happend to you?

  26. giromide

    Now Denise can know for sure if Richie feathers his pubes.

  27. CancerNipples

    That is pretty fucked up, considering Denise Richards and Heather Lockugly are friends…

    But I have a feeling they are all cool with it. Heather doesn’t mind Denise fucking her ex-husband, and clearly no one cares about Heather, or there would have been an intervention by now concerning the whole David Spade thing.

    These people are too old and not famous enough to warrant this kind of attention on TS

  28. prideofchucky

    Posted by Badhero:
    “At least you don’t see Charlie slobbering all over his “dates” in public.”

    Umm, considering the allegations that Chuckster hooks up on sex sites where his avaitor is a pic of this erect penis- I think there’s a reason why he’s not out in the open light…

  29. Pearly

    Oh EDNA!!! You ARE here!
    Denise is a cum guzzling slut and so is her BFF Heather! They and their loser boyfriends can all disappear right now into the giant gold toiled Donald Trump had installed at Mar A Lago you bitch!

    Oh and Tom Cruise loves the cock…

  30. mrs.t

    Hi Edna! So glad you’re here today. I have a question about blimpkins, and heard you are the best.

  31. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I am reporting all British posts.

  32. boredmilf

    Bummer…. Edna is kind of quiet today… No bible verses for us edna?

  33. sherry-co

    What a bunch of LOSERS! When you cant think of anything else to say, you find the need to smear TOM CRUISES good name. It only goes to show that your envy of Tom has reached a point where you cant get him out of your minds. SCIENTOLOGY RULES!

  34. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    sherry-co: Mother’s Day is coming up. Don’t forget to buy some flowers for that dog down the street that L. Ron impregnated a magical 7 years ago…

  35. celebaholic

    It all makes sense now…Denise is a slut and a homewrecker – Back in Feb. it was reported that Heather filed for divorce after reportedly finding an e-mail with suggestive photos from a woman they both know – yeah, her BFF and Richie’s Fk-buddy.

  36. mattnoks

    boredmilf and anyone looking for edna can find her on the britney post.

  37. TaiTai

    Sherry-co I am so glad you have enlightened me. You are right, SCIENTOLOGY RULES! And Tom Cruise has such a good name, with all the great things he has done lately, like eating placentas. I so envy him that I have signed up for Scientology lessons, and I will make sure you get credit for them. Do you get a commission?


    P.S. what does this have to do with Denise Richards exactly? Just askin’.

  38. BigJim

    If MeganHarris doesn’t like Edna, then Edna must be cool.

    Insert Team America jingle:

    Edna-aa… Fuck yeah!

    Gonna save the motherfucking Internet, yeah!

  39. PapaHotNuts

    Edna, do you where your “taint” is? ‘Cause I can gladly show you. With my tizongue.

    I did not cuss, so you can’t report me. And if you do, I will file a suit for wrongful reportation. My lawyer is waiting, right here under my desk, between my legs an- aww shit, let me go.

  40. ESQ

    WOW! A couple of rebounders that sure will last!

  41. Aimtrue

    I guess I can see Richie jumping the bones of a wowan 12 years younger and a friend of his ex- just to add a little revenge(of course was this going along before) Hey Charlie DNA test in order? But what is she thinking-Hey can I give a lap dance to a guy whose divorce is not final while mine is not final, while I am making crazy allegations against my ex-? where is her newborn anyway- Oh with the nanny because I need to be with my kids and protect them Bull-she means I need to keep my kids form my ex as dirty payback this will get ugly

  42. satan69

    edna sucks!

  43. colormeskanky

    yo edna, if you think we’re bad, you should hear what the FBI has been saying about you… I believe their exact words were “goatfucking nuisance”.

    Everytime you report someone, lets say “cruise loves the cock” and take a shot.

  44. hellojenni

    Is it just me or do these pictures look like they are totally posed? I wonder if they are just doing this to piss off their ex-spouses. Charlie, Denise and Heather and Ritchie were friends. I think hooking up with your friend

  45. Phoenix

    Hello everyone.

  46. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Shut up Phoenix you dumb slut.

  47. dirtypiratehooker

    MMM, I loves me some TAINT….Papa, you can lick my taint all day long…my taint is antifreeze flavored, just so you know.

    Take that, Edna.

  48. tits_on_snack

    This phenomenon is nothing new.
    There’s a house up my street where a bunch of half-retarded 35 year olds in a “band” live, still clinging to the idea that they’ll “make it big”. They all dress like angsty highschoolers who hate their parents, and are literally the ugliest motherfuckers i’ve ever seen in my life. I’m talking missing-link ugly. Gorilla faces, chipped teeth, back-hair, and a permanent Pig-Pen cloud of dust and flies surrounding them.
    Yet… No matter where they go, they are trailed by a pack of beautiful young girls. Because “they’re in a band!”

  49. maryaries

    Charlie Sheen apparently lives with the theory that he can do as he pleases (see 17 pages of don’t-tell-me-he-didn’t-change on and she can’t. I think that she’s trying to get Sheen to flip out and violate the restraining order. Richards and Sambora were only found out because they wanted to be.

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