Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson being sued


Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson are being sued for the incident last November where Denise Richards assaulted the paparazzi. According to the lawsuit she became enraged when she saw two photographers taking her pictures, called them “paparazzi scum” and other names, assaulted them, then grabbed their laptops and threw them over the balcony.

Afterward, they said, Richards and Anderson “made repeated false and defamatory statements to law enforcement and various media outlets which were deliberately calculated to embarrass, humiliate and ridicule plaintiffs.”

I’m not siding with the paparazzi, but Denise Richards is kind of a maniac. Only poorly written movie characters and insane people throw laptops over balconies. This is the kind of chick who throws scalding hot coffee in her waitress’s face because her eggs are overcooked. Then while everybody’s staring at her with their mouths open she takes a bite of her pancakes and goes, “Mmm, these are great!”

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