Denise Richards and Heather Locklear still at it

May 26th, 2006 // 105 Comments

Heather Locklear and a friend supposedly parked outside Denise Richards’ Westlake Village house and blasted Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” as some sort of weird prank to get back at her for dating her ex-husband, Richie Sambora. A friend of Locklear denies the story, saying: “It 100% never, ever happened.” But a friend of Richards claims the opposite, saying: “It is 100% true.”

True or not, that has to be the worst way to get back at somebody I’ve ever read. “You’re dating my husband? Well I’m gonna listen to his music really really loudly! Take that, bitch!” It doesn’t even make sense. It’d be like trying to get back at somebody for stealing your car by standing around their house discussing how reliable Toyota is.



  1. BSfan

    Yeah new news

  2. BSfan

    Meh… I’ve quickly grown tired of this story. I’m going back to talking about Paris Hilton and her herpes. That NEVER gets old.

  3. BSfan

    Meh… I’ve quickly grown tired of this story. I’m going back to talking about Paris Hilton and her herpes. That NEVER gets old.

  4. BSfan

    Oops double post. My bad.

  5. bigponie

    here at the SF, bad news if good news

  6. bigponie

    oops “is” my bad

  7. BarbadoSlim

    Livin’ on a Prayer

    Sounds like a death threat to me. Here’s hoping that Heather goes all Kate Moss all up and down her ass.

  8. JPike

    I’m sorry, but whats so great about this? Or new about this? I’m sick of them. Sadly, I would also rather talk about Paris and her herpes.

  9. Ari

    Livin’ on a Prayer… oh, the glory days when those guys were still kinda hot… and I was 13.

  10. TrannyGranny

    Dude, I loved that album, I had to have been in the 7th or 8th grade when it came out. I also have to admit this I have been listening to “Skid Row” all week in my truck, and it really creeps the clients out.

  11. BigJim

    I guess she figured it was a better idea than having a big screen TV in front of Denise’s house showing Joe Dirt or Tommy Boy, or any of the other fine examples of cinematic culture we can attribute to David Spade.

    Oh, what’s that? They broke up? Shocker of all shockers!

  12. DancingQueen

    Oh I wish to God these two would just duke it out already. I would love to see Heather kick her ass and give her a black eye or something. Damn husband stealing hobag.

  13. waterranger

    Man, Toyotas ARE really reliable. I want a Prius so badly!

    Oh, and denise and heather should really just duke it out in a parking lot, and we will throw water on them so that we can see through their shirts. :D

  14. BigJim

    They should have played “Dead or Alive” because I’m sure Charlie wants her dead.

  15. waterranger

    wow – word of the day is “duke” apparently

  16. DancingQueen

    I’d definitely pay $39.99 on Pay Per View for that one!

  17. BigJim

    Two people saying they want them to “duke it out” (12 and 13) at exactly the same time. Creepy.

  18. Ari

    Tranny, Skid Row? Youth Gone Wild!
    I had such a thing for Sebastian Bach.

    I’ve been listening to the Chili Peppers and their psycho-horny babble. Probably explains my mood lately, too…

  19. Toonlite

    *Sssssssnnnnnniiiixxxx………Yawn*….did somebody say something???…oh shit…it’s just Heather again…*yawn*….Ssssssssnnnnooorrrrrre*

  20. BarbadoSlim

    Two things will remain after the Texas cokehead turns the world into a “thermonuculear” wasteland:


  21. Ari

    It’d be all girl fight.. slaps and hair pulling.

    Wait… ahh, dammit. My mind just took a totally different tangent there.

  22. 86

    And Paris Hilton.

  23. gas_up_the_hrududu

    Oh my God, that is, like, so totally high school.

    Gag me with a crowbar.

  24. Tania

    How old is Heather again? What a stupid, childish thing to do.

  25. 86

    Heather is 64. 64!!!!!!!!!

  26. Ari

    It was a childish thing to do. A much more mature, adult solution would have been to simply take a hit out on the homewrecking bitch.

  27. TrannyGranny

    Ari’ Every girl had a thing for Bach, between the hair and his pipes…Chili Peppers “Mother’s Milk” tour was the first concert I ever saw….if you have the slightest lesbian bone in your body (hehe, I said bone in your body” goto a summer concert in Phoenix. Hotties as far as the eye can see, wearing damn near nothing! Although we also have the most vicious mosh pits of any state I’ve scene a show in

  28. Libraesque

    I think if we all closed our eyes and tried to imagine which one of these people would do this kind of high school shit, it would be that horse-faced Denise. Wouldn’t Heather have blasted You Give Love A Bad Name or something????

  29. destination:beautiful

    On the contrary, BSFan, Paris Hilton’s herpes gets quite old. And crusty. Anyway, why is Denise Richards dating this guy? She’s beautiful, and he’s…Squidward.

  30. snookyookums

    This only proves to me that this entire situation is for publicity. Or that they’re 16.

  31. BigJim

    The first concert I ever saw was Iron Maiden: December 7, 1984.

    And I was very, very high.

  32. destination:beautiful

    On the contrary, BSFan, Paris Hilton’s herpes gets quite old. And crusty. Anyways, Denise Richards is beautiful, and this guy is like…Squidward.

  33. Ari

    Tranny, but I don’t want a lesbian bone in my body, darlin’…

    You’re screwing me up SO bad. I can’t believe I have to go to dinner with my parents later. Gahhhh…

    You’re a bad boy. *smacks Tranny on the ass*

  34. Ari


    First concert for me was the Scorpions in the L.A. Sports Arena. I was very, very drunk, and screwing my boyfriend’s brains out in the backseat of his friend’s car on the way there.

  35. cat

    Seriously, if the story is more than a week old, don’t even bother posting it. And you can ban me if you want. is a MUCH better site.

  36. TrannyGranny

    BigJim I saw Maiden with Anthrax in 1989 or 90. I got knocked unconcious by a huge Pima in the pit, I was out for like 2 minutes, my friends thought I was dead. The same guy flattened my like 20 minutes later when I had drunk enough beer to think it was a good idea to try and knock him out. Awesome!

    Ari; ah, drunk rock and roll sex, it’s been to long. Try not to giggle around the parents, gonna be tough explaining about a guy calling himself TrannyGranny who wants to toss you around.

  37. Iambananas

    That’s a dumb thing to do. Denise has kids… how is she supposed to explain a nut like that old bleach blond hag to kids?

    Heather is just jealous because Denise is younger and prettier than she ever was.

  38. Iambananas

    “Us Weekly is reporting that Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale arrived at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles this morning where they were scheduled for an induce delivery via C-section at noon.

    Celebrity Baby Blog reveals that, despite numerous published reports claiming they were expecting a girl, Gwen popped out a boy!


    Well, I had to tell you all about that becuas eof my name… I am Bananas… get it? Plus, it has something to do with this story…

    I guess Heather is going to do the same thing to Gwen becase Gwen has kids!!!

  39. destination:beautiful

    ok I posted that comment twice…oh well, I’m new.

  40. Ari


    But it’s so difficult.

  41. Ari

    Double posts happen around here pretty frequently, and it’s not always the posters fault. Sometimes the site just gets wonky.

    Welcome to the playpen!

  42. TrannyGranny

    Dudes!!!! I just got official word, I am going home next week!!!!! FUCK YES!!!!!!

    I am so stoked, I am working straight thru this weekend and get gone!

  43. Iambananas

    Please, don’t reply to this, because I won’t read it and your efforts will be in vain…


    Some of you people really shame yourselves by what you type here. Reflects the kind of people you really are, and that’s sad and scary.

  44. TrannyGranny

    I am getting some whiskey and celebrating tonight! So if my posts stop making sense in a while, ya’ll know why.

    cat the superfish guy is dying of the plague this week, in case you hadn’t heard. now go stuff rocks up your ass and got to your other site.


  45. BSfan


    You suck.

  46. I think Locklear is lieing, but she is too hot, so allow it

  47. bigponie

    who will be the first to respond….so hard

  48. BarbadoSlim

    Here’s the thing, Denise is a grade A USDA skank. She’s the girl, that would betray her click in high school by pulling that kind of shit, she’d have some sort of accident in the girls bathroom (of her face falling on various fists variety) and then had to change schools. You all know this girl.

    On another note SWMNBN is back, amazing how she keeps returning.

  49. bigponie

    froOty, what the fuck did you just say, blah, blah, blah, blah

  50. What’s scary is how old they are and how young they’re acting.

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