Denise Richards Talks Charlie Sheen

Despite building a new career based entirely on calling Charlie Sheen a crazy person, Denise Richards is handling him drunkenly trashing a hotel room while naked with a hooker in the closet remarkably well. Especially considering she was in the same hotel with their two daughters during an uncharacteristically cordial trip to New York. Here Denise is on The Joy Behar Show last night were she almost entirely defended Charlie:

On if she knew what was going on:
“I do know what happened and I did help him at the hospital.”

On if her daughters know:
“My daughters are five and six years old. They’re at an age where they can start to understand. They have no idea what went on.”

On how Charlie’s doing now:
“Maybe I’ll let you ask Charlie.”

On their current relationship:
“We’re in an amazing place. We’ve been getting along great for the last year-and-a-half, and we’re doing our best. So as far as that situation, I’m just trying to protect the girls from it as much as possible.”

On Charlie being drunk around the kids:
“I would never allow that.”

Of course, considering Charlie now makes a retarded $1.8 million per episode of Two and a Half Men, that has to equate to a shit-ton of child and spousal support. Not to mention his penchant for threatening people with a knife coupled with an almost supernatural capacity to never face a second of jail time. In fact, after just typing that, excuse me while I change every Charlie Sheen post to reflect how right he is about all those government conspiracies. 9/11 was a plot to make women use formula instead of breast feed? I’ll get the guns.

Photos: Splash News