Denise Richards: ‘Go to Rehab For The Kids’ Charlie Sheen: ‘How ‘Bout No?’

January 28th, 2011 // 26 Comments

While Denise Richards is becoming rightfully concerned about the father of her children and is pleading for him to get help, Charlie Sheen is already out of the hospital and going right back to work on Tuesday with absolutely no plans of checking into rehab, according to TMZ. And why would he? He survived. He’s probably ordering ten porn stars right now along with two briefcases full of blow. Neither of which will kill him as much as result in a minor case of bronchitis. In fact, why we’re not using his blood to engineer super-soldiers is the question we should really start asking ourselves because clearly that shit is the Anti-Death. You’ll probably need a diamond drill just to harvest it.

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  1. He probably couldn’t hear her over the clanging of his big brass balls.

  2. Mortimer Duke

    Time proved her not to be the crazy one. So at least she has that going for her.

  3. lisa

    Her beach hair looks AWESOME! what a smokin’ hot babe.

  4. at age late-40s you either come off shit like this or u end up jail or in the ground. don’t recall knowing any cokeheads much older than him. sadly his girls are still young enough that if he dos off himself by accident they probly won’t even remember him :(

  5. Bologna Bob

    from the waist up she looks great. her fat legs and cankles ruin it for me though. and she has the feet of an NFL linebacker.

    • babooda

      Ahh,Umm Bob, these comments are about Denise Richards…..NOT…Julia Stiles…..that was a couple of days ago. Did you get into Charlie’s hidden stash before looking at the pictures of Denise? Because the only fat on those legs……aw hell…..there isn’t any fat on those legs!

      • Bologna Bob

        she does have fat legs and cankles. also a flabby ass, which is why she always covers it with shorts or a towel. true story

      • Zero

        I’ve seen comments like this before, he’s probably some scrawny virgin or something.

    • datroof

      The only way to settle this debate is for Denise Richards ass pictures to be posted, STAT!

      Get on it Fish.

  6. the things a man does to make his ex-wife NOT into a crazed gold digging bitch.

  7. jamaican n!ga

    Well, That’s what Two and a half men is for,
    so that the kids can watch daddy once a week, (well twice or three times if you count reruns)

    Her t!ts look Delicious yo!
    I would love to suck on those, like a baby, i would probably bite them

  8. Denise Richards
    Commented on this photo:

    queen of the milfs imho.

  9. This is Truth

    I used to think that Denise Richards was a hot mess.

    Time has shown that she’s still hot, but she appears to be much less the mess than I’d imagined.


  10. Cock Dr

    When he finally dies she’ll be able to write the book. Should be VERY interesting.
    Of course she’ll conveniently leave out all the info on how she was right alongside darling hubby being a swinging cokesnorting bad grrl.

    • This is Truth

      Her divorce paperwork was interesting enough. Porn stars would have been the least of her worries.

  11. Lady Blah Blah

    A guy who parties with porn stars, who would “party” with ANYONE who could pay and tip as Charlie no doubt does. Perhaps the drugs enable Charlie to stay in deep self deception about the fact that these skanks do not care a whit for him and if he went broke tomorrow wouldn’t give him the time of day. Not good father material, good thing he can at least provide for the kids materially.

  12. Nero

    The good ol’ solution for anything is rehab ofcourse.

  13. Apostate

    What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. And more foolhardy.

  14. jojo

    Charlie will be teaching the kiddies the fine art of free basing soon enough. Treatment would only get in the way of that bonding experience.

  15. erección

    Denise Richards parece que su panocha aun es muy dulce y mojado. Tengo un erección muy grande ahora.

  16. Uh...

    You know Charlie Sheen is a psychotic, drug addicted whoremonger when he cokes out & fucks hookers for 36 hours straight, goes to the hospital, then refuses to go to rehab & goes back to work.

    What’s really amazing about this is Denise Richards (who everyone thought was a psychotic cunt) comes out smelling like a rose here. Turns out Sheen might actually have hooker/tranny infected sperm after all…

  17. cowbulls

    I hereby apologize for all the negative thought I had about you in the past. I always thought you were one of the sexiest women in the world. Your natural body with those woman curves is incredible. I now realize that Charlie was the psycho and you are showing a LOT of class in the way you are dealing with him while trying to protect your children.

  18. datroof

    On Howard Stern she told how she had a hook up with some guy, where they would meet in a hotel room (sometimes with her greeting him at the door naked), screw, and then she would leave because she didn’t want any entanglements.

    She also admitted to liking anal and giving it up to her hook-up.

    She has had kids and stays thin and attractive and sexy (take note fatties, being disgustingly flabby and bloated is not natural).

    Officially, she’s the perfect woman.

  19. sarah

    Denise got torn apart for so many years following her divorce –Hopefully she feels vindicated now. She is a graceful, lovely woman/mother.

  20. Denise Richards
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    Find also in the facebook

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