Denise Brown: ‘Kris Jenner’s Lying About Nicole Brown-Simpson’s Murder’

November 11th, 2011 // 57 Comments

[Ed. Note: These photos are from 2005, however I believe that anyone who basically calls Kris Jenner a lying shitbag of whore-ic proportions gets to be presented in the best light possible. Also, boobs.]

Last week, we learned that Kris Jenner exploited Nicole Brown-Simpson’s murder in her new book because she’s queen puppetmaster of the hairy whorebeast clan, so of course she did. Now Nicole’s sister Denise Brown is firing back and saying Kris is full of shit which shouldn’t be news to anyone, but let’s hear her out anyway. It pleases me. The National Enquirer reports:

“Kris Jenner IS pathetic,” Denise, 54, told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.
In the book, Kris writes that the day after Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman were murdered in June 1994, Denise called her and asked about some photos Nicole kept hidden in a secret safety deposit box.
… But Denise strongly denies calling Kris, 56, to ask about the photos during those heartbreaking days.
“I had just found out my sister was murdered,” Denise recalled. “The last thing on my mind was whether or not Nicole showed anyone any pictures she had in a safety deposit box.
“In fact, I didn’t even know my sister HAD a safety deposit box with pictures of her abuse until the beginning of O.J.’s trial – months after she was murdered.”

So on top of confessing to cheating on Robert Kardashian – And essentially confirming that rumor about Khloe being the result of an affair. – Kris Jenner basically injected herself to a horrific, yet highly-publicized murder for the sake of making a few bucks. And literally just a few bucks. I mean, realistically, how many more copies do you think that helped her sell? 10? 20? And she gets maybe $5 a book? So that’s pissing on the grave of a “close friend” for barely $100 which really puts it into perspective what Kris Jenner is willing to do for a far more lucrative reality TV contract. If I were Kendall or Kylie, now would be a good time to never lose your virginity at home because your mom’s secretly taping it. (Someone had to tell them.)

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  1. cc

    Look, the sow we call fame defecates with some frequency, and when it’s had a particularly difficult to digest meal, it shits out a Kardashian. So, nothing should surprise you.

    • James

      Make this creepy narcissistic group go away. Zlist these media whores

    • Pat

      That’s sad about Kris making money off of Nicole….They sale clothes on QVC.. Their shops, TV shows. They make me sick but I take comfort in knowing God will Judge all of them. What they do is wrong, their bag language is sickening too. They can’t buy their way to eternity..No one can! Hugs to you Denise and your mom and family!! I am so sorry people are so mean!

    • hatemedialies

      Here’s what I want to know, I got to this page by searching for images of these two closely knit sisters (Nicole and Denise) together. Not ONE image. Why? Was it all another b.s. hoax just to pass more legislature?

      My brown haired mommy. My tushy. Denise is Nicole or someone.

  2. Now, now … don’t go losing your head over this.

  3. groucho

    why doesn’t anyone call that “mother” a PIMP to her face?

  4. Clark Kent

    Hey Fish – off topic, but either it’s here and I missed it or it isn’t here (yet): Dakota Fanning perfume ad banned in UK.

  5. BE

    Newsflash – Kris Jenner lies AND the sun rises every morning!

    My condolences for the Brown family who has find a way to tolerate the Kris Jenners of this world once again dragging this case up for attention and profit. KJ really has NO shame, huh?

    At least the Browns got OJ in the civil case…Go Browns!!!

    • andreabeth

      I agree. The family of Nicole Brown Simpson has suffered enough, leave them alone. This pathetic woman will do anything, betray any friend for a buck.

    • Silvermoon

      Look, I suffered spousal abuse and after 7 years got out. My ex husband had no money but I got my degree as a Licenced Practical Nurse and worked so I could get out but when you are married to OJ Simpson, the picture is different, any woman would stay with all that money plus when they divorced she got a good settlement. Why is Denise so offended? must we keep quiet in order to keep make belief? I am tired of Denise and the Browns in general, wake up! the 15 minutes of fame are over!

      • Rose

        I’m quite sure that the Brown family would put any amount of money down for Moviles to be alive again. She was horrendously murdered. That family never wanted 15 minutes of fame. Moviles’s sister has sacrificed her life to bring awareness to domestic violence. Obviously, you have never been close to someone murdered for trying to leave a woman beater. Where is your compassion?

  6. Venom

    Kris Jenner truly is Satan in female form.
    She has zero shame and will literally do anything for money.
    I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this family in my lifetime.

    • poop


    • cc

      She’d steal her daughter’s kidneys and sell them if she was low on cash (not that they are any better).

    • Robb7

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • karlito

      the public should demand that these fame whores be taken off TV. one way to do it is boycott their advertisers and also boycott any products these ass munchers try to sell, like their clothing line for fat ass whores. you guys have the power to rid the world of these she beasts once and for all.

    • Lainey

      KJ truly is a horrid person who only see $$$$ as anything worthy. Sadly, she has created 3 (potentially 5) ‘mini-hers’ to makes us physically ill well in to the future:-(

  7. Buddy the Elf

    Kris Jenner is a worthless old hag, desperate to cling to fame and attention and MONEY. This fucked up family made some big money and suddenly think its because they have some sort of skill or talent.

    The reality is there are just too damn many people in the country and even the stupid, hillbilly fucktards have TVs.

  8. Artofwar

    ….Don’t know about this one. However, it’s obvious one of these wenches is indeed lying.

    But on a more important note—-Denise Brown has become MILFY as FUCK!!! And that alone should be enough to persuade any heterosexual man over to her side of the story.

    • BE

      Considering the track records of both – scale HAS to tip on behalf of Denise Brown, doesn’t it?

      And of course, with Kris Jenner stumping all over the country trying to get this book up from an Amazon rating of #187 at half price and overwhelming bad reviews.

      Soon we’ll be hearing about her affair with Xenu.

      • Cher X

        Considering the track records of both – scale HAS to tip on behalf of Denise Brown, doesn’t it?

        THIS? And seriously Art, did you even have to think about which one? C’mon….

      • BE

        Cher X – Yeah I probably overdid it – but there’s no way of knowing how old everyone is. Maybe Artofwar is too young to remember the trial – or OJ for that matter. Gaming name makes me think – pretty young..

        I think it’s fitting that KJ’s little book is still tanking no matter what she says on the publicity tour. What will she do? What’s left?

        Not ever getting another book deal, I hope

  9. Denise Brown
    Commented on this photo:

    wait…whaaat? am I the only person confused?

    Nicole Simpson was friends with Kris Kardashian, wife of Robert Kardashian, the guy who defended OJ in his trial for murdering Nicole. Kris is claiming she called Denise the day after the murder…a week before OJ was even arrested for the crime.

    This whole story sounds like 100% bullshit. The only thing that would make it even less believable would be if OJ was found not guilty after plastering DNA all over the crime scene.

  10. Richard McBeef

    Looks kinda like Angie Harmon’s ugly sister.

    • kimmykimkim

      She does! I was thinking Angie Harmon on crack. Not that she looks like a crackhead or anything but because of “you look like MC Hammer on crack…” because of that. But yeah, what you said.

      • Richard McBeef

        That’s all right cause my body’s in motion, it’s supposed to look like a flitter or a convulsion

  11. poop


    ‘Down with the Kardashian Klan’

    …if you will NOT be watching their show and NOT supporting any of their products. That’s all it will take to watch this greedy family who trolled our airwaves go down.



    ‘Down with the Kardashian Klan’

    …if you will NOT be watching their show and NOT supporting any of their products. That’s all it will take to watch this greedy family who trolled our airwaves go down.

    Paste it around.

  13. Johnny Two Times

    Kris Jenner is a lying Kunt – whore ! What a shock ! Say it isn’t so !

  14. Alex 655321

    The Kardassian family has the mores of inbred weasels. Sorry Weasels , it was the best analogy.

    • Lamarr Latrell

      If they were black , they would be a disgrace to blacks . Since they are white , they are a disgrace to white people and especially to Armenians. Wait , they are a disgrace to humans , above all

  15. Chauncey

    So in essence, she’s admitting that the episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians where she had Khloes blood DNA tested was a lie and that she lied when she insisted Khloe’s biological father was Robert Kardashian.

  16. Dan

    “If I were Kendall or Kylie, now would be a good time to never lose your virginity at home because your mom’s secretly taping it. (Someone had to tell them.)”

    This is so true.

    • Lainey

      OMG…so true, and sooooo SAD!

    • Tinklepants Astronaut

      Secretly? She’s probably got it choreographed out on storyboards, has personally coached them through scenes using surrogate actors, and has installed extra lighting and multiple cameras. No doubt she’ll get it on tape right before her next major contract negotiations with E!.

  17. Lola

    Kris Jenner is a shameless whore. I would love to see Denise Brown and Faye Resnick literally kick the shit out of her.
    Also, I saw a picture of one of her book signings and the only idiots buying this book are 13-14 year old girls!? WTF.

    • Jamie Lynn's Uterus

      I’d like to see that too. I think Faye could kick her ass all the way to Palm Springs. Kris Jenner is a disgusting horrible piece of shit!

  18. deborah brown

    kris jenner and the rest of the clan is nothing but white trash and its ashame that bruce got caught up with her.i dont look at him the same way as i did 30 yrs he hard-up or what,lol

  19. Kris Jenner is just foul!! I would love to see some enterprising talk show host get both her and Denise on a show where she’d have to look her in the face and admit her lies. Sign the petition!
    no-more kardashian

  20. Clarence Beeks

    Dlisted has pics of TEENS/TWEENS buying this book? what kind of SHIT parent lets their kid buy and read this?

    I fear for the future. Seriously.

    • roughneck business

      Its mandatory reading to teens everywhere, as how in the future they might have issues with recalling to mind. The book is guide of sort…

  21. forrest gump

    “Liar” is her second name……..

  22. jani

    No one knows what is true. Everyone is assuming Kris Jenner lied but it could be the other way around…no one knows for sure. No one should assume Kloe isn’t a Kardashian either.

    • guest

      IMO OJ Simpson could very well be Khloe’s father and Nicole could have caught on to Kris and OJ having an affair after seeing how awful Kris Jenner is. She truly reminds me of the murderer Sante Kimes (who is of Dutch descent as is Joran Van Der Sloot) and has taught her entire family to be lying thieves.

      So glad Denise is speaking out as I thought immediately “How dare Kris Jenner use her friend to further enrich herself and reopen the wounds Nicole’s family has suffered. What about NICOLE’S CHILDREN??? Kris Jenner aka. “Auntie Kris” obviously doesn’t care about anyone other than her gd stinking rotten self and her family. They truly have to be one of the MOST HATED FAMILIES in the entire world, each and every one of them.

      I am glad to see Robert doing something on his own but hope he is eliminated from DWTS because he is not the best dancer. He would stand a better chance imo if that repulsive family of his stayed completely away from him.

      Sorry to be so long but I hope Denise continues to speak out about Kris Jenner as Denise is truly a classy woman and has the clout to inform the public of what a rat Kris Jenner is.

      Most of the Kardashian “fans” are too young and stupid to remember anything about the horrific murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

      Many think Kris and Robert Kardashian aided and abetted OJ Simpson by hiding evidence in their home. Maybe some new evidence will turn up and she will end up in prison along with Sante Kimes.

  23. Tristyn

    Holy cow pies! How much of the profit’s will be donated to a domestic violence foundation or a women shelter .in honor of her dearly departed “best friend” !?!?!?! I’ll guess NOT a GODDAMN dime ..GOD”, I FUCKIN LOATHE THIS FAMILY….

  24. JANEL


  25. CranAppleSnapple

    Kris Jenner is the scum of the earth.

  26. For Immediate Release


    NOVEMBER 27, 2011

    Mark your calendar…Boycott E Channel

  27. Kay

    Contrary to popular belief kris Jenner is the worst mother on the planet. Many think Dina Lohan, but at least Lindsay has an undeniable talent to exploit. Kim is the poor mans version of Paris Hilton. At least Paris was in on her own joke, Kim literally thinks she is the most important person on the planet. She has the “like ability” of a wet mop and is relying on the fact that Americans are so painfully retarded that somebody with no honorable skills, or definite career can become an overnight sensation. At least Kourtney and Khloè are humorous. Kim is the sole reason for anyone to hate their life.

  28. lkl

    Like all things this train is going off the track. The fakeness and the greed is beyond everything that right.

  29. lance

    If you want the true facts about the Robert Kardashian and the Kids speak to
    Denice Halicki Kardashian, she was with Robert and the kids Kourtney 9, Kim 8, khole 5 and Robert jr 3 from 1990, when they where young and was with Robert until he passed away in 2003. I don’t know if she would speak out. She’s a classy lady. I been trying to get here to speak out. It was Denice’s Home that Robert was living in when the Nicole’s murder happened and it was her home that OJ jumps in the bronco. She has never said a thing about it. She knows everything about those kids and Robert. She owns the Gone in 60 Seconds Movie Franchise and fought for People’s Intellectual Rights see photo of her and court case she won
    I would love to hear what Denice Halicki things and what Robert would say?

  30. DEBRA

    Mama Kris would sell her own unborn grand kids.. she,s a low life 2x slut

  31. John

    Nicole Brown was a coke-snorting, slut. the Kardashians are money-hungry sluts. trash vs trash.

  32. Taylor

    Wow I find it so funny that everybody on here is saying such rude and false accusations about a person that they don’t even know. Also, I read her book and I thought it was very good and none of us know if Denise Brown is really telling the truth. You all think that Kris Jenner is such a “liar” but nobody on here even sugested that Denise Brown could be the liar. Plus, it says that this came from the ENQUIRER so no one in their right mind should ever trust anything that comes out of that. And I do believe that Denise Brown is more in need of money that she would sell a fake story than Kris Jenner is.

    PS: This article is so poorly written and the person who wrote it is so one-sided that its hilarious…

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