Denise Brown: ‘Kris Jenner’s Lying About Nicole Brown-Simpson’s Murder’

[Ed. Note: These photos are from 2005, however I believe that anyone who basically calls Kris Jenner a lying shitbag of whore-ic proportions gets to be presented in the best light possible. Also, boobs.]

Last week, we learned that Kris Jenner exploited Nicole Brown-Simpson’s murder in her new book because she’s queen puppetmaster of the hairy whorebeast clan, so of course she did. Now Nicole’s sister Denise Brown is firing back and saying Kris is full of shit which shouldn’t be news to anyone, but let’s hear her out anyway. It pleases me. The National Enquirer reports:

“Kris Jenner IS pathetic,” Denise, 54, told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.
In the book, Kris writes that the day after Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman were murdered in June 1994, Denise called her and asked about some photos Nicole kept hidden in a secret safety deposit box.
… But Denise strongly denies calling Kris, 56, to ask about the photos during those heartbreaking days.
“I had just found out my sister was murdered,” Denise recalled. “The last thing on my mind was whether or not Nicole showed anyone any pictures she had in a safety deposit box.
“In fact, I didn’t even know my sister HAD a safety deposit box with pictures of her abuse until the beginning of O.J.’s trial – months after she was murdered.”

So on top of confessing to cheating on Robert Kardashian – And essentially confirming that rumor about Khloe being the result of an affair. – Kris Jenner basically injected herself to a horrific, yet highly-publicized murder for the sake of making a few bucks. And literally just a few bucks. I mean, realistically, how many more copies do you think that helped her sell? 10? 20? And she gets maybe $5 a book? So that’s pissing on the grave of a “close friend” for barely $100 which really puts it into perspective what Kris Jenner is willing to do for a far more lucrative reality TV contract. If I were Kendall or Kylie, now would be a good time to never lose your virginity at home because your mom’s secretly taping it. (Someone had to tell them.)

Photos: WENN