Demi Moore whines like an old woman – because she is one

September 13th, 2007 // 151 Comments

Demi Moore has spent an estimated $450K on cosmetic surgery to defy the ravages of time. Unfortunately, despite her looks, she still can’t land roles and recently started crying about ageism in Hollywood. I was hoping she’d bake some cookies or knit a quilt instead, but here’s what she had to say, as reported by The Sun:

“It’s been a challenging few years, being the age I am. Almost to the point where I felt like, well, they don’t know what to do with me. I am not 20. Not 30. There aren’t that many good roles for women over 40. A lot of them don’t have much substance, other than being someone’s mother or wife.”

Demi forked over big bucks to keep her body in shape, but didn’t get the results she was looking for:

As well as breast implants, collagen injections and liposuction on her hips, thighs and stomach, she had a £5,000 (roughly $10K U.S. dollars) procedure to lift the sagging skin on her knees.
She also employed an army of advisers – including a nutritionist, personal trainer, yoga teacher and kick-boxing coach.
But since then she has appeared in just two films, Bobby and Half Light, with two more scheduled for release this autumn.

You know what would be a great role for Demi Moore? Playing someone’s grandmother. Ashton Kutcher’s perhaps. She’d bring some real authenticity to the role. I honestly should be a casting director. Except I’d always have to cast myself as the Romantic Lead. I’m perfect for it, what with these rock-hard pecs, sweet biceps and a jawline that makes women want to passionately ravage me then do my laundry. But I’d make sure I cast someone hot to be my love interest. No one over 30. Dude, that’s gross. Why would you even suggest that? Your mom ate modeling glue while you were in the womb? Say no more.


  1. E. Norma Stitz

    I’d do her.

  2. Nowthatisjustsad

    Yup, Demi is still hurtin for the ol’ squirtin. Hey ladies, scientists say that semen actually tightens skin and gives a youthful glow to a lady’s complexion. So the next time your man says he wants to give you a pearl necklace, you should count your lucky stars he’s not giving jewelry. He wants to keep you beautiful.

  3. And it all comes back to you.

    I heard that she was getting some tail lights installed, at a nearby garage, and she learned to make a beeping noise with her mouth–that’s for tragic reversals. (da-ding)

    No applause, just money folks, I’m playing the Bellagio every Thursday this month, come over and see me.

  4. Miguelito

    Felicity Huffman is her age or older and seems to work. I recall she played Lohan’s mother in Georgia Rule, and it was a good role. But Demi Moore would try out for the Lohan part and then complain that Hollywood was age-ist.

  5. La La La

    The reason why you get roles as a mom or wife is because that’s what happens to women when they get to that age. What does she expect? To play a role that doesn’t suit her? Stop trying to stay young and play sexy roles. Age peacefully and stop with the plastic surgery and the drilling and nails and screws, disgusting nasty repulsive! Be a woman, be real, and face the reality, face the nature process of aging!

  6. claudia

    most of you are horrendous assholes.

  7. fuzzynormal

    #100 nailed it right on the head. She can afford to produce her own movies and she can make them whatever she desires– but probably just doesn’t have the skills or ambition to do so.

    Joey Lauren Adams did this last year and was successful. In fact, I believe she also directed her movie too. The folks are in the biz: you have the clout and resources, go do something.

    Besides, half a million to look about 9 or 10 years younger? So what?

  8. Dayuuummm!!!

    At least she did her surgeries right! She looks absolutely fabulous! She doesn’t even have old lady hands! Rock it, Demi!
    (it’s either the surgeries or she’s drinking Ashton’s blood…)

  9. She looks gorgeous. But women over 40 ARE working in Hollywood – Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster, Helen Mirren (sp?), Sandra Bulluck…

  10. lemon tree

    After $450K does it even qualify as your body anymore??? I mean, at that point more of it is probably plastic or snythetic or something other than natural, right? Yikes.

    And Andre Leon Talley’s fly is not down – his vest isn’t buttoned all of the way. Geez, people! (He’s the Editor-at-Large for VOGUE for God’s sake!! Surely he checks himself from head to toe in every mirror he passes by. I doubt he’d miss an open fly.)

  11. Eevahn


  12. Jor Jorr

    It’s not about old. it’s about over. Demi wasn’t that interesting to begin with; she was more a poster girl for a certain vibe in the mid-eighties. Interesting voice, kinda f**kable, but not really even beautiful. Good actresses are still getting roles into their senior years. Maybe the problem is that age separates the starlets from the stars, yeah?


  13. tonycatman

    She looks good for any age.

    Apart from her hair, that is. It’s lank, lifeless and reeks of death.

    Have it cut short. Better still, shave it like you did in GI Jane.

    Anything. Get a mohican or a tonsure. Just take the hair away. It scares me.

  14. roughdaddy

    well @ least she doesnt look pull back,,,or like a duck,,,she knows what’s shes doing,,,@ a certain point surgeries does not work anymore….thats when u should stop…

  15. Amy

    Yeah I feel real effing sorry for you Demi. You’re richer than 99% of people out there and you’re complaining. Wonder how well you’d do in the real world.

  16. Faggot


  17. Faggot


  18. Mama Pinkus

    Ms. Moore overestimates the demand of roles for gals in her situation. Why wouldn’t they hire a younger actress for a young role instead of one who is oddly “preserved young”? In an effort to “stay in the game” she is excluding herself from many roles because she is seen as an older sex symbol rather than an actress capable of playing mature roles while aging gracefully, like Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon, Judy Dench, etc. Get a clue Demi, along with some increased acting skills, then pass them on to Sharon Stone. Real acting calls for emoting and that is difficult to do when your face is a freaking mask.

  19. Ooba Gooba

    Jeez, she’ s a bit full of herself.

  20. Julie

    She looks like a witch, so she won’t even need a costume for Halloween. How lucky can you get.

    She also looks just like my Father’s girlfriend, and she is a home wrecker, skanky slut, too. I hope Demi dies from her next surgery.

  21. nina

    wow …….she looks good for 90!!!

  22. Mike

    I think she looks fantastic. Spending oodles of money in her line of work is par for course not insecurity.

  23. Angie

    I think shes gorgeous really

  24. WithWithout

    Picture # 4 is a photoshop pic. It shows Demi before and after 450k worth of plastic surgery.

  25. Jack Moonshine

    Jodie Foster is still getting gigs. Maybe it has something to do with… ummm… talent.

  26. Smelling Salts

    So is she saying that Hollywood roles are given based on… I can barely even write this…


    What next, tanks in the streets? Dogs playing with cats? This is MADNESS!

    Excuse me Demi, but I’m pretty sure that the only reason you HAD $450K to invest in a new body is because 20 years ago some people thought you were hot.

    I could be wrong. it could be because of your amazing ability to solve complex differential equations in your head.

    You can’t have it both ways, girl. You can’t get your big break because you’re young and beautiful, and then whine that the industry you chose to be in only values youthful beauty.

    Another Nobel Laureate from Hollywood. Great. I can’t wait to see her erudite opinion on Iraq or Global Warming on the front page of the NY Times.

    Shut up and take your clothes off, woman – that’s what you’re paid to do.

  27. PunkA

    Four or five kids later, about 43, and she is still totally slamming hot. I mean, slamming hot. Wow.

  28. Realist

    Shes’ still smokin. Whatever she’s done to stay that way. Who cares. But, yeah, she’s no spring chicken. There are roles in Hollywood for talented older women. She’s just not one.

  29. Tatiana

    What the heck are you talking about? She looks great!
    But, oh well… Now I know why.

    Breast implants, collagen injections and liposuction on her hips, thighs and stomach? Even my grandma would look hot after that!

  30. George Best

    Demi is gorgeous, especially with short hair and implants. Money well spent

  31. um

    holy shit, you can’t turn back time. Go spend your money on something worth it. Donate it. Demi is such a fucking whore

  32. demi needs to perhaps take herself a little less seriously. what’s wrong with playing someone’s mother? or WIFE for chrissakes?! she’s got some issues if she thinks she should be offered parts as a teenaged Lolita at the age of… well whatever age she is.

    she does look good and it sounds like, though obsessive, she wisely steered clear of major procedures that run the risk of making one into a weird simulacrum of their former self.

    if she was willing to play campy and make fun of herself, or to appear in independent films that pay very little (just fr the sake of taking on a great role) i bet she’d be doing tons of work. which could lead back to the kind of “superstar” roles and salary she apparently thinks she deserves.

  33. Captain Sloppy

    Maybe she’d get roles if she had talent. Age didn’t hold Kate Hepburn or Jessica Tandy back. If she doesn’t stop with the cosmetic surgery and botox or whatever, she’s going to get that spooky embalmed look.

  34. Blonde Bitch

    What I wanna know is, how did the skin on her knees get saggy? Was she on them a lot or something?
    I mean in church, or course. Praying. For world peace. And hot young stud meat.

  35. Laurie

    What is the “horror” of turning 30 and beyond? Is it perhaps the thought of mortality and death that SCARES THE CRAP out of people? IT IS A REALITY. You are born, you get old, you die. NO ONE IS EXEMPT. END OF STORY. So the industry and people’s overall mentality/perception need to get THE HELL OVER IT!
    p.s. For all of those people calling her hag, old – just remember, those kiddies in grade school NOW will be calling YOUR asses hag, old, washed up in 15 to 20 years.- KARMA, and it is a BITCH.

  36. erin

    they need to have a st.elmo’s fire part deux

  37. Over 35 is horror.

  38. eno

    what the???? She is flat out gorgeous, and I pray I look like her in 5-10 years when I’m over 40.

  39. Snatchit

    I’d still go down on this women if given the chance.

  40. Carlos

    “Sweet biceps.” Brilliant.

  41. socal'er

    Jodie Foster is 45 and is still getting good roles…without spending $$$ on trying to look 25.

  42. Tom

    Surgery or not, She’s still Hot

  43. stating.the.obvious

    Maybe she can’t get roles cause she can’t act??

  44. whocares

    she looks good. doesn’t look all botox’ed out or full of plastic surgery. so what if she’s had work done, it’s obvious good work for her face to look natural and she can still wrinkle her forehead. look at older actresses who can’t move their skin on their face at all due to over-botox’ing and skin fillers!

  45. Dick RIchards

    Hey, she looks great for an elderly transexual. I’m proud of her for sticking it to hollywood. Fuck, if Hollywood won’t have you for what you are, then you must change your face, and body, and soul. You have to fucking do it. Go there. You gotta slice your face apart with the help of a guy that specializes in slicing people’s faces apart. I read that when Demi was very young, her eyes were horribly crossed. Gross. Freak!

  46. kitty_kat

    I find it funny how some people on here are saying “She looks great for her age” as if you’re supposed to turn into some ugly old hag the minute you hit 40.

  47. Kat

    Why are all the people in the background looking at her like savages. I’m glad I’m not in the Entertainment Industry. You can’t even make (one) mistake or fashion faux pas!

  48. Anon

    You know, I’ve never liked Demi Moore, but I must admit, she’s been more successful than any woman I’ve ever seen in REVERSING her appearance of aging. Candid pictures like that are pretty brutal, but those pictures of Demi make her look better than younger women like Jessica Biel and Jessica Simpson.

  49. ys

    she has kids of 40s’,life of 20s’,look of 30s’.who wont want this?

  50. Giovana

    Gosh, Demi looks absolutely gorgeous!
    She’d look gorgeous if she looked like this at 30yo, but she’s 45!
    I would never say a word about her looks.
    Now, about the roles… I don’t see the problem in playing someone’s wife or mother. She’s done that since over 25 years ago! In Ghost (1990) she was someone’s wife. In Striptease (1996) she was someone’s mother. What is wrong with that!?!
    Good-looking or not, you’re 45!

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