Demi Moore whines like an old woman – because she is one

September 13th, 2007 // 151 Comments

Demi Moore has spent an estimated $450K on cosmetic surgery to defy the ravages of time. Unfortunately, despite her looks, she still can’t land roles and recently started crying about ageism in Hollywood. I was hoping she’d bake some cookies or knit a quilt instead, but here’s what she had to say, as reported by The Sun:

“It’s been a challenging few years, being the age I am. Almost to the point where I felt like, well, they don’t know what to do with me. I am not 20. Not 30. There aren’t that many good roles for women over 40. A lot of them don’t have much substance, other than being someone’s mother or wife.”

Demi forked over big bucks to keep her body in shape, but didn’t get the results she was looking for:

As well as breast implants, collagen injections and liposuction on her hips, thighs and stomach, she had a £5,000 (roughly $10K U.S. dollars) procedure to lift the sagging skin on her knees.
She also employed an army of advisers – including a nutritionist, personal trainer, yoga teacher and kick-boxing coach.
But since then she has appeared in just two films, Bobby and Half Light, with two more scheduled for release this autumn.

You know what would be a great role for Demi Moore? Playing someone’s grandmother. Ashton Kutcher’s perhaps. She’d bring some real authenticity to the role. I honestly should be a casting director. Except I’d always have to cast myself as the Romantic Lead. I’m perfect for it, what with these rock-hard pecs, sweet biceps and a jawline that makes women want to passionately ravage me then do my laundry. But I’d make sure I cast someone hot to be my love interest. No one over 30. Dude, that’s gross. Why would you even suggest that? Your mom ate modeling glue while you were in the womb? Say no more.


  1. Fuphdog

    hey FRIST, there’s a new post!!

  2. Taja


  3. Momma has to look good for the boy

  4. There is a new post FRIST!!!!

  5. Ashton

    “A lot of them don’t have much substance, other than being someone’s mother or wife.”

    ????!! There’s a difference???!!

  6. Opps I forgot to tell FRIST there is a new post.

  7. I love the dress and shoes.

    Your going to be in big trouble Jimbo.

  8. TT Offered to call her and she said NO!!!

  9. David

    There are good roles for women over forty, Demi’s problem is that they’re not in blockbuster-type movies and require a person who can act.

  10. veggi

    whatever. I like demi. When I’m an old lady, I want me an ashton to play with.

  11. Producer

    “So, Demi, you’re saying that working with you might get me access to Ashton, but not Bruce? Right…ok, let me get back to you…”

  12. Abe

    Demi and Sarah Silverman would make a lovely couple of … somethings.

  13. The surgeries were a success. IMO, she looks great, esp to be in her forties.

    I wonder if she dies her sparse grey pubes black to match her head…

  14. Veggi, I thought you already had 5 or 6 Ashtons to play with?

  15. Dr. Rey

    She made one huge mistake with her surgeries when she replaced her Willis with a willy.

  16. Sexy 40 Something Female

    Hey she is banging and living with a hot young stud actor; not bad for a 40 something year old.

  17. jrzmommy

    I can’t believe she never had that horrendous bump removed from the top of her neck……………

  18. Ok, I know it’s a small picture, but check this one out and tell me which one looks more feminine.

  19. He’s looking for good for his age, isn’t he?

  20. pissy skank

    Whatever. At least all the plastic surgery is working ’cause she’s gorgeous for her age.

  21. paco

    wish you losers would stop with the “first” shit like you were in “first” grade. demi looks hot but maybe she just not a great actress and just ok.

  22. Jayden James@18

    Auntie Demi asks me over all the time for some of her magic lollipops. the kind that make your eyes red and you see jesus. She also likes to give me some of her gorilla salad. Just like Mommy! Only Auntie Demi’s has EXTRA CHEESE! Yim yum.

  23. pissy skank

    Definitely a lot better looking than most of the 20-somethings out there like Shitney & Parasite.

  24. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    Jrzmommy–do you mean her head? HAHAHAHAAHA!!!

  25. rata

    I hate it when people whine because they’re too old. Why can’t they just diversify ‘themselves’. I mean, It happens with rock stars also, and an old rock star is a very rare specimen. Even David Bowie has fallen into very low grades of credibility trying to make it last longer. Don’t this people have a plan B? I mean, people can do more than one thing in life. Compose experimental music, write a book, found a production company. Incapable people whine way too much. It is very-very clear than you can’t rely on your looks, not also on your teenage-bravado forever…. Come on… get yourself together Demi, or live on the money that Ashton will bring home. What-ever.

  26. mr sensitive

    It’s almost always the same thing in these may-december hookups – the 40+ woman is a multiple-surgery hardbody, complete with low-estrogen 6-pack, and the young guy is a slim floppy-haired cutie-pie who blows over in a stiff breeze. But it’s always hot to some people. So I guess we should say: more power to them! (and eeeeewwwww)

  27. Ha Ha Ha

    I may be 42, overweight, and lower-upper-middle class, but here’s the thing: I will ALWAYS be 2 years YOUNGER than Demi Moore. SUCK IT DEMI!!!!

  28. jrzmommy

    27–Ha!! Excellent.
    Yeah bottles……I meant her big head.

  29. Fuphdog

    what a freakin’ frankenstein…

  30. Geoff

    Her acting ability is amazing! She totally had me convinced that women can be Navy SEALs… (NOT)

  31. my comment

    She paid a lot of money for orange skin.

  32. Demi

    Fuckin misquotes! What I really said was, “There aren’t that many good roles for women over 40 on steroids.” Happens every fuckin time. I feel like putting my fuckin fist up somebody’s…HEY! ASHTON! C’mere, honey…”

  33. Demi’s fine except her toes look fucking disgusting. There’s nothing worse than her big crooked toes hangin’ ten over the front of her peep toes!

  34. She’s prettier than a lot of the twenty something like for instance Scarlett Jo and Lilo and Paris.

  35. annie Rexia

    I wonder if dust flies out everytime she queefs. Red dust. Yeah. I went there.

  36. sevenandaswitchblade

    Is that Hawk from “Spencer for Hire” in the third pic? He must’ve grown out his hair to go for the “distinguished older black man” look.


  37. bottlesandcansjustclapyourhands

    I tell ya what..she looks a fuck of a lot better than that horseface with the yellow teeth next to her. And I’d take a Demi Moore over Lohan, Paris, Briteny and even that little Hayden Pantene chick anyday.

  38. WhoCares

    Demi looks good. None of it is the real her and you’d think that would make her a little humble but no of course not. When you get old and die does plastic surgery keep your body from turning to dust and disappearing? Someone should interview Ashton and find out if plastic pussy is better for the dick than real.

  39. steve-o

    memo to Dummi Moore:

    yer gonna die like everyone else.

  40. bone demio

    Love picture No. 3. It’s great to play Letterman’s favorite game..”what about this guy” –> those three guys on the left gawking at Demi..then the guy right behind her. priceless. the second guy back on the left is freaky x 10.

  41. She knew thats how the business worked when she got into it. She should’ve neglected her kids and stayed in the limelight like every other actress.

  42. There’s a new post???

  43. stephiphany

    I think she’d get roles if she actually resembled her own age somewhat. There’s only like one kind of role I could see her playing in her current state and that’s the role of a rich cougar. But she already plays that in real life so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch.

  44. Hecubus

    Now she knows how every good but less ‘hot’ actress of her agegroup has felt their entire lives. Demi’s problem is that she has always been dumbass eye candy and as you get older playing dumbass eye candy you’ll find the roles dry up unless you agree to do double anal. It’s funny how you never see Helen Mirren bitching about people not hiring older women

  45. Robert

    pretty women are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. Why would you want a patched up Titanic when you can get a brand new cigar boat ! Demi you need to look ugly to get roles, try looking like Helen Mirren

  46. kasbryant320

    In # 3 is that guy’s zipper down? Whats up with that?

  47. Nata

    No one’s arguing that she doesn’t look good. She does. But, come one…she’s made more than enough money for 5 lifetimes, let the young ones make some now. If you’re bored and want a carreer…GET A JOB! Go study something. Start a company, do something else.
    #25 is completely right.
    I think her real problem is that NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT DEMI MOORE ANYMORE. Demi who?
    She doesn’t want to work, she just wants the attention she used to have.

  48. woowoo

    she looks beautiful. altho i guess for 450K one ought to.

    what the hell is she going to do when she’s eighty? there ain’t no stopping that shit.

  49. Smack McGan

    She’s hot but needs to just chill and quit tryin’ so hard.

  50. Wish I had 450,000 dollars.

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