Demi Moore wants to have another kid

May 22nd, 2007 // 65 Comments

44-year-old Demi Moore says she’d like to have a son with her 28-year-old husband Ashton Kutcher to balance out her three daughters. When asked if she and Ashton might try for a boy she replied:

“I wouldn’t mind,” Demi reveals. “I wouldn’t mind a little balance, you know balancing out that estrogen.”

Really? Kids? With Ashton Kutcher? I’m not saying that’s a bad idea, but a pet raccoon would probably be a more responsible parent.

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  1. stacy


  2. stacy

    and lets not look at poor ashton kutcher as being the kind of father he was on that 70′s show. but who cares, he’s qualified for anything in my mind since hes so damn hot

  3. Good idea.

    Then Ashton and the kid can go to school together.

  4. stacy

    hey he’s not too young to have a kid, SHES just too old.

  5. stacy

    and maybe she can actually have a good looking kid this time..

  6. She looks great – she could pass for 28, herself

  7. getyourhandoutofmycat

    meh is this her way of competing with bruce’s porn star girlfriend or whatever it was she did…

  8. playertwo

    Is it just me, or does she bear a frighteningly striking resemblance to Luke Wilson in that main picture?

  9. BuddyM

    Too old is right- though she has the ”white trash” factor working for her.( How often have you ever heard of white trash having infertility problems, unless it involves placing it in the wrong orifice?).

    She was reasonably cute when young, before those ridiculous implants (those must look really sexy now), but she’s about 2 years away from be the new Margot Kidder.

    If they manage to stay together, I can just see that crazy Ashton pranking her, giving her dentures to the dog, or smearing BenGay in her Depends…

  10. frenchie

    ……kankle alert

  11. Lala

    Ugly jacket. ‘Nuff said.

  12. Chauncey Gardner

    Wow, she looks more like Alanis Demimorissette in some of these pics. Still, she doesn’t look bad for a 44 year-old mom, and I’d still nail her. But, I’d prefer to have a time machine and go back and drill her in the GHOST era. I would lay on a big spinning potter’s wheel while she kneaded my dong.

  13. theresa

    #5-so true. That Bruce-Demi combo did not make pretty kids. So strange too because I think they are both attractive, espically when younger. Just goes to show, you never know…..

  14. titsonsnack

    You mean her uterus isn’t dust yet? Hope she likes Downes Syndrome.

  15. Josh_Lavarn

    So she will be 63 when her kid graduates high school? Ashton Kutcher could get the ripest snatch on the planet, and he settles for an elderly woman in Depends. What a dummy.

  16. Jimbo ?

    I would father her kids. She is still a MILF

  17. JohnMajor

    She looks GREAT!!!

  18. The Afro Clam

    It’s a good thing that she’s so fond of juvenille asshat retards (Aston Kutcher), because at the age of 44, she has a 1:35 chance of producing a baby with Down Syndrome. Keep your panties off your ankles, Demi.

  19. Josie

    ok I admit that she looks great but still she’s 44…has already 3 kids that’s not enough??? and to have a baby will give her maybe the possibility to keep Ashton…she knows that one of these days when she will be old and all wrinkles he will leave her for a girl younger than her…o well! celebrity it’s like to eat chop suey that i don’t like! :)

  20. 20-20

    Why are people saying she looks great??? That’s a very serious manface. Together with her curveless chiseled hardbody (she’s always tried to be harder than Bruce), that face says a lot about Ashton’s true orientation. I’d say she’s more than “balanced out that estrogen” already.

  21. hellcat1983

    I agree with #20 my first thoughts were also that she looks like a total MAN…and how is that attractive exactly?

  22. bungoone

    she looks like sly stallone in that headline picture.


    by the way, how do you “try for a boy”? how about you try for a baby first, then hope it’s a boy, and not one with problems because the mom is so damn old.

  23. The_Squizz

    Give her my number. I’ve got plenty of juice left.

  24. knights of the round

    bruce is aging much better, sad to say :(

  25. shanipie


    Hasn’t thats dried up old skank gone through menopause yet? Her womb must be like a barren waste land. Like I can just see her opening up her legs and having tumbleweeds roll out.

  26. She’s still famous?

  27. Julie

    #5 – Wow!!! The comment about having a good looking kid this time was mean!..but funny as hell!!! I also agree that Demi is too old. Adopt a child.

  28. lambman

    Just because you’re famous doesn’t make it an less stupid and dangerous an idea to get pregnant in your mid-40′s.

  29. shanipie

    hahahahahaha omg #5, that was short but totally awesome. However, I think her fugly daughters got their bad looks unfortunatly from Demi, so the next one is still skrewed. Plus someone that old will prolly have a downs baby, althoguht its nice to see someone who isn’t adopting a brown kid for publicity.

  30. dude, ashton will make a FANTASTIC dad. he only “acts” goofy so that he can ultimately be in control. it’s good to make people think you are dumb. i should know. wait. erase, erase.

  31. Ashton Powers

    Ashton: That’s not your mother, that’s a man, baby! (*pulls on hair*)
    Rumer: Get away from my mother!
    Tallulah: Ashton, have you gone mad?
    Demi: Who is that man? Why did he hit me?
    Rumer: Dont’ worry, mother. Ashton, you have a lot of explaining to do!
    Ashton: I’m sorry Rumer, I thought she was a man!
    Rumer: Damn it, man! You’re talking about my mother!
    Ashton: You must admit, she is rather mannish.
    Rumer: Ashton!?
    Ashton: Well, no offense…but if that is a woman, it looks like she’s been beaten with a nugly stick!
    Tallulah: Really, Ashton!
    Ashton: Look at her hands, baby! Those are carpenter’s hands.
    Rumer: All right, Ashton, I think you should go.

  32. That has got to look like death warmed over without makeup at 6:00AM… Ashton could be tagging 20 year old holliwood poon and he wants… the chick from 1984 St. Elmos Fire?

  33. Maybe Ashton is banging Rumer and Tallulah on the side… HOw old are they now?

  34. DahliaRose

    She appears to be very MEAN in all of her interviews, and she looks like a prune. It is obvious that plastic surgery just doesn’t last.

  35. Bugman4045

    “Now, her plumbing down there don’t work no more, so feel free to come in her all you want.” -Buck

  36. Someone needs to tell her she’s old. She doesn’t seem to know that.

  37. screamer

    People aren’t too old to have kids if they can still have kids. There is always a 3% risk of malformations even in young mothers. They check for it with amniocentesis. The risk is slightly higher with older mothers but lots of women are safely having kids into their 40s. It’s the new reality, get out of the 1950s. I agree that Demi looks weird and manly, though. I think it’s the chompers — much too big for her face.

  38. .
    Say whatever you want, he’s still banging Emilio Esteves’s Sloppy Seconds.

  39. KatieKates

    #14 – no kidding. Ashton will think he’s getting punked when Demi spits out a mongoloid baby.

  40. nurse wowo

    please old ladys accept your age… im tired of old ladys using botox on their chocchas to look younger jajajjaja

  41. captain obvious

    My, she’s looking old. For awhile there the botox and plastic surgery was keeping her “preserved” looking. Now she’s looking her age. Not that thats a bad thing. I would say age gracefully, and naturally. I think she was hoping the fountain of youth would be coming from Ashton’s protein shakes ;)OOps

  42. captain obvious

    My, she’s looking old. For awhile there the botox and plastic surgery was keeping her “preserved” looking. Now she’s looking her age. Not that thats a bad thing. I would say age gracefully, and naturally. I think she was hoping the fountain of youth would be coming from Ashton’s protein shakes ;)OOps

  43. screamer i guess your o ne of those people who waited to haave kids and are still convincing themselff they did the right thing. How many prescriptions are your kids on.MAybe your not and this gives you hop. Theirs a higher chance of no terrorist bombings in the middle east for an entire month. THen a gain ivf treatment average 14-17 grand thank dumb b itches like you i know what im majoring in.

  44. shanipie

    Damn girl ur pissed lol. to pissed to even type out a sentence that makes any sense. Its cool though I still agree with you.

  45. Pikachelsea

    This just in retard Demi, you CAN’T CHOOSE WHAT GENDER YOUR CHILD IS. And women your age shouldn’t be having kids anyway because the risk for Down’s Syndrome skyrockets after about age 30. Somebody neuter this old wench please.

  46. Soh!B

    You people are crazy to think she’s going to be the acutal mother of the child at 44. It’s called egg donation. And, to get a boy, just a little procedure called PGD can get you the sex you want. What’s $25K to celebs??

  47. Kim

    I read in the news that a 60-year-old woman had twins today. I think that a woman having kids in her 40′s does bring an increased health risk, but Demi Moore is in shape and can afford good health care and private trainers. I think that she and Austin having a baby would be fine. As for Austin being a guy who likes to “punk” people, you can still have fun and be a good parent.

  48. PocketRockets

    To #43 Sasha:

    It’s refreshing to see such optimism – you already planning your major for college.

    But I doubt you’ll ever get there. You seem like an angry, ignorant, dipsh^t. If you ever amount to anything I’ll be shocked as hell.

  49. screamer

    Sasha I read your post three times and still have no idea what you are trying to say. I haven’t had kids yet and don’t know if I ever will, but I’m only 27. So do shut up.

    I just think it’s no one’s business if someone wants to have kids when they’re older. What do I care if Demi has a baby? The life expectancy is pretty high these days, so the babies will have parents well into adulthood, assuming nothing goes wrong. I’d be more worried about kids who have problems such as fetal alcohol syndrome because their mothers were young, stupid and DRUNK during pregnancy.

    If the pregnancy is desired and planned so well like most are at Demi’s age, chances are that the baby will be as healthy as possible. The mother will do all the right things to avoid harming the baby, the doctores will do all kinds of tests and monitoring, in some ways it’s better.

  50. melanie

    she is not attractive or pretty or whatever…imagine he being a normal woman without money, stylists and all the special possibilities like plastic surgery etc etc.
    she would be sooooooo gross, everything she is, she is just because she can afford it, nothing natural.

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