Demi Moore swears this face is all natural

April 9th, 2010 // 69 Comments

After appearing in the latest issue of UK Elle where she denied having plastic surgery on her face, Demi Moore attended the premiere of The Joneses last night where I’m almost positive she purposely made the most awkward faces possible and skipped her nightly Botox to shut people up. Then again, by now she probably drinks the stuff while sucking bone marrow out of infants. “I’m going to be beautiful forever! Wait, this one has a birthmark.” *chucks on ground*

Photos: Getty, Splash News

  1. She’s beautiful and has the money to maintain her beauty.

    Kutcher’s a douche but she is beautiful.

  2. Just like her body is all real. Right?
    At least she is still a hottie.
    And, has an awesome bod!!

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  4. yes indeed, looks very natural ..

  5. very good
    this is

    thank you.. :)

  6. @ 19 – Too bad Demi hasn’t had any good movies since…umm…

    @ 34 – “Your neck muscle actually separates due to age, which is what gives you that wonderful stringy droop where your neck meets your jaw when you hit 40whatever.”

    What if you exercise the muscles?

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  8. Sure it is Demi. Just be honest, no one really cares that much.

  9. anon

    Her left cheek looks weird. It looks like an implant or too much filler in 1 place…then it falls flat.

  10. bitingontinfoil

    “all natural?” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! If so, she may wanna rethink that hooked nose, or that haggishly’-thin upper lip….nasty assed plastic bitch

  11. i dont know how to say something for this photos,anyone can tell me how old she is

  12. Lee

    Who cares if she has had procedures, she looks incredible

  13. parissucksliterally

    she’s had GREAT work done, not “nothing done”.
    she’s fucking amazing looking. Her daughters are so damn ugly though- poor things.

  14. Is is possible? She looks like she’s 30! She’s really beautiful and you can’t actually see any signs of a scalpel so maybe she’s telling the truth?

  15. She looks incredible, and I can imagine all of the people that are criticizing her are perfect, right?
    I genuinely like her. Im sure she had some work done, but so the hell what? Look at the results!! Of course she is defending herself, because like to tear her apart.Please. Whatever she is doing, she is doing it right, and I hope she always stays in the media.

  16. i dont know how to say something for this photos,anyone can tell me how old she is

  17. I love you demiiii

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