Demi Moore stops suicide attempt with Twitter

Demi Moore’s Twitter addiction thwarted a suicide attempt after receiving a disturbing tweet last night. (God, I hate you Twitter.) E! News reports:

“I’m just wondering if anyone cares that I’m gonna kill myself now,” she wrote to the star. Serious or not, her previous messages that hour–not directed at any one particular person–showed the Silicon Valley girl contemplating suicide and wavering on the decision.
Shortly thereafter, the girl messaged the Ghost star again. “Getting a knife, a big one that is sharp. Going to cut my arm down the whole arm so it doesn’t waste time,” she wrote.
Moore immediately replied, “Hope you are joking,” sharing the scenario with her nearly 400,000 followers.
The brief exchange spurred many people to action, and the San Jose Police Department was flooded with calls on the matter.

Like any good Twittee, Demi updated her followers on the situation. And so did Ashton because they do everything together. *sigh*:

“Everyone I was very torn about responding or retweeting that woman’s post but felt uncomfortable just letting it go,” Moore told her followers an hour later. In another post, she wrote, “Thanks everyone for reaching out to the San Jose PD I am told they are aware and no need to call anymore. I do not know this woman.”
A few hours later, the celebrity tweeted a confirmation of the events’ validity. “It is my understanding that the situation was not a joke and that through the collective efforts here, action was taken to provide help.”
Or, as husband Ashton Kutcher wrote on his own feed: “wifey reported a suicide attempt based on a at reply tweet she got and saved someones life. the woman is in the hospital now.”

Great. So Demi Moore just validated the entire Twitter community which apparently consists of suicidal maniacs, her douche of a husband and Heidi Montag. Narcissism: It saves lives – as long as you look at me!

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