Demi Moore stops suicide attempt with Twitter

April 3rd, 2009 // 52 Comments

Demi Moore’s Twitter addiction thwarted a suicide attempt after receiving a disturbing tweet last night. (God, I hate you Twitter.) E! News reports:

“I’m just wondering if anyone cares that I’m gonna kill myself now,” she wrote to the star. Serious or not, her previous messages that hour–not directed at any one particular person–showed the Silicon Valley girl contemplating suicide and wavering on the decision.
Shortly thereafter, the girl messaged the Ghost star again. “Getting a knife, a big one that is sharp. Going to cut my arm down the whole arm so it doesn’t waste time,” she wrote.
Moore immediately replied, “Hope you are joking,” sharing the scenario with her nearly 400,000 followers.
The brief exchange spurred many people to action, and the San Jose Police Department was flooded with calls on the matter.

Like any good Twittee, Demi updated her followers on the situation. And so did Ashton because they do everything together. *sigh*:

“Everyone I was very torn about responding or retweeting that woman’s post but felt uncomfortable just letting it go,” Moore told her followers an hour later. In another post, she wrote, “Thanks everyone for reaching out to the San Jose PD I am told they are aware and no need to call anymore. I do not know this woman.”
A few hours later, the celebrity tweeted a confirmation of the events’ validity. “It is my understanding that the situation was not a joke and that through the collective efforts here, action was taken to provide help.”
Or, as husband Ashton Kutcher wrote on his own feed: “wifey reported a suicide attempt based on a at reply tweet she got and saved someones life. the woman is in the hospital now.”

Great. So Demi Moore just validated the entire Twitter community which apparently consists of suicidal maniacs, her douche of a husband and Heidi Montag. Narcissism: It saves lives – as long as you look at me!

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  1. Veenus Envy


  2. wanks

    wow..all i can say is she looks like she is in her late 20′s early 30′s….HOT!

  3. wow

    my next tweet “i’m going to kill myself unless demi comes and lets me nibble all over her” yum yum

  4. ...superhero theme music in the background...

    A damsel in distress! Who will help her?

    dum da daaaa! It’s Cradlerobbing Deepthroated Deadcareer SheMale to the rescue! By…um…sending, uh, a 4-word message…wow.

  5. Jeezy

    Demi and Twitter are true American heroes!

  6. Wow…She took the time to write “I hope you are joking”. She’s a hero!!!

  7. Jrz

    Why was the girl going to kill herself? Was she watching, “Dude, Where’s My Car?” and “Striptease” back to back?

  8. Click the link – on the left is the glamorous Demi, on the right is the Demi (or: mom-mi) that Ashton wakes up to.

  9. Fish, I hate to break it to you but the Fish community also consists of suicidal maniacs, her douche of a husband and Heidi Montag.

  10. the "actually" guy

    Actually, Ashton was about to reveal that the whole thing was a “punk’d” prank, but he caught a glimpse of his mommywife’s angry-skull look and his genitals raced back into his body cavity (yes, again) and he pretended she saved a life.

  11. Photoshop Police


    I’ll give you “Striptease”, but “Dude, Where’s My Car?” was GOOD (stupid, but good)!

  12. #8 that was right after a leeches on the skin treatment just to be fair…and before bull sperm for the hair…

  13. Mandy

    Yes, that picture #8 linked was after a facial (no, not the Ashton type, although somehow I think he’s the receiver, but anyway) but still, her face probably looks something like that first thing in the morning. I’m just waiting for the interview where she says “Ashton does the cutest thing where when he wakes up, he pulls the blankets over his head just like a little boy! I’m up and dressed by the time he finally gets out of bed!”

  14. Mr. Jones

    This story is amazing. I find it extremely uplifting to hear about our celebrities taking 2 seconds out of their valuable time to bat out a sentence on their blackberry – AND SAVE SOMEONE’S LIFE.

    Wow. How do they do it? I can imagine Demi being in a club somewhere… snorting some coke and gulping down another Cosmo – you know, doing God’s work… and somehow, she finds the time and energy to glance at her Blackberry – and spies some random message from a desparing fan. I can see her poking at some buttons and FORMS A COMPLETE SENTENCE, hits “send”, and BAM!!!!!!

    There were a million other things she could’ve been doing. Like belching. Or snorting another line in a bathroom stall. Maybe get into a fight with the club DJ. Or maybe mumble something incoherent to one of her hangers-on. Or just sit there staring at nothing. BUT NO! She looked at her BlackBerry and SAVED SOMEONE’S LIFE.

    Please take a moment and let that sink in.

  15. attention whore shouldve been left to her knife. she probably wouldnt have done it anyway. women suck at suicide. men rule! raaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!11

  16. im inspired by this person. i want demi moore to post a response to this comment. otherwise i will harm myself! omg demi. plz respond. omgz.

  17. Dr. Phil

    I’m always secretly disappointed when somebody’s suicide attempt is thwarted.

  18. Jeezy

    @10: You have absolutely no taste.

  19. mike

    At least we know now how Twitter is going to be ruined.

  20. tweet

    im just wondering if somebody can rescue me from a scary old lady who violates me every nite. signed ashton. wait not ashton, uh, “Bruce”. wait…

  21. cnn

    The full story is that by the time Demi’s plastic surgeon explained to her there are other types of doctors, too, and that this suicidal girl needed something other than an emergency facelift, others had intervened.

  22. Anna

    This woman has the most brilliant plastic surgeon on earth. She looks fantastic however old she is.

  23. meme

    only twats twitter.

  24. Deacon Jones

    She looks like she’s packing on the lbs in the face and arms.

    Geez, stop swallowing those loads Demi, they’ll get you every time..

  25. obligatory

    So Deacon, you’ve got some weight to drop?

  26. Person

    She looks stunning.

  27. E!

    THESE are the real heroes! Fuck those 9/11 firefighters. Fuck ‘em in their decaying buttholes.

  28. Rhialto

    Maybe she’s here.

  29. Darth

    Is twitter this addictive.

  30. Nero

    Who’s this gypsy woman.

  31. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Texting”Hope you are joking” is hardly “saving someones life”.

  32. Deacon Jones


    No way dude. I only swallow if I’m in love

  33. Really?

    We’re soooo lucky someone important like, Demi Moore was there to save the day. I heard they’re going to start routing 911 calls directly to her from now on.

    Demi Moore is a good looking woman, who has become famous for being good looking and being able to pretend she’s someone else convincingly.

  34. Brandon

    Once I heard what twitter was, I laughed and thought it was the most ridiculous sounding thing in the world. Now that it’s actually getting popular, I too, want to kill myself.

  35. Funny, I twittered her “Look outside your window, I’m ejaculating on your car” and all she did was call the cops… though I did hear Ashton in the background screaming “Let me see! Let me see!”.

  36. Jerry G

    @35 – did someone punch you in your pussy today or something? Fucking idiot.

  37. Deacon Jones

    @36 LOL….what the fuck, I thought Rich had a good one

  38. justifiable

    The constant use of “wifey” is just gagtastic.

  39. #36 – If by “did someone punch you in your pussy today or something?” you meant “is Jerry G a misersble humorless fuck?” then the answer is yes.

  40. twitter is retarded. i hate it.

  41. Bobaloo

    18, what does taste have to do with humor?

  42. Courtyardpigeon

    My goodness this woman is hot. Forget Paris and all those I’m-not-sure-why-I’m-famous idiot women and give me Demi any day of the week, month, or year.

  43. sarah

    She sounded like a waste of space anyway. Should have let her do it.

  44. America

    Facebook is waaaaay worse than Twitter. People who use it need to get a life!

  45. Wicked Witch

    Demi is such a media whore. Bruce marries a better looking girl, and she just can’t have it. Who cares, in another year or two she’ll have melted.

  46. Ugly Betty

    It was most likely one of her own daughters.

  47. kels

    I’m so sick of hearing about Twitter.
    I’m fairly certain that there’s no one on planet earth that I care about enough to want to know what they’re doing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  48. tell me: HOW, on earth, SHE CAN KISS WITH NOO LIPS, folks?

  49. mikeock

    I’m going to say this just once: Anybody who “twitters” is a fucking moron. Twitter that Ashton.

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