Demi Moore needs a bra

June 25th, 2007 // 80 Comments

Demi Moore was spotted in New York City Saturday morning making a run for her hotel room without a bra on and with her nipples showing through her shirt. And what exactly is she thinking here? “Hmm, I need to get to my hotel room, my nipples are 100% visible through my shirt, and I’ve got a jacket. What am I going to do?” Then she ponders for a bit and declares triumphantly, “I’ll put the jacket on my head!” She’s like the opposite of MacGyver. You could give her a nail and a hammer to hang up a frame and she’d end throwing the nail at the wall and eating the hammer.

Pictures are NSFW so click with caution.

Photos: Splash

  1. jazzdrummer420

    I don’t care if she’s 44 or not, she’s still HOT!!! Although it could be all the acid I took for breakfast…ooohhh pretty colors…

  2. Nah, she needs a 12 year old as a husband.

  3. kix

    What’s wrong with 44 year old boob? Looks fine to me.

  4. Binky

    She looks ok to me. ( Could us a little sun though)
    What she doing here ? – promoting ‘Diet Harder’ ?
    Coat over the head look is very chic nowadays

  5. Best hooters money can buy.

  6. eaglepupil

    I’ll get you my pretty! And your little dog Todo too!Hahahaha!
    Release the monkeys and snatch that camera!
    I’m melting…..

  7. gerard Vandenberg

    Does she need a bra? For those TEA-BAGS,you mean? Meet Granny Moore!She needs a PLASTIC-SURGEON, and real fast! That woman became ten years older in just one week! Hang loose, Anston!

  8. Chauncey Gardner

    Dude – she’s got the fucking ‘thousand yard stare’. I know in-the-shit ‘Nam vets who aren’t that detached.

  9. leelee

    wow– these pictures make her look really old. Smile Demi, it’ll stop producing those wrinkles you get from frowning

  10. Carpet

    That nipple could eat you for breakfast.

  11. bearpitt

    She looks fine to me. I think she should never use a bra.

    I like the tan line, she must have a very small bikini.

  12. Flouncey Sidebottom

    It’s hard being an old lady. I should know; I’m a 23 year old man.

  13. Kamiki

    This is a story? shit I almost cant wait for Parisite to get out of jail.

  14. my comment

    She needs a little Grecian Formula for the grey hair, a better pair of trousers [gah! throw out the drawstring jammies!], a face lift and a better entrance than that last photo! What is she doing? An intepretive Venus de Milo dance?

  15. randy holds em down

    Demi….Baby come sit on my face! Obviously these rim jobs don’t know…what a real woman looks like! Baby, I know that you put that pussy snapper on Ashton. I wish that was me! Demi…Sweetness, you are a stunner! I would do you in a miilion years!

  16. sea

    What’s wrong with her neck and all it’s skin?

  17. Nunani

    Demi is bangin for a lady in her 40s. She can swing those melons around anytime as far as im concerned. And why are you guys blurring out nips?

  18. i don’t know how old is she, but she’s definitely sexy! I love that women.
    she much nicer than rest of the celebs.

  19. Ya at her age she should have a super bra, not swinging free! GRAVITY SUCKS! celeb drama

  20. Doomhammer

    Grandma, is that you?

  21. Ron Soso

    she should be more concerned with hiding that skin flapping on the back of her arm than the flapping tits…

  22. Solaera

    Granny’s starting to look a bit thick.

  23. Philo

    I could be wrong, but I think these shirts are not see-through normally, but the flash exposes the skin underneath. I think Demi was unaware her boobs were showing, hence just trying to hide her face.

  24. SexyBeach

    I work at Victoria’s Secret. We have a lot of demi cup bras..

    so yeah we literally have a ton of bras with her name on them. she should stop in sometime.

  25. 1MILFhunter

    Who’s got a problem with Demi running around NYC w/o a bra??? She looks good enough to eat.

  26. star69

    How she hooked a young guy with those things and a house full of uglyass kids is beyond grasp for me. I feel sad for Ashton. He’s gonna wake up one morning and that morning is not so far away and find a dried-up, mummified looking hidious dead body next to him.

  27. bellnier

    Mommmmmmmmmm! Stop embarassing me!
    -Rumer (or however the f#@k I spell my name)

  28. lovethisblogsite

    poor demi apparently can’t afford clothes, either. she had to wear ashton’s pj bottoms. or maybe that’s a way to look skinny; wear giant pants.

  29. star69

    She has got to be the worst dressed person in the world other than MC HAMMER. She cease stealing his look. He may be upset that someone stole his amazing style.

    What are these pants called?
    Baggy yoga pants?
    Baggy sweatpants?
    Baggy gym pants?
    Baggy pyjama sweats?
    I’m s

    And wearing high heels under this hidious baggy garment spells out good taste all the way.
    There are more importnat things she needs other than a good bra:
    A good stylist
    A skilled plastic surgeon
    Make up
    Diet for getting rid of flabby, saggy armskin

    I can think of other things but that should do for starters.

  30. Sydney Bristol

    What’s up with that awkward motion? Who steps that high to reach a curb that doesn’t appear any higher than the street? The last thumbnail picture makes it look like she’s flying if you don’t blow it up.

  31. star69

    Sorry for the unfinished sentence/typos…lots of distractions in the office today.
    I friggin hate Mondays!

  32. JackOff

    It doesn’t matter how good she looks, it’s just dumb dumb dumb…D U M dumb. It’s like most/all celebs do the exact opposite of what you should do in particular situations. Quit running and trying to hide like it’s raining or you might get recognized, then let your giant fake jug be exposed in a ridiculously sheer shirt for all the world to see. Observation: Wasn’t the jacket supposed to be ON her shoulders and torso and covering the enhanced boob, like them CRAZY jackets were made for? Then why is it off and in her hands, while she’s poorly trying to cover your head and face? “Ohhh, they might recognize me, but I won’t REALLY cover my head and face (and tit)!” AhhhhhhHHHHHHH!!!!!

  33. havoc

    Was this an AARP event?


  34. beer

    1. Not too stupid. It got publicity.

    2. Hot. Old sagging face + nice boobs. That’s sexy.

    3. Hot. Gay husband who wears lipstick, eye make up and giggles + MILFy mean looking older lady with boobs. Dude, I’d definitely do that.

    Many, many times.

  35. old hag

    She’s too old for that shit

  36. miss oblivious

    Those are definetly pj bottoms. My hubby wears pj bottoms almost identical to those. I bet you anything those are Ashton’s pj’s. Don’t get why she wore fancy heels and earrings w/ them. I mean, if you’re gonna work the pjs out in public, then just wear a tshirt or something. Maybe her and Ashton just had a quickie in the car or something. Maybe he’ll pop out next, wearing her skirt. Let’s face it, she obviously wears the pants in the family (literally). She’s attractive, but Ashton could have anyone; and that includes someone much hotter (and yes younger) than Demi. I just don’t get it!!!

  37. bungoone

    when did ashton save up the money for the giant ring on her hand? or did she take a page from Britney’s book & buy it for herself?

    what is up with the flannel fat pants & hooker shoes?

  38. corey

    yum, id suck the tits off her i dont care how old she is she is fucking hot

  39. miss oblivious

    You’d get a mouth full of silicon.

  40. bob cobb

    I’d love to suck on those nipples

  41. she looks like she’s carrying drugs cleverly sown under her skin. like those news stories about adorable puppies with a kilo hidden in their poor aching stomachs, or cadavers shipped stuffed full of contraband.

    if her plants were made out of rock cocaine they might still be worth a millyun dollars but their value has deflated tremendously. get it? deflated.

    but hey, great kaballah pants. get her some see through ones. that would make ONE CRAZY SUMMER


    OMG her AREOLA’S ARE HUGE!!! That’s a sign of an OLD BOOB for sure! Old preg hormones do aging…lol She looks upset I just got through cheating on ASHTON and didn’t have time to throw a bra the PAPS caught me! DAMN

  43. Do_FreeBird

    I’m looking at the beginning of the sagging jowls, the facial wrinkles, the flabby arms, the dull greying hair, the beginning of a Mary Tyler Moore quality turkey neck, and tits that never move a millimeter while she runs from her car and all I can think of is one of the great lines of rock and roll…

    Little old lady got mutilated late last night:
    Plastic Surgeons of LOndon again.

  44. Big Mama

    I bet when she lies down those things stick up in the air like Torpedoes.

  45. Erndog

    Look at those tits!!! SHE DONT NEED A BRA

  46. GOD



  47. GOD

    MOORE (spelling)

    *vomits again

  48. wedgeone

    #48 – I remember that pic, and how hairy that bush was – Can you imagine how hairy she is down there 20 years later – that some serious spiders!

    If I had to choose between Sharon Stone & her nice fake rack and Demi Moore’s, I’d just impale myself on the spot. On one of their nipples. Both of those butter faces will make you cringe.

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