Demi Moore likes little boys

January 19th, 2009 // 51 Comments

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore attended the Sundance premiere of his new movie Spread on Saturday, and anyone else starting to get the overwhelming feeling Demi is with this guy for the publicity? I mean, the look on her face is clearly that of a woman who four years ago thought this kid was going to be more than just a punchline, so now she stays up all night calculating the best way to divorce him without looking like a goddamn Succubus.

Well, Demi, you’re in luck. I did the math and you have two options: Either somehow his sperm impregnates Rumer, or you wait five more years when who knows what you’ll look like. Jesus, you didn’t even hesitate for that turkey baster!

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  1. SouthAfricanHotti

    First South Africa Rocks

  2. SouthAfricanHotti

    First South Africa Rocks

  3. ew

    I’m more worried about how HE’S gonna get out of this. Everytime I see them together I get uncomfortable for his sake. I’m sure he lies awake from time to time realizing he married an old lady…

  4. Balls McCoy

    Demi Moore looks ridiculously hot. Ashton should have himself a good piece for at least 2-3 more years.

  5. SouthAfricanHotti


  6. SouthAfricanHotti


  7. NotAtAll

    he is hot you are not.period

  8. SouthAfricanHotti

    jeez sin sister u suck!

  9. wow, she looks good for being 100…

  10. Why the hat? Just…why?

  11. Max Planck

    Lose the hat.

  12. whatevs

    wow, she is smokin’ hawt – and he needs to get rid of that GHEY-ASS hat! wtf? is he bald or something??

  13. all date?

    too many mistakes in that first paragraph. hurts my head.

  14. SouthAfricanHotti

    hey what happenned to that annoying post by sin sister?

  15. My Name is D-Nice

    That is one classy looking lady that I’d like to poke in the stinker. Classy!

  16. Jrz

    Her shoes make her look like she’s got paws. STUPID!!

  17. I deleted it./


  18. Turns out we only worked when we were slaves...

    To celebrate the holiday I quit my job and impregnated 3 “bitches” I’ll never see again. When I get Pres. Obama’s check in the mail, I’m spending it on crack.

  19. Deacon Jones

    I bet this woman fucks like a champ, in fact, I guarantee it.

    Too bad she’s starting to get old lady legs.

    I give him another 2 years before he crumbles, and just starts ravaging high school girls by the dozen.

  20. If she ever stops getting plastic surgery and starts looking her age, he’ll drop her like a hot potato and marry someone that is young enough to have his kid(s). Actually he’ll probably end up doing that plastic surgery or no…

  21. keebler elves

    Hey, lady, we want our freakin’ trees back! WTF? Using them for shoes? Nobody can tell that your a foot shorter than your husband. Really. I mean it.

  22. John wayne was a nazi

    does the main picture remind anyone else of the way Hillery Clinton looks at Bill? i’d imagine its the look a siamese twin gives to his unhygienic, partially formed sibling…like “fuck, your still here”

  23. devilsrain

    Suit? check. Old lady? check. Ski hat? check. LOSER

  24. Maritza

    People said it wouldn’t last but their marriage is strong and they clearly love each other. She looks beautiful and probably will for a long time. I sure hope they have a baby someday soon that would probably make them happier.

  25. And some boy’s like GRANNY’S, folks!!

  26. whopper jr. again

    One thing’s for sure…

    I would certainly enjoy pushing and pulling my erect penis in and out of her lubricated vagina until it ejaculated some semen from my testicles :)

  27. Gavin S.

    That hat with a suit pretty much defines what it is to be a douchbag.

  28. Mal Gusto

    Only if you have cancer should you ever wear a ski cap with a suit. Otherwise they make a good looking couple.

  29. Glenn

    Why the fuck is he wearing that ridiculous looking hat.

    Take it off, you tool.

  30. testing

    so there is no story here? you just posted pictures of a couple and made a few lame jokes about their age difference? They have been married for several years, this isnt news

  31. Amy

    Whatever, she looks great. I don’t see why there has to be such a double standard. Plently of younger women marry older men. I think he’s lucky to have someone has pretty and rich and Demi. He’s not that hot…a little goofy looking.

  32. Randal

    Ashton, don’t listen to these folks around here who have no sense of style. Your hat sits perfectly and is a nice addition to the mean looking pin strip suit. It’s no surprise that Demi is still with you and no worries on that either, she’s not going anywhere.


  33. wet newspaper

    Demi looks hot as. Much hotter than her younger years, even.
    Though such a huge age difference between them will soon become apparent and Ashton will probably hook up with one of Demi’s daughters.

  34. masterless

    How in the hell does Demi still look that good? I cant stand Ashton but you have to hand it to the guy….he picked the best MILF in all the land.

  35. rome

    Why does he have a colostomy bag on his skull?

  36. Dorian

    Demi’s a gross bitch, from her cankles to her dyed pubes , all the way to the top of her dyed hair.

    She’s a moron for thinking this dude’s gonna stick with her fo rthe rest of her life. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  37. Tracey

    So apparent Superficial writer is a male. Demi is getting it every night from a young, firm dummy. Why the fuck would she be stupid enough to divorce that?
    Use ift while you still got it girl.

  38. kate

    She is really pretty. But it is said she is wondering on ***seekingsugarmomma. c om***, I do not know why. She wants to find a young man there? or just some celebrities she loves there? Really funny, haha!

  39. my comment

    That is one gorgeous coat she is wearing.

  40. malicious

    she looks amazing, he looks like a dick. What a dress!

  41. Angry Beaver

    She is probably the hottest granny on the planet, but in a couple of years the plastic surgery and working out won’t cut it and Ashton will be trading her in for a couple of aspiring model/actresses. He’ll know its time when he wants to rub her down with oil and she asks for Ben Gay instead.

  42. wawaweewa

    the name of this article should be “demi moore has cankles”

  43. helen

    Wait..this is Sundance again. Ashton Kutchner and Paris Hilton are both at Sundance. That’s just great.

  44. lvuc

    Brave guy. But I think you should have a rest and take care of yourself. You may not know you have many fans on === === where thousands of hot cougars and sexy singles often hang out and mingle there.

  45. jan

    I never realized she had such horrible CANKLES! Ewwwwwww. Makes her look like she has granny legs. She should stick to pants or darker hose to cover those cankles up.

  46. Me 2

    I keep waiting for her to finally age and it just isn’t happening. It’s absolutely nuts that she’s 46, she easily looks 10 years younger than that.

  47. Leila

    WOW, she looks so awesome for her age. Everyone says that Madonna, Helen Mirren, ect look great for their age, but I bet you Demi Moore will look even better than they do when she gets to be their age. I can not believe she is like what, 47? She looks like she is in her early 30′s.

  48. dawn

    Demi is a sick witch. Just goes to show you she had to hit on younger guys to stroke her ego!!! She has to know it won’t last, one thing you can’t defy is age. It has its way of creeping up on you. I can’t even imagine what her daughters think deep inside! Yuck!

  49. dawn

    Demi is a sick witch. Just goes to show you she had to hit on younger guys to stroke her ego!!! She has to know it won’t last, one thing you can’t defy is age. It has its way of creeping up on you. I can’t even imagine what her daughters think deep inside! Yuck!

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