Demi Moore in a bikini

July 9th, 2009 // 55 Comments

These are shots of Demi Moore vacationing in the Caribbean on Monday and anyone else think her face looks like Olive Oyl from Popeye in the second shot? Don’t get me wrong, she has the best body every dime she has can buy, but just something about that picture makes me want to down spinach and punch Ashton Kutcher into orbit. Although, in fairness, his face provokes the same reaction.

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Photos: Splash News

  1. HOLY!

    @46 hey left nut ;)
    i modeled under the stage name Hayley Michaels can google… as u can see i have fake boobs but my body is all hard work and FOUR kids incl 3 c sections.. and yeah i know i went a little fake but i happen to like the stupid fake tittie look tyvm. ;) Demi could have done better on her own imo.

  2. Jennyjenjen

    She looks “good” for her age, but not good. Her arms and legs are totally weird and out of proportion, she has a bad boob job and her stomach is flat, but nasty… Plus, can’t we all just say, she has zero sex appeal..

  3. HOLY!

    @28 omg! no WAY! take bread crumbs with you ashton or youll never find your way back.

  4. Linz

    Not bad for 60 hope I look that good in 30 years…LOL

  5. James Wayne

    Hayley Michaels how has it been going? You like the wine?

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