Demi Moore in a bikini

July 9th, 2009 // 55 Comments

These are shots of Demi Moore vacationing in the Caribbean on Monday and anyone else think her face looks like Olive Oyl from Popeye in the second shot? Don’t get me wrong, she has the best body every dime she has can buy, but just something about that picture makes me want to down spinach and punch Ashton Kutcher into orbit. Although, in fairness, his face provokes the same reaction.

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  1. required

    She still looks awesome!!

  2. Viv

    long time no see her

  3. PoohEater

    I would to unspeakable things to her

  4. PoohEater

    I would do unspeakable things to her.

  5. required

    I hope I look half as good at that age. She’s is still sexy.

  6. alskdfj


  7. Alex

    Everything is beautiful except her face…I can’t look at her now without seeing Rumer’s face. It’s eerie and gross that the daughter ruined the mother for me.

    That might be a first.

  8. expensive

    She didn’t look half this good at half her age. She used to be very flat and thick in her early years. At least she knows how to pick a good plastic surgeon!!

  9. Deacon Jones


  10. ling

    1. demi has popped out 3 kids, has 2 ex-husbands, is married to Ass-ton Douchebag, and has pea-sized brains.

    2. at 46 yrs old, demi is post-menopausal, and has paid literally millions of dollars earned from doing crap-tastic movies in the 90′s to look the way she does now, which is nowhere near how she looks in reality

  11. duh

    To look “half as good” at her age you will only have to spend half of $300k…

    I love when people make these comments, as if it’s some wonderful achievement for her to look this good, like it was hard-work and good genes.
    All you need is a good surgeon and a bunch of dough folks–get over it.

  12. ling

    #11, i read somewhere once that she spends 4.5 mil a yr to get her looks on plastic surgeons, botox, skin care, trainer, microbiotic chef, waxes, tans, hairstylists, etc. kind of a shame.

  13. timbo

    Fish – Did you get these picks from an Ashton Tweet?

  14. Tad Bit Tipsy

    @11 amen!!!

  15. Fourteenth!


  16. ERICA



  17. Superbiggerevil

    Demi’s still looking good at what…..45-46?

  18. LOL Demi is not going without a fight!

    she looks pretty damn good for a GILF, got to hand it to her….

    Id give it a go, older women says ahhhhh more enthusiastically…

  19. Jammy

    Gran! you’re brill!

  20. havoc

    I’d put things in her….


  21. Not that she’s not hot, but does anyone else think that first pic looks like those famous pictures of Bigfoot?

    (like this one:

  22. Not that she’s not hot, but does anyone else think that first pic looks like those famous pictures of Sasquatch (a.k.a. Bigfoot) like the one in my name’s link?

  23. hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  24. Phil

    She doesn’t look “great”. She looks “well re-constructed”. Look at her stomach between the bikini line and her belly button – it’s like a drum that was repaired a few times. Then on up to the wide-gap boob job. It’s all excellent surgical work, but the result is still: plastic. Ashton obviously has mommy issues if this is what he chose at his age.

    As for looking “great at her age” she doesn’t look half as good as Monica Bellucci, or even Mary-Louise Parker.

  25. norton

    I never really did find this bitch attractive…… and her personality is probably just as unattractive.

  26. She has a well-manufactured body, but I have never been attracted to the woman. Being with Kutcher did not help matters. Now Biel being with Timberlake, I will somehow struggle to get over should Jessica need my services.
    The Rake

  27. Fate33

    She has lipo-belly.


  28. jaysson

    hate fake tits and hers are definitely fake

  29. Senor Frog

    Did she take her titties out? Well said # 25. She’s got a dude’s personality, not real sexy.

  30. Joe

    Once a tranny, always a tranny.

  31. gnipgnop

    Closet forgys it’s your dream date, hit that boys body!

  32. tj

    Yup, she’s got body dysmorphic syndrome. She’ll look like Jocelyn Wildenstein in about 20 years. Eew.

  33. Demi is still looking great

  34. Mary

    NOBODY looks that goos without Plastic Surgery, botox treatments, and strict diet and exercise. With the money u can achieve it all. Reality is that is NOT natural.

  35. Mr. Howdy

    I’d like to take her temperature…If you know what I mean.

  36. H.D.G

    People keep criticizing the plastic surgery she has had done, but if she looked “normal” for her age you would be bantering on about how horrible she looks. she’s hot stop complaining.

  37. HOLY!

    Ok Im 42 so chill with the age cracks, lol, jk… i weight train and have been in fitness competitions and did bikini modeling as well as fitness clothing and did NOT get lipo or face work done, I did get a tit job but in cali its expected. My abs kick ass after four kids… with all that money she has why not work for it instead of cheating and getting lipo? the lipo scars and divots look like you could play chinese checkers on her abs…hate to think what the ass looks like…and as fars as ashton? puleeze…she needs a real man not a boy…he will be SO over her when shes 55 and gets the discount at dennys

  38. captain america


  39. captain america

    …………………………………..BREAST CANCER?

  40. Karri

    “best body money can buy” lol… so true. but dang she looks good. wish I had money to look like that at her age.

  41. lola

    A healthy diet and lifestyle can get you half way there! The only difference between a healthy older woman and Demi Moore is the saggy skin (on knees, elbows, under eyes). Take control of your own health people!

  42. her face looks funny now

  43. ed hardy shirt

    I think I like guys now, what’s that boy toy of her’s name again. Ash Ketchum, damn she knows how to pick em.

  44. Richard Gere's left nut

    @ 39


    Also if you’re in similar wardrobe as Demi (or less)
    it would be really helpful, so you can show us—I mean women, that the fitness route is the path the right way to go.

  45. Rhialto

    Though she isn’t exposing herself in full glory in these pics,i’d have the impression that her looks are quite allright.

  46. capitanne

    Let’s be nice. I agree Demi’s had lots of work done but to be that reedy she must still starve (or take oxycotin like they all do in Hollywood to maintain 0-10 BMI) and spend hours doing yoga or having sex with her gay husband as they’d like us to believe. Now to her face. She is unrecognizable from the Demi of her youth but she hasn’t morphed into that weird Hollywood Catwoman like Farrah, Nicole Kidman, Darryl Hannah, Meg Ryan, Faye Dunaway, Jessica Lang, etc. So kudos to Demi for being a maverick!

  47. e-rock

    @ #39- HOLY! I totally agree. She looks pretty hot, but in clothes. Without the clothes, you can totally see the lipo scars, and exactly, why not just work out hard? Thats what I plan on doing! I have implants too, but I have to say, they look a lot better then hers, more natural. I don’t think I would ever get facial work done, we are supposed to have wrinkles as we age, right? Its a sign of a life well lived when you have crows feet and laugh lines, from all the laughing!! I don’t want to look like a plastic manaquin at that age!! She does look good for the most part… but WTF is with Ashton Kutcher?? Really? She could have any hot MAN in Hollywood, why that stupid boy? Don’t get it.

  48. amanda

    gee thanks, now im scarred for life

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