Demi Moore has a sexy secret – that’s f’ing gross

March 25th, 2008 // 45 Comments

Demi Moore chatted with David Letterman last night to promote her new movie Flawless. Dave commented on her “amazing” looks and Demi revealed her latest age-defying secrete: Austrian leech therapy. These pics are from this morning so judger for yourself whether she looks amazing or, I dunno, let’s say an alien. Here’s an excerpt of the interview via The Huffington Post:

“I feel like I’ve always been someone looking for the cutting edge of things that optimize your health and healing,” she told Dave. “I was in Austria doing a cleanse and part of the treatment was leech therapy.”
Demi describes how four leeches got drunk on her blood, starting from her bellybutton, and how they don’t like hair and prefer waxed or shaved skin.

Hopefully Demi Moore will continue her leech therapy at home and maybe, fingers crossed, one of them will escape and bite off Ashton Kutcher’s penis. Then, as the story goes, an angel gets its wings and becomes a stripper. I’m 90% sure that’s in the Bible. Right after the chapter where God tells Moses that “Dude, if you think you’re cool to drive, I believe you. But first we should totally get nachos!”


  1. adad


  2. haha

    those sunglasses are ridiculous!

  3. Austin

    second :p

  4. Dear Superficial

    Dear Superficial Staff:

    Please take an example from where they deal with “first” posters in an ingenious way. Any post with the word “first” in it (or derivations thereof) automatically gets bumped and changed to “bacon”.

    Thank you.

  5. morons

    Australian leech therapy??? Only if she’s getting her leg reattached. Thanks, Demi, for taking us back to the Middle Ages.

  6. WTC Are they both living in the middle ages? I though leeching went out with the Spanish Inquisition?

  7. deacon jones

    Who the fuck cares, id fuck her all night LONG!!!!!

  8. Randal

    I’ve never been a fan but I must say, she does look good and continues to keep in shape, whether it’s from plastic surgery or excersise plus a balanced and healthy diet.

    You look great kid!


  9. Ladnar

    I’m not a fan but I have to admit that her penis has held up well. By the way, she makes Ashton wear a buttplug at (almost) all times, so that’s why he doesn’t wear Speedos.

  10. e2m2o

    I with Deac’s…Tap it, flip it and smack dat ass around! MILF, Cougar and GILF…I would put her on a plate and sop her up with a biscuit!

    You know I sayin’?!?!?!

  11. mike

    @8 deacon, how would you fuck her all night long? You can’t last 8 seconds on my goat.

  12. #5 really?? That’s awesome!!

  13. kochanski

    Anyone else think this sounds like a lame Ashton Kutcher inspired “punk the media” thing?

  14. @5 So what happen is someone post “bacon” first??

  15. spindoc

    How sad, she is so desperate to be “Cutting Edge” that she is stupid enough to believe anything.

    Demi, let me tell you something….leeches don’t eat “Toxins” sweethart, they eat blood. They aren’t pulling any bad things out of your body, they are feasting on the blood and plasma proteins you stupid twat.

    Oh, and as for being cutting edge……yeah, well doctors used to bleed people to make them healthier, back around the Middle Ages, so I guess you’ve failed in THAT attempt huh?

  16. doyouhavealife

    this is for the losers that sit around these sites to write “first” on the postings. i dunno what the point of it is…it just seems to be evidence that you have nothing to do with you life.

    go outside, take a walk, read a book, do soooomething!

    im stuck behind a computer at work all day, whats your excuse?

  17. Id leech that lady all night long.


  18. I wish I had the money to waste on this type of shit. Instead, I make a blog like this one

  19. Trover

    Her bod is rocking, but her face is really close to being stretched too tight. Ashton must love his grannies love tights faces and wrinkly necks. Just give her 5 years.

  20. JohnnyL

    Amazing bod? Hell, you can see the outline of the saline bags.

  21. deacon jones

    Lots of whiskey and cocaine, silly

  22. BarelyStearn

    WTF?!?!? What in the hell is this woman wearing?? Jesus, even a maniacal Britney dresses better than this to take a dump at her neighborhood Taco Bell…

    P.S. – #5 – I’m less annoyed by the ones posting “First!” than I am the constant “advertorials” for single sites I see here almost on the hour! F THEM!

  23. Thatsit

    Doesn’t silicone kill leeches? Or is it collagen?

  24. estrella

    Please remember that Demi’s husband is trying to cook up ways to fool the media. Could leech therapy be his next attempt? I think it’s more than plausible.

  25. sexxxxxxxx

    number 5

    thats fucking hilarious!

    but Demi is old and no one really gives a shit about her anymore.

    she needs to go back in her cave and let Ashton use his microscopic penis

  26. BunnyButt

    I just realized that, looking at the Asston post and this one, his legs are skinnier than hers. He needs some calf implants to bulk him up a bit so he can attempt to look a bit more manly than the wife.

  27. is4301

    did everyone forget that gossip prank show that her husband is producing? this story totally has to be a fake. I’m surprised she kept a straight face.

  28. mmmm, bacon! i’d be behind that….

  29. Bush

    She is so lovely and large sexy.I saw her many times in millonaire dating site “W e a l t h y L o v i n g .c o m “.What kind of relation she want in this site?Dose she really fall in bad ill?

  30. nomoregwbush

    I feel sorry for her – she’s done too much to herself. In that picture she has an implant that’s so obvious and has moved from its original location.

    She needs to drop her youth cravings and embrace her age! She has teenagers who probably don’t want a mom acting like a teenager.

  31. Tom

  32. Warren Piece

    Ever since I saw nude pics of her and her HUGE hairy area, I’ve been turned off. I’m sure she waxes like a fiend now, but that thing went all the way under and up her back. I’m serious – search – you’ll see.

  33. This silly claim of Demi’s is most likely part of Ashton’s show! Her husband is having her punk the media. How is this not obvious????

  34. Ted from LA

    I’d like to see her try scorpions next.

  35. b

    hottest woman on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Alma

    It’s obvious that she is very attractive but give me a break with those new teeth! her mouth is just disgusting to me! She should just sit there and don’t say a word, b/c as soon as she starts talking I start throwing up. Sorry Demi! Ashton could have done sooooo much better considering his age and looks :(

  37. Arethusa

    She’s probably paying absurd amounts of money for a disgusting treatment that probably doesn’t even work and as a result, a whole bunch of stupid rich girls will probably do the same, cause, after all, Demi says it’s sooo cool! Please, just accept that you’re getting old woman!!

  38. I think celebs are the lights of our modern civilization

    Dear Demi Moore:
    Depriving your body of blood is the perfect way to live forever. Vampires have been doing it for centuries. But why use the leeches as the middle man? There is an easier, quicker and more effective way (revealed here for the first time): using a sharp knife, slit your wrists along the veins up towards your forearms. Be sure to get a deep cut in quickly so that you have a healthy gush of blood. Then, lie down and relax while unconsciousness takes over. Trust me, this will be the best thing you’ve ever done.
    A Fan

  39. Willravel

    One leach is working: Ashton.

  40. Alex

    Just because I know everyones been losing sleep over this.. Thats an iPhone with an Agent 18 hard plastic cover. Get one if you have an iPhone. Goodnight

  41. MeanJean

    Leech therapy?? The lengths some people go to cling to their youth. I wouldn’t be surprised if she resorts to bathing in the blood of virgins a few years down the road. And BTW, Demi, you can get the same boost of energy by donating blood. Whenever your body is forced to create new blood you feel amazing a couple days afterward. And hey – you’d actually be doing something charitable. It might get your mind off the fact that you’re aging for a while.

  42. Rebecca

    Someone perscribed leech therapy to Sir Paul Macartney – so Sir Paul picked a HUGE, one-legged leech…
    And seriously – why do beautiful women have to hide behind gigantic sunglasses and ugly clothes? :D

  43. KT

    Hey, “morons” (appropriate screenname), it’s Austrian leech therapy, not Australian.

    What is so fun about downing Demi Moore? She’s way less superficial & drama free than most superstars. She lives in a small, quiet town – away from the Hollywood hype. She raises her children in a stable atmosphere where she & her children’s father have a cohesive working relationship. I wish all superstars followed this path, but maybe I don’t… obviously some people are still bored enough to come up with some flaw in them, no matter who they are or how they live there lives… speaking of lives, dude.. you guys should get one.

  44. mikeock

    My lips would leech onto her shaved pussy all night long.

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