Demi Moore has a giant V

January 23rd, 2008 // 165 Comments

Demi Moore posed for the cover of V Magazine’s Spring Preview 2008. I’m confused by these covers. And not just by the photoshopping. I thought this magazine was about people with vaginas. Maybe the editors confused Demi with Ashton Kutcher. It happens. He definitely has a V. In fact, I hear it’s a W. I don’t really know what that means, but I bet it explains why Bruce Willis stops over a lot.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Ms.

    Ugly old smelly vagina that’s what she is.

  2. kristal


  3. Adobe Photoshop Expert

    Wow, it really took some dude a long, long time to airbrush her photo. Even with all her plastic surgery and airbrushing she still looks dated, circa. 1970s.

  4. joe


  5. AZ cowgirl

    You all are pathetic.

  6. joe

    haters… she looks good

  7. moobs

    “would hit”

  8. FCS

    We are all so pathetic, you know cause AZ cowgirl says so.

  9. Donkey Ass

    That is some major airbrushing.

  10. The Office Whore

    I think she looks good……

    I’m just not in any kind of bashing mood today.

    I hope tomorrow is better. FRIST!!! Lets get drunk.

  11. redsonja1313

    I think she is the best advertisment for Plastic Surgery around. Airbrushed and all she has punched out 3 kids and is 40+++

  12. Auntie Kryst

    @3 Whoa someone is wired up. Take it easy there kiddo! It’s not a good idea to eat 30 pixie sticks and wash it down with a 2 liter of Sunny D. Just relax until mom calls you for dinner. In the meantime listen to your Bratz dolls, your posters of Ashton are not speaking to you.

  13. nipolian

    I still can’t figure out how she spawned a hobgoblin.

  14. hi-priced call girl

    Demi’s hotter than 99% of the 20-something slags you read about anyway.

  15. The Office Whore

    haha auntie!

  16. #11, really? Because I’m PMSing and I want to kill people. Is that wrong??? Ok, maybe a drink is in order.

    That being said, Demi looks great, but her acting fucking SUCKS!!! Did any one here see Mr. Smith???

  17. Mo

    Way too airbrushed! and too much plastic surgery. She hasnt done a thing in years. Have you seen her daughter Rumor? She is so damned ugly,

  18. Hottness

    She’s gorgeous. I bet she looks better then half of you people who are under 30. She’s a knockout.

  19. Zeebra

    Umm.. she really DOESN’T look good. It’s called PHOTO SHOPPING. Poor soul doesn’t even get movie offers anymore.

  20. mary jane

    she is HOT for an old woman! yes there is airbrushing and surgery but at least she looks after herself and makes sure she looks do-able! good on people who can deal with their flaws rather than try and be hot with them!
    it’s like a ginga not dying their hair! dye or die!

  21. Pat Robertson

    “I think she looks good……

    I’m just not in any kind of bashing mood today. ”

    See what happens when the gay agenda is accepted? First it’s mourning Heath Ledger, now it’s a loss of the desire to destroy people. It’s like…it’s like…it’s not even America anymore…

  22. blegh

    TYPO: vagina’s.
    should be vaginas.
    kthx :O

  23. How about Gi Jane ir Striptease? Those were both great Demi movies.

  24. MoronicShitney

    Vacuous actress but she looks good.

  25. RENEE...

    Do they really think we’re all that stupid to believe she really still looks like that??? Riiiiiggghhht. Nice photoshop job. She is pretty in her own right, as she is, at the age she is. She should just embrace that and stop w/ all the plastic surgery and the fake photos. Its not like its getting her more or better roles. All that being said, Ashton is crazy because he ruined his career over her and could have done 10 xs better and 10 years younger. It won’t last, I tell ya, it won’t last. That boy has got to procreate…and it won’t be with the likes of her expired eggs.

  26. dd

    Looks like Cher.

  27. Hot Pocket

    Demi is beautiful and looks way younger than she actually is because she has great genes and she takes care of herself. I doubt that there was that much photoshopping going on as she looks almost that good in real life. Most of you are just pathetic haters and you’re pissed off because Demi looks better at 40+ that you do at 15. Too bad you losers all got stuck with the bad genes and the equally bad attitudes! Guess that’s why she’s a rich and famous movie star who scored a HOTTIE hubby and you guys just sit there at your computers typing the hate all day like a bunch of fat little pigeons.

  28. Mmmmmm Hot Pockets..

  29. medic

    Quick, get me some of those syringes that major league baseball players use. This site need an injection of male hormones. And the synthetic type, formulated to be extra potent, not the natural injection that Heath was so obviously preparing to receive when he choked on his poppers.

  30. p0nk

    Demi’s best movie was “Blame It On Rio” because her tiny natural titties made her look like a perfectly tight 13-year-old. The topless beach scene was one of my all-time favorites.

  31. RENEE...

    Oh yeah, she also shouldn’t procreate because she creates really unattractive children….sorry, it can’t all be blamed on Bruce. Even if the kid is 50 percent Ashton (who, yes, I admit is a douche…but fricken hot….but yes, has become a pussywhipped whimp) its still gonna be 50 percent Demi and obviously she’s got some seriously ugly genes in there. Not to mention that Ashton has a twin brother that is messed up. Okay, thats all mean and unrelated to these pics really, so I’ll just shup the eff up already. Just got on a little rampage there for a minute…sorry, just bored and mean today….grrrrrr

  32. She looks fantastic.

  33. Mandingo

    Ah, yes, p0nk…the only thing that would have made it perfect for you if she was crying, tied up, and Asian.

  34. AZ Cowgirl

    Stupid Trolls – I love this site, and you trolls are the pathetic ones. I’m here today playing rainy day games, otherwise, I’d be out working my stock. What would you be doing? Trolling other people. Get a Life!

  35. Mandingo

    @33 – sometimes…’s OK to take your night meds early.

  36. Tits Up

    Demi has the ugliest family that I have ever seen in my whole life. If I saw them all in the mall together, I’d run in the other direction.

  37. Zang

    Wow, this dude can really tuck!

  38. nipolian

    #36….You would be out working your cock?!?

  39. Morgan

    I soooo wish we could see a picture of you, in the same clothes, poses, etc. Then we could all sit back and judge you, and laugh at you. See where I’m headed with this? Do you still want to throw stones?

  40. Auntie Kryst

    @36 Yeehaw Cowgirl, you give good troll. You had a lot of people on your ass today for your comments. Yessiree that’s good trolling, seriously.

    Tell ya what, I’ll roll us up a few cigarettes to share around the campsight if you brew up some of yer famous coffee over the fire. I sure hope Cookie is making us all a mess of stew tonight, it’s my favorite.

    PS, don’t forget the guitar.

  41. Oh fun, can I come? I have a guitar!!!

  42. #41, not today, I’m bloated, but yes I do want to throw stones – at YOU!!!

    God, I’m cranky today..

  43. Nina

    SHE LOOKS GREAT! I’m totally buying this mag! And to all you hater: TOSS OFF!

  44. whatever

    I’d do that V with my P, and then I may even do that A with my T.

  45. PunkA

    I love Demi. I would hit that with .0001 seconds of thought if given the chance. I mean wow. At 40+, she makes the crop of wannabbes that are Paris, Brit, LiLo, MB, KK look like jail bate.

  46. PunkA

    Did I say Demi made them LOOK like jailbate? Sorry, I forgot they already ARE jail bate.

  47. Jennifer

    She was said to be fond of internet recently. Some of her fans found her on a millionaire&celebs club She has a personal account there with her pictures, blog…In her friend circle, some other stars can be found there.

  48. @44 is that what you call it now? is that is a nice trem for PMS??

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