Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher hate charities

demi_ashton_donate.jpgDemi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have lashed out at reports that they failed to fulfill a donation promise to Habitat for Humanity. Demi and Ashton were paid $3 million for allowing OK! magazine exclusive access to their September 24 wedding in Beverly Hills, California, and reports suggested that they were planning to donate the money to Habitat for Humanity. However, a spokesman for the charity says they haven’t received any money from, insisting, “We have no knowledge of the donation, but we certainly welcome any support.” In response, Demi’s publicist told the New York Daily News, “Demi wants to keep her charitable donations private and does not allow me to comment.”

And in case you can’t decipher publicist talk, that means Demi and Ashton kept the $3 million so that they could finally live their dream of filling a pool with $3 million in cash and swimming in it. And you can’t really blame them either, because that’s pretty much everybody’s dream. That, and one day owning your own hot dog stand.