Demi and Ashton got married. Maybe.

May 31st, 2005 // 4 Comments

ad4.jpgDid Demi Moore get married to Ashton Kutcher over the weekend? The definitive answer is


  1. Yes! Finally! True love has made a connection. Now i can sleep at night.

  2. thebest

    Are yall for real? I can’t believe yall are hating on 50 because he did that. You can tell yall are young in the mind. Because alot of yall do things out here for free if 50 had ask one of yall to come to his house to do something for his son all of yall would be right in line so stop hating on one of the hottest men in Hip Hop

    Because he’s nothing more than a talentless rapper and a lying neoconish whore who would do anything to get what he wants.

    He maybe a businessman, but he’s by far the worst rapper and musician that’s ever happen to the industry in my lifetime.

    Not since MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice and Master P has made a rapper this bad, in fact even worse.

    This is why mainstream music continues to get even worse today than ever before.

    We need to takeback our hip-hop and get the talentless rappers the heck out of there.

    Drive out this G-Unit regime.

  3. i really like this i think it pretty cool!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It can be difficult to remember because it was before Scientology, with its basic foreign Galactic Confederation, where Tom Cruise can not take a vacation. But yes, the Kabbalah, a mystical Judaism offset, first came to bore all of us a few years ago, when clusters of Hollywood celebrities began to run like a flock of wealthy cattle with surgically capacity to accumulate in the side of religion.

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