Demi Moore Was in a Bikini, Too

January 3rd, 2011 // 63 Comments

In case you haven’t noticed, basically everyone was in a bikini this weekend, so here’s Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher spending their New Year’s in St. Barts. Granted, the pictures aren’t the greatest, but if you happen to like grainy, blurry pictures of $8 billion worth of plastic surgery, welcome to Bonertown. Population: You. For everyone else, I honestly don’t know what to tell you, so here’s a clip of Demi in Striptease which we’ll pretend somehow justifies this post. (I’ll be waiting by the mailbox for my Pultizer if anyone needs me.)

Photos: Flynet, Splash News


  1. That’s one hot bodied MILF. I don’t care what anyone says she has a better body than most 25 year olds!!!

    • By the way, I thought getting plastic surgery was a prerequisite in Hollywood? Why diss a 40 something year old woman because she’s had surgery? She looks freaking smoking!!! She’s had kids and her body is still firm, for the most part. I sure hope her flapjack P lips were surgically tightened though lmao

    • mcfeely smackup

      If she’s hotter than 25 year olds, why do they photoshop her head onto 20 year old bodies when she’s on magazine covers? I’d say that’s as firm a statement that she does NOT look as good as a younger woman as you could find.

      • McFeely, they photoshop everyone all the time, doesn’t mean that Demi Moore doesn’t look hot in a bikini. When I say most 25 year olds I’m talking the average 25 year old you would see at the grocery store or mall not 25 year olds or younger you see ‘dancing’ at some of the finer exotic entertainment establishments in your area or the hotties on facebook that take pictures of themselves in bikini’s. Those are exceptions, not the norm. The normal 25 year old in North America (Outside of Montreal because the women there, well, they should all be strippers) look more like that fug from the MTV pregnant teen reality show who beat up her baby daddy.

        As for her flapjack lips, if she’s been surgically altered everywhere else on her body I would think she’s been ‘tightened’ in her undercarriage as well. I think Demi is a full on restoration project and I for one wouldn’t mind driving this classic vehicle around the block once or twice.

        BTW, Ashton Kutcher is a douche.

    • She doesn’t have the knees of a 25 year old – those fucking things look the knots on a gum tree. If they ever remake “I Wake Up Screaming” they’ll know where to go for inspiration.

  2. Deacon Jones

    She does have a great body for her age, but Ashton can have his pick of anything. And if you’ve spent time in the Mediterranean and/or South America, you’d be asking yourself the same question I am. WHY?!?!

    Giselle Bundchen is the status quo in south Brazil!

    • Deacon Jones

      And yes, rereading this, I sound pretty gay here

      • realistic

        haha! but i have to say that i’ve been to brazil, and no, most female are not 5’10” with supermodel bodies and perfect bone structure. even gisele’s own fraternal twin and other sisters are more “normal” looking, and not quite as tall. perhaps overall the women in brazil are more attractive, but saying they all look like gisele is perhaps a bit of a stretch!

  3. Demi Moore Bikini
    Mortimer Duke
    Commented on this photo:

    Her ass is a tragedy. Like sept 12th 2001.

  4. It’s fucked up that she has ugly children. How many drugs do you have to smoke to make your kids that fucking ugly? Least she could do is try to have some none retard looking kids with the new guy, give the fucking world a break from looking at the monsters she gave birth to first go around.
    This mocking your ugly kids while in a bikini is fucked up. “Look kids mommy isn’t retarded looking like you are”, you know they are counting the days til she’s dead.
    Love you mom.

    • Cock Dr

      I blame the father for the goofy looks.

      • GravyLeg

        Um… Rumor, Rumer, Rumour (how the fuck do they spell it?)

        Anyway, the giganto-chinned mutant child of hers looks more like Demi than Bruce. When she was born, I bet the doc had to add an extra stitch just for chin related damage.

      • fish merkin

        Yeah she got Bruce’s chin for her forehead.

  5. GravyLeg

    If you have money for surgery and no job you have to work, you too can have this body at 40+.

  6. Disco Dave

    If Ashton cheated on that, there’s only two conclusions…she doesn’t swallow or doesn’t take it up the ass.

    Otherwise, he’s blind.

  7. MarkM

    Usually I get annoyed by all the nit pickers on this site, but now I have to be one…What the heck is up with her knees? Is that where all the excess skin from her plastic surgery is congealing?

  8. Demi Moore Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Is it the photo or all the sugery that makes her blurry?

  9. Satan's bitch

    Just wondering which room she has the portrait hidden in.

  10. HeyNow

    Face it, age catches up to everyone. Put some Spanx on her, cut a hole in them, and go to town.

  11. Hey, even RoboCougar needs to recharge her solar batteries every once in a while.

  12. suck it

    She is 48!! And smoking! Everyone is just nitpicking. I dont care if she has had shit tons of surgery. She is in Hollywood, they all do. And none of them look as good as her at almost 50.
    LOL about the knees though.

  13. Lady Blah Blah

    I wonder if Ashton Kutcher goes out of his way to use meat and dairy products that have passed their pull dates.

  14. Hugh Gentry

    she has the knees of a 60 year old! The rest of her is perfect though!!

  15. Demi Moore Bikini
    Hugh Gentry
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  16. Demi Moore Bikini
    Satan's bitch
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    Oh yeah, that ass… Definitely the boss’s work.

  17. tally

    i dont see anything great about this black widow who played a stripper in such films as striptease and how i ditched my rotting husband for a younger fresher kocther so i can be the envy of hollywood

  18. Demi Moore Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    $8 billion on plastic surgery and what – she couldn’t afford a little extra on her knees… Where the hell did she get those?! A giraffe?

    • Manny

      You say as you slowly move your 200+ lb huge Bonbon laden, cottage cheese resembling body around to grab your double meat, double cheese burger, and that double order of chili cheese fries, and shove them down you gullet. You could only hope to look that well at your current age.

  19. der

    Everyone going on about how hot she is clearly has not yet clicked on the pic of her ass.

  20. Charlotte Corday

    Not the first time I wanted to fuck someone’s grandmother. Probably won’t be the last.

  21. Demi Moore Bikini
    One of the masses
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    Ahhh the knees in that first pic tell the story she’s been trying to keep secret. Poor Ashton.

  22. Anya

    old whore needs to disappear and take her douche bag husband with her.

  23. They’re not wrinkles. It’s just the plastic warping in the sun.

  24. fish merkin

    That camera lens is softer than the spot on the back of Ashton’s head.

  25. Demi Moore Bikini
    Fatback Grossero
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    That ass has taken SO many shits.

  26. Demi Moore Bikini
    sensitive guy
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    honestly – it looks a LOT better than i expected. hardly any candy wrappers stuck to it from when Ashton last visited…

  27. jt

    first of all she’s closer to -50, than 40+
    second, i don’t care how much surgery she’s had. because her surgeon is a freakin genius. she looks insane.

  28. Demi Moore Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    surgeons cant give people a body like that. Demi Moore obviously works really hard. Surgeons create bodies like kate gosselin.. yuck!

  29. wim

    this is the only way to find work as a “Dated” prostitute.

  30. eric

    I can’t believe the asshats who are complaining about her knees.

  31. gigi2

    She looks better than most 20 year olds. I want to know her secret!

    • Drew

      strict diet and gym every day. people who are rich and famous have a certain secret…. *everyone’s excited to hear* *drum roll* : it’s called discipline

  32. slapkatyperry

    I wouldn’t marry her but I’d still have sex with her six times a day
    bring out the GILF’s

  33. Inmate 12236969

    It’s official I’d fuck her.

  34. Demi Moore Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    One thing you can’t change about age is skin tone. She is losing it and these are grainy pics.

  35. Demi Moore Bikini
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    old lady knees…ewwwww!

  36. Demi Moore Bikini
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    She is flabby in the bum …

  37. Demi Moore Bikini
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    why dont u think it will happen to u one day too ? everyone will have it. Please, RESPECT for other !

    All comments i see here have no respect for her.
    ONE DAY you all will be like her too !

  38. Demi Moore Bikini
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    nice looks mam

  39. Demi Moore Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    marry me!!!!!!!!

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