Demi Moore Is Still Wearing Her Wedding Ring, Also Dying

October 18th, 2011 // 95 Comments

A walking skeleton claiming to be Demi Moore attended the premiere of Margin Call last night where it still wore its wedding band suggesting it hasn’t shunned Ashton Kutcher from its bony loins. It also had on a Kabbalah bracelet, imbued with magic powers. In fact, just looking at it caused me to want just one vagina for the rest of my life, and I’m almost positive I flew earlier. Or tripped over the cat, but I’m sure it was that flying stuff.

Photo: Fame, Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. wanda

    but yet if she was any heavier she would be called fat by all you people. Women can’t win.

  2. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
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    Her head is HUGE!!!…what has happened to GI Jane???

  3. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
    Facebook Me
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    Just wait folks, when it will ALL come out that Ashton is cheating on her. She’ll join the weight rank of Christina Agularia

  4. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
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    Be nice, she’s losing weight because she’s stressed about her trashed marriage. Some people eat way too much when they’re depressed or stressed and some people don’t eat at all.

  5. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
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    Holy shit balls look at that left bicep…or bone…or whatever the hell that is!

  6. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
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    It’s been almost 70 years. I think it’s time we stopped showering all these makeovers, expensive clothing, and movie premieres on the survivors of Auschwitz.

  7. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
    bigfoot's dick
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    she’s clearly a witch. first, friends with madonna, now projecting her wants and needs on posters at events she attends.

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