Demi Moore Is Still Wearing Her Wedding Ring, Also Dying

October 18th, 2011 // 95 Comments

A walking skeleton claiming to be Demi Moore attended the premiere of Margin Call last night where it still wore its wedding band suggesting it hasn’t shunned Ashton Kutcher from its bony loins. It also had on a Kabbalah bracelet, imbued with magic powers. In fact, just looking at it caused me to want just one vagina for the rest of my life, and I’m almost positive I flew earlier. Or tripped over the cat, but I’m sure it was that flying stuff.

Photo: Fame, Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. Stan Gable

    Madonna touched her and she’s already getting the veiny arms ! The touch of Death ! And Ashton is obviously fucking every bar hag he can find which is Madonna’s curse !

  2. audrey

    omg. she looks like a skeleton! she looks so much better in e.g striptease. :/

  3. Antonio Scuzziones

    Not looking very healthy ! She looks like she hasn’t eaten in days . Maybe Ashton has really broken her heart , or she’s on another fad Hollywood diet

    • Marcellus Wallace

      I could give her one of my special protein shakes if she’s in the neighborhood . Send me a message on Craigslist , causal encounters , Hollywood .

      • Butch Coolidge

        After an intense lovemaking session with me , she would have a ravenous appetite for anything , especially red meat and carbs , so she would have enough stamina for another session

  4. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
    Commented on this photo:

    Dear God. This is horrifying.

  5. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
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    Oh dear. That side view of her is skeletor scary.

  6. Cock Dr

    That is too too skinny.
    I prescibe cake & ice cream, served poolside by a hot 20 something heterosexual male.

  7. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
    Cock Dr
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  8. ace11

    I read that she and Michael Phelps had a “incognito” dinner at some restaraunt in Santa Barbara last week..

    wonder if she wants to swim with him again?

    • Schmidtler

      well, Demi trolls for young guys, and I always thought Phelps looked like he’s retarded, so that makes alot of sense the 2 of them would get together. At least Demi has had the dignity to not go full retard – at least not yet.

      • Gilbert Lowell

        I thought Ashton was full – retard ! The Situation is maxi – plus full retard , so things could get more retarded for Demi

      • Billy Rubin

        Ashton only has two speeds – half retard and full retard , and reverse

  9. cc

    I hear she’s going out for Hallowe’en as a cornstalk.

  10. SirReg

    But I thought Teri Hatcher played the Other Mother…?

  11. meh…that’s a gorgeous dress that she looks like shit in. hint, more ass shots and we aren’t looking at that face!! from the back maybe she has a chance

  12. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
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    “face THAT way! people rather see your ass than your face.”

  13. LRonHoover

    The future Mrs. Skeletor

  14. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
    Jack Ketch
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    Gray nail polish ?? You’ve got to be kidding !! Yuck.

  15. Bane

    He left her old ass for some young ass. Pretty simple.

  16. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
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    i can hear leann rimes purging from here.

  17. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
    Cock Dr
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    That is a ghastly color nail polish for an older anorexic.

  18. Frank Burns

    Better look out Fish, she may have prayed to Hecate and entranced your cat to be her familiar. Best keep a shotgun handy at all times.

  19. MJB

    She really must be heartbroken to look like that. When will these women learn that you don’t marry the boy toy? You just play with it and discard it when you’re done.
    Also, after a certain age being skinny ages you. Put on some weight—better yet muscle—and you can have the looks and the strength to play with young cubs.

    • Clarence Beeks

      I agree. I have reached the point in my life where I’d rather have 5 extra lbs, than look like an old hag.

  20. Really?

    She looks healthy, in a Karen Carpenter kind of way.

    A wedding ring is always an aphrodisiac for women, whether it’s screwing a good looking guy with one or pretending your significant other gives two shits about you.

    • a pornstar

      a wedding ring is like a noose around a woman’s neck, unless it’s from George Clooney, then it makes you horny. ask your wife, if you have one, she’ll agree with me..

      • Really?

        The first mistake a Pornstar makes is assuming most women like taking as many different cocks daily as she does.

        It shows how dead inside and shallow outside you are when you can’t recognize the basics desires of the “average” women.

        Thank God for pornstars though.(and their family for fucking them up! otherwise the world would be boring)

    • MJB

      @Really? I can’t think of any woman who wants to get married or doesn’t regret getting married. And my friends and I like to yell at married men who hit on us: “Go home and fuck your wife!”

  21. gspot hunter

    Ah shit,I thought it was Maria Shriver

  22. Venom

    She is not looking good at all. She needs to see a physician or something.

  23. sasha

    A weight that looks good on a 20 year old doesn’t work on a 50 year old..

  24. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
    Commented on this photo:

    She used to be rockin! So not hot. Girl, eat a cheeseburger.

  25. Al Sharpton,Jr.

    Do you think there is a “Keep Out , No Trespassing ” sign on her cooch? With a stare like that , no one is going to be thinking about sweet lovemaking !

    • Chico Rodriguez

      That’s a hard stare ! I think she requires qualudes and RHB to get those panties off

      • Billy Rubin

        The next guy she goes to bed with is either :
        A. cut up with a dull kitchen knife
        B. Fucked hard all night long

  26. Gilbert Lowell

    She looks like Ashton fucked her sister , her best friend , or one of her daughters !

    • Willy Ketchum

      Ashton just tweeted that it was all three – AT THE SAME TIME !

    • Greg Marmalard

      Sometimes , cheating hurts . It’s usually only the person that’s not doing the cheating .
      Gee Demi , as the song goes , pretty face , don’t mean a pretty heart !

  27. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Ashton would pass her over to hot tub naked with 20 year old sluts. Cats and dogs living together! Mass hysteria!!

  28. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
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    Its the crypt keeper!!

  29. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
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    I know the white guys are loving this

  30. rican

    Her upper lip, mouth & jaw region is starting to look like Bruce Willis. Now I understand why Rummer is so pretty

  31. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
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    She exists only in two dimensions.

  32. Dan

    She looks like she is out of some horror flick. She would be a scary witch whose hair would fly everywhere while she zapped you with a fireball.

    Really, she hasn’t done a popular movie in years and she cannot act.

    I cannot help thinking this is some sort of publicity stunt.

  33. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
    Dave Mustaine
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    Don’t complain. Less of her is a lot better.

  34. BE

    Well it’s happened.

    They’ve been married long enough to look exactly alike.

    Saw Ashton without clothes from his first episode of 2 and a half men.

    Give her facial hair and they’re a matched set of skeletors.

  35. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
    Dave Mustaine
    Commented on this photo:

    Those are some creepy gloves on her. Looks like one of Romero’s zombie stunt double resurrecting from it’s grave.

  36. Concerned Adult

    So put on a Happy face ! Smile , and the world smiles with you !

  37. josh

    I prefer her back in the good old days when she was showing around her delicious hairy cooter.

  38. She looked hotter with a shaved head and muscle than she does now – and that’s saying a lot.

  39. Howard Stern

    What’s the problem? I think she looks great. Anything else Robin?

  40. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
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    She’s probably depressed as fuck. You people are douchebags, have a little empathy for fuck’s sake.

  41. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
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    Where is she in this pic? I don’t see her..

  42. anonym

    holy shit. someone give her a sangwich

  43. Freebie

    I feel sorry for her. Its not easy getting older and looking older, especially if you were very pretty when you were young. She married Ashton to make her feel younger, but she would feel (and look) younger if she married someone like Hugh Hefner.

  44. rantatonne

    I wouldn’t touch this with Ashton Kutchers penis, apparently neither would Ashton.

  45. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
    Curious Troll
    Commented on this photo:

    FEED ME!

  46. Arzach

    How in the world after looking at this pictures someone could doubt that Ashton banged the hell out of that younger sluttier piece of ass?

  47. wanda

    But yet, if she was any heavier then this, you would call her fat….

    • Deryn

      Uh no. See those pics of whatshername the Miami fitness trainer. (Jennifer?) Demi is probably as big around as one of that girl’s legs, and people are da-rooling over that girl. Emaciated != sexy.

  48. Christine

    Why of why did you ever split from Bruce? He loved you and would have stayed loyal–your choice was most definitely the worst in your life. Find yourself before you kill yourself because a companion/husband is not going to stay with a severely dependent woman who can’t get it together. Whether others care for you or not, God does…..

  49. Mama Pinkus

    Poor thing – Demi dear, you’re trying to compete with the twenty-somethings your hubbie’s lusting after – for the sake of your health and sanity, STOP DOING THAT. If Ashton wants ho’s like Sarah let him go, and you can start dating REAL men.

  50. Hog Wrangler

    Demi just wore a dress that didn’t flatter her, big deal. Perhaps she lost a few pounds from stress, in Hollywood it is better than gaining – ask Christina Aguilera. Demi needs to get herself a new younger 20 something boy toy; Ashton is stale anyway, he is 33. Demi looks great, time for fresh boy meat Demi, never be in ‘fear of loss’ mode for ANY straying male. Just get a hotter replacement.

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