Demi Moore Takes Naked Twitter Pics Now

Taking a page from Adrianne Curry’s playbook “Bored Wives Not Getting Any Younger and Desperate for Attention,” Demi Moore posted a nude photo of herself to Twitter last night with the following caption:

remember…’ve got your own back

Haha! Get it? It’s a picture of her back. Which she’s got. Anyway… if history has taught us anything, it’s that Demi Moore tweets saucy pics of herself whenever Ashton Kutcher is having sex with someone younger than her per the conditions of their open marriage. Keep in mind, he just inherited a role from Charlie Sheen, so one can only assume it’s haunted, and Ashton’s found himself trapped in a cage of mangled vagina and crazy. “No, no, I am not winning. I won’t say it! Oh, God, why do your naked parts look like the brain alien from Starship Troopers?! I’ll say the words! I’ll say them!”

Photos: Twitter, Splash News

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