Demi Moore Takes Naked Twitter Pics Now

September 9th, 2011 // 78 Comments

Taking a page from Adrianne Curry‘s playbook “Bored Wives Not Getting Any Younger and Desperate for Attention,” Demi Moore posted a nude photo of herself to Twitter last night with the following caption:

remember…’ve got your own back

Haha! Get it? It’s a picture of her back. Which she’s got. Anyway… if history has taught us anything, it’s that Demi Moore tweets saucy pics of herself whenever Ashton Kutcher is having sex with someone younger than her per the conditions of their open marriage. Keep in mind, he just inherited a role from Charlie Sheen, so one can only assume it’s haunted, and Ashton’s found himself trapped in a cage of mangled vagina and crazy. “No, no, I am not winning. I won’t say it! Oh, God, why do your naked parts look like the brain alien from Starship Troopers?! I’ll say the words! I’ll say them!”

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  1. Racer X

    Not a single fuck was given that day.

  2. Ashton

    “Mom, quit it! You’re embarassing me!”

  3. McDouche.

    Eww, you can see the sagging granny skin on her shoulder!

    • Cher X

      I’m not a fan of Demi or her plastic fantasic obsession but I don’t see any shoulder skin sagging.

      However, I DO see a lady who needs to eat a ‘sammich’. Bones ain’t sexy.

    • rican

      You sir, must be gay

    • lily

      agreed. shes my mom’s age! she should stop up these ugly half naked pics. doesnt she have ANY respect for herself or her children??? everyone knows she’s gone under the knife 9084502 times anyway, so her scrawny, menopaused, nip/tucked body is nothing impressive.

  4. Demi Moore Naked Nude Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    What a drag it is getting old…..

  5. Demi Moore Naked Nude Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    What a clown.

  6. Fletch

    Which Hotel is she in and did anyone see a small boy leave before these pics were taken?

  7. Demi Moore Naked Nude Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    Did Bruce leave her because she is Bat Shit Crazy; or did she go Bat Shit Crazy because he left?

  8. I see the industrial size bottle of Oil of Ol’Lady on the sink.

  9. Demi Moore Naked Nude Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    I wouldn’t have placed the urinal directly across from the sink, maybe that’s just my taste.

  10. Demi Moore Naked Nude Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    I know they are the style nowadays, I guess, but I think those shoes are ugly. Looks like she cut good shoes to make them.

  11. andy bellboy

    I would rock that boney grandma like a ship on high seas.

  12. Buddy the Elf

    “Bored Wives Not Getting Any Younger and Desperate for Attention,”

    She has been gross for a decade, sorry folks.

    Desperation is not sexy.

  13. “remember…’ve got your own back”

    wow, did she ever spell “Look at me, tell me I’m pretty! I need validation!!” wrong.

  14. DeeDee

    Oh wow, she’s so skinny. It’s actually kinda a bit gross…

  15. TomFrank

    If this is how Demi Moore “takes a page from Adrianne Curry’s playbook,” I suggest she go back to the playbook, ’cause this page alone ain’t doin’ it.

  16. See Alice

    Demi and Posh are two peas in a pod .

  17. Demi Moore Naked Nude Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    Those tits look like they are about to burst.

  18. Demi Moore Naked Nude Twitter
    Audrey Jo
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh, honey, no…!
    Listen Dem, you don´t have to tell the world about your midlife crisis. You don´t have to look desperate for attention like Adrianne Curr, or futile and immature as Blake Lively. Because the last ones are brainless and annoying, while you have creativity to do something else with your life.
    What kind of spot light do you need? Take a new road. Go artistic like Jim Carrey. Go make documentaries about polar bears or child abuse. Go finance a super cool project mixing fashion and sustainability. Go to the Himalayans.
    Either that, or go for the gold and leak a sex tape with Mel Gibson.

  19. Ranish

    Its kinda ironic that she had to wear her glasses to be able to see herself in the mirror to focus on the shot.

  20. Still hotter than any of her daughters.

  21. Demi Moore Naked Nude Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s freaking ripped, look at her abs showing up beneath the tank-top =S

  22. dee cee

    All cats are gray in the dark.. she’s available for whatever..

  23. Lisa

    Jesus. She’s 50 years old. Why is she taking attention whoring photos that 16-23 year old girls load onto their myspace. You want to show off your body? Take the classy route and pose on the cover of Shape or something. This is just desperate and pathetic.

  24. noam

    fish, you’re not funny, you’re gross.

  25. Al Sharpton

    Why doesn’t she drop Ashton Cooter and get a man who will rock her world. There are plenty of men who would do her. People don’t know how to help themselves.

  26. Demi Moore Naked Nude Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    From here she looks starved. Just sayin’.

  27. anonym

    demi moore makes ugly kids

  28. welldoneson

    That reminds me, I haven’t seen “Blame it on Rio” for a while.

  29. Demi Moore Naked Nude Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    Abs are good. Tits are good. Father time does things to us… the bastard…

  30. Demi Moore Naked Nude Twitter
    Commented on this photo:


  31. I didn’t know Demi Moore was in Pet Sematary.

  32. Matcher

    Fucking gross. She’s 100! I would definitely NOT let her pee on me.

  33. Non-Hater

    Demi looks amazing and is gorgeous as always. Ashton is lucky to have her. Don’t hate just because she’s not 20..jezuz people!

    • Big Bob

      I agree Demi is HOT! and always will be.Ashton doesn’t deserve her. You people are cruel! Demi is gorgeous and any man would be lucky to have her.

  34. DrunkRussian

    I’d rock Demi all night long and brag about it to anyone. You people are idiots. This 40+ chick is still hotter than women half her age.

  35. skuddles

    Interesting she’s no longer jamming the “Ashton+Demi forever!” angle down our throats anymore… now she’s talking about watching out for herself. I suspect a split announcement is not far behind.

    • Paloma

      I think you’re right but first they have to renew their vows. Renewing vows is the kiss of death & obvious crack in the facade that is a defeated relationship. It’s all the rage now days. Anyone who’s anyone is doing it just before divorcing and checking into rehab.

    • Artofwar

      ….” Remember to watch your own back”???—Clearly a conscious or subconscious statement of self-survival most likely sponsored by a serious betrayal of sort— In other words—must watch out for herself since no one else seems to be. Yep, divorce is indeed in the future, but then again only the retarded thought this desperate sham of a marriage would last?….Artofwar

  36. Dan

    I am not sure if the crowd will be with me, but she will always be yummy to me.

    I think it has something to do with the release of Striptease while I was going through puberty – but Demi will always be welcome in my bed.

    Also, the glasses she has are really ugly. She should get rid of them.

  37. Tootles

    Fucking pathetic washed up old hag, doing anything possible to hang on to whatever fame she has left. Fuck off Demi how pathetic you look, twitting pictures of yourself like a fucking 17 year old. Get a life!!!!!!

  38. Demi Moore Naked Nude Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    rise of the super humans!

    i for one welcome our new overlord !

  39. forrest gump

    it occurse to ya?
    When celebs are ripe for homes for the elderly they always go naked or almost naked because they need compliments from you & me!!

  40. cheese mitts

    “I’ve got my own back…because my husband just came on someone else’s.”

  41. elbruce

    Really? When HuffPo called her back “risque,” I fell for it because they always over-inflate their headlines. But Buzzfeed?

    Her naked scrawny back isn’t “risque” at all. It’s just an underfed woman’s back. Nothing more, nothing less.

  42. kulit

    grandma?!?! ewww!

  43. elbruce

    A scrawny woman’s back is hardly “risque.”

  44. GaryNOVA

    Hi! My name is Demi Moore. I am not only immature for my age, but I’m also insecure about both my appearance an my age. Good talk’n with yah!

  45. Demi Moore Naked Nude Twitter
    Kaywoodie Sucker
    Commented on this photo:

    I am a fake titty fan, but those look like they fit on the front bumper of a Fiat.

  46. Ed

    Judging from the angle I’d say she was trying to figure out how to work the phone.

  47. Demi Moore Naked Nude Twitter
    Commented on this photo:

    c’mon, ashton’s mom – show a little modesty

  48. Ponkur

    Bitch needs a burger.

  49. Ponkur

    If that bony back was the most attractive body part she could find to show the world, imagine how sad her tits, stomach and ass must look like.

  50. CranAppleSnapple

    Is she in a Motel 6? Crappy bathroom.

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