Demi Moore In A Bikini: A Cautionary Tale

January 2nd, 2014 // 62 Comments

There was a time when Demi Moore was the highest-paid actress in Hollywood, pulling in unheard amounts of money until she made Striptease and fell off the face of the planet with her mountains of cash. Mountains of cash that she spent on the best plastic surgery in Hollywood, yet still has a stomach that looks like this in case any of you are sitting out there saving a measly ten grand for a tummy tuck because the media keeps telling you Nina Agdal is the perfect woman. So, so perfect… What was I saying? Oh, right, Demi’s gut:

Demi Moore Bikini Stomach

And if you zoom in even closer, it looks like this:

Sarlacc Pit Return of The Jedi

Don’t do tucks, kids.

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  1. She looks very, very good for a woman in her 50s who has had kids, plastic surgery or not.

    I’ve seen women in their early 20s who don’t look as good as Demi.

  2. Mohawk Disco

    I was not expecting the second picture. No. But the third one alleviated the terror somewhat. For 51 she looks good.

    • I agree. Anybody criticising Demi Moore in a bikini should post a photo of themselves in a swimsuit, right here, right now, or shut up.

      Come on, let’s see those beach photos of Demi’s critics!

  3. Those look a lot like post pregnancy scars. They look a lot better than most people’s who have them. She is still looking pretty banging into her 50s.

  4. She’s 51…What the heck were you expecting.

    Also, pretty fuckable for 51 I might add.

  5. Dr. Phil

    She’s going to attempt suicide after a “friend” tells her about these pictures. Attempt, mind you. Not complete.

  6. Oprah Sucks

    Yeah, she looks good for fifty-one. You do have to add in the fact she spent about 1 million bucks on plastic surgery. I don’t have a gripe with that. My problem is WHAT IN THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH A ONE PIECE SUIT (yes, I’m talkin’ to you too Tara).

  7. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
    Commented on this photo:

    Not sure what the caution is here…

  8. kimmykimkim

    I’m not gonna hate on her today because she’s old enough to be my mom yet looks better than I feel like I’ve been looking lately. It’s just that I love cookies. And brownies. And getting up in the morning to go work out is hard when your bed is so damn warm and cozy.

    • Cher X

      True dat girlfriend!

      These Hollywood types also have to work damn hard (and get all that plastic surgery) to look they way they do. So not jealous, I don’t be hating. Good for them.

      But their life revolves around it, my life doesn’t. Guess who enjoys their life just that much more? ; )

      • Frank

        No question, the pressure to stay competitive for these women is beyond immense, and their skin has to be monumentally thick (and taut I suppose) to even want to act. Can you imagine just anyone put on a site and picked apart? And by a brilliant writer, no question about it. I come to this site because whoever writes it – I don’t know who – makes me laugh. He/she is smart as fuck. So I’m not one to judge, in fact I feel horrible about laughing at anyone else. Some things I laugh at, some things I don’t. This is one of those things I don’t. That’s just me. Really I come here because I love seeing lovely ladies in wet bikinis. But if you want to laugh, write whatever, think whatever, that’s people’s fucking right and it’s on them. The argument is, these celebs asked for it. Maybe they did, I’m not disputing that. But just because you can destroy someone, should you? Maybe so, who knows? I’m not one to say or the arbiter of taste either, I done some vile shit myself. But I think of my sister, or daughters, and think damn it, please PLEASE don’t grow up and want to be an actress. It’s a tough road. Not the job. The ridicule. The public eye. It’s hardcore, soul shattering shit. Now I’m going back to the Ryan Seacrest thread to look at that chick’s ass in the white bikini.

      • Cher X

        Enjoy, Frank. :)

  9. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
    Hugh G. Rection
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    Still hot after 50, and Tara Reid would kill for that stomach.

  10. Petronia

    Jeeze, cut her some slack would ya? She has had 3 children and is postmenopausal. I didn’t look that good in 5th grade for effsake.

  11. I’d be more concerned if she didn’t have any marks on her stomach, especially at 51. She’s also bent over at an angle which would make her stomach distort like that.

    Also, Ashton is an idiot for leaving this for the simple reason that Demi seems like the kind of person that will be in your corner no matter what. Time will tell with Mila.

  12. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
    the observer
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    In the big picture of things….I think she looks pretty good…..

  13. Stretch marks or not, I’d still rather bang her over her hideous daughters.

  14. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
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    What’s bigger here? The tattoo or the douche bag…

  15. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
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    I’d be honored to spooge on that tummy. Truly honored.

  16. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
    Hugh G. Rection
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    When that guy left the tattoo parlor, the “artists” probably pissed themselves laughing at him.

  17. She looks pretty good for a 51 year old mother of two.

    But let’s not pretend that means the same thing as “looks good”. I’m not interested in bagging on a grandmother for not being sexy enough, but I’m also not going to twist reality into knots and pretend she’s so hot people would pass up 18 year old girls to get with her.

  18. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
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    I think the lesson here is that she looks a bunch better than inky boy. Good for 51, yes. Pretty darn good by any standard, yep. Will she opt for more cosmetic surgery, most likely.

  19. NUTS

    Not stretch marks, excess skin. If there had been a tummy tuck there would be scars by the hips etc

  20. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
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    So I’m guessing botox does not work on your belly?

  21. cuddles

    Goddammit, you HAD to go and use the CGI whored up version, didn’t you. DIDN’T YOU, FISH!

    (I mean the sand pit, not Demi.)

  22. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
    Cock Dr
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    It’s a slow day. The blogger is searching for any axe to grind.
    She looks great.

  23. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
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    Disgusting … wrinkles and all

  24. Bonky

    I’m glad she’s eating again and seems much happier than she was with
    douchebag whats-his-name.

  25. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
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    She looks fucking amazing for 51 years old. I totally would. She’s always been a beautiful woman.

  26. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
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    flap jack noassatall

  27. Baginaface

    I’m extremely disappointed that you used the CGI’d version Sarlacc. Of all people I assumed you wouldn’t give that remade scenes crap any validity.

  28. Robb7

    51 years old + a bunch of kids — she looks damn good! I’d do her right there in the hot sand!

  29. Freebie

    She looks okay for a 51 year old, but in a one piece suit she’d look fantastic.

  30. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
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    Call me old fashioned but looking like the hood of a ’70 Firebird Trans Am was a highly regretful decision for my pale, skinny friend.

  31. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
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    looks good to me

  32. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
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    Let’s be honest here, anyone on these boards who says they wouldn’t is a liar. A god-damned, liar!

  33. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
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    The one good thing about this pic is that this douche shows us that ANYONE has a chance. I like those odds.

  34. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
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    Speaking of Dickbag’s, Fish you do realize that is a 51 year old body thats birthed 3 kids. My issue is what happened to her Striptease Tits, WTF!?!?!

  35. considering she housed the rumerskull in her belly for 9 months, you have to be amazed that her spine is still in place.

    • Jenn

      Yeah, the fact she can walk after birthing Jawzilla earned my lifetime respect and admiration. Demi looks damn good to me.

  36. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
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    Hot! Would explode all up in it, several times!!!!

  37. kery

    She looks amazing, at her age many women are fat… ;P

  38. Kat

    Oh god, don’t be such a dick. She’s 50 and has had three kids.

  39. JimmyJ

    She’s ridiculously hot for a 51 year old.

  40. She looks damn good for her age and having quite a few kids to boot.

  41. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
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    She looks better than a lot of women half her age! She looks great!

  42. weaselspleen

    She’s human, and not immune to the aging process. Most women would be happy to look this good at her age, including the shit-stain who posted this pathetic space filler article.

  43. JJ

    So mean. Let her age please

  44. Ani

    I… don’t get it. She’s 51 and has kids? That’s not a plastic surgery tummy that’s an I had a huge fucking baby tummy. Technically you can get that fixed with a tummy tuck but… why? So she’s easier on your eyes? Also if you have a problem with her in a two piece, I take it you haven’t been to the beach very often, compared to what most people look like in two pieces on the beach she is still about an 8 over all 10 for 51 and 3 kids. One day you will get out of college or high school and realize that most people you’ll lay if you do ever get laid will not look like super models.

    also plenty of people would pass up an 18 yr old to hit that… have you ever tried to have a conversation with an 18 yr old girl? Also she’s Demi fuckin’ Moore.

  45. angel

    Superficial much?

  46. marie

    Men kill me when they judge women, there are some stand up real men out there..who knows what to look for in a women…and oh by the way guys….your crap shrivels up too, and some have trouble with their manlies ….so what good would a 20 something do you anyway…besides..after you get too old, your money is all gone, too flabby your darn selves you’ll be running back to a woman your own age with your shrivelies in hand, and you wont be any good to us by then…we would be happier alone…looks will go does your functionality heh on love idiots

  47. Demi Moore Bikini Stomach Plastic Surgery
    Andy Freeman
    Commented on this photo:

    Gosh, I remember so clearly in my teens how I used to fantasize about spending a night (or 42 seconds) with Demi. That was 20 years ago. Today, I feel exactly the same way just a little more gassy.

  48. Miss_Bradley

    Wow , well done too Demi, eat our hearts out ladies.
    I admire her body and persona .
    good luck to her.

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