Demi Lovato is Officially Lindsay 2.0

November 10th, 2010 // 38 Comments

Now that it’s been established Miley Cyrus is our new Britney Spears, it’s time to confirm the second half of Disney’s line-up. Namely Demi Lovato playing the part of Lindsay Lohan, who I’m now even more convinced OD’d in rehab. Via Life & Style:

“She was doing line after line like a pro — and she was 17 at the time,” he tells Life & Style, recalling the wild party they attended after a concert by the band Neon Indian at the Granada Theater in Dallas. “I just remember her doing it as if she had been doing it for a long time. It didn’t seem like something new to her.”
Insiders say the pain of her breakup with Joe Jonas — and the fact that they’re on the Camp Rock 2 tour together — further fueled her downward spiral. “Demi’s been on a tear lately,” says an insider. “She’ll chug booze straight from the bottle.” Luckily for Demi, her mother and stepfather were quick to take action after they heard that she had punched a tour backup dancer in the face. “They overheard one of the dancers talking about it and freaked out,” says the insider. “They heard Demi was drinking, but the news that her partying was getting out of control shocked them — and they confronted her immediately.”

I love how Life & Style feels the need to make a story unnecessarily more dramatic than it already is by accentuating trivial details. Drinking liquor straight from the bottle? Oh, heavens no. That’s the first step towards crunking. Alert the Vatican!

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  1. Savalas

    Domo arigato, Demi Lovato

  2. Hot n' Horny Wal-Mart Shopper


  3. Chris

    I’d still fuck her until she couldn’t stand

  4. Molly

    Damn, Disney is an automatic curse on teen girls. Selena Gomez appears to be the only clean one left.
    Is the whole drug thing a true statement? If this is confirmed, I’m going to laugh my ass off.

    • The Listener

      Somehow I doubt it’s true. Her publicist made a special effort to let the public know she’s in a treatment center, not rehab.

  5. How could she be so naive as to believe her “rel” with that closet homo jonas was anything but disney-manufactured–like everything else around her (sound familiar? *couch cough* vanessa ann hudgens)

    That said i welcome the prospect of seeing her meatflaps, ass, and nips in the coming months. Please include a lesbian sex tape with ur bff selena! That part’s non-negotiable..

  6. A Styx reference? Really? Ick.

    You know what amazes me? That we are shocked when a once pristene Teenage or pre-teen entertainer grows into an alcoholic/drug user. It’s been happening for EONS!!! Ok, not THAT long but for decades anyhow. Give a young adult lot’s of money, popularity, surround them with people who tell them how great they are, add a few leeches, mixed in with parents who are either unattentive or are talent pimps and you have the makings of a teenage/young adult tragedy.

    Hopefully she cleans herself up and when she gets out she knows the meaning of moderation. Otherwise she’ll turn into another Lohan.

    • J

      It is Eons. Think Drew Barrymore and Tatum O’Neal.

      • redrosestar66

        concur with Eons – let’s go waaaaaaaaaaay back. Judy Garland from the Wizard of Oz , Alfafa from the Little Rascals, Natalie Cole… Original poster is right.

  7. That Guy

    Disney girls gone wild!

  8. WTF?

    Cokehead + 19 = superslut!

    All 19 year old girls should do coke!

  9. If Playboy wants to get some Pub, they should run a “Women of Disney” photoshoot and have actual, you know, naked pictures of them.

  10. anonymous

    meh….too bad it wasn’t Selena because this chick sux. A couple years from now–nobody will know or care what the hell she’s doing.

  11. I can do lines like a pro. Where’s my Disney contract?

  12. Demi Lovato Loves Cocaine
    Commented on this photo:

    Parents, this is what you get when you sell your childs soul to the mouse for fame and fortune. What do you expect some pretty little princess with a little green pixie flying around to keep her from trouble?

  13. Bambi's mother

    The curse of Disney lives.

  14. Another of Disney's little whores

    She can’t be lindsay 2.0 until she’s invited to the Austrian dude’s party, in exchange for a quick $250,000, and she misses the plane because she’s too busy shopping & “thought the plane would wait 2 hours for her, until she was ready to get on board”. At that time, then she’ll be lindsay 2.0…

    • First and foremost she needs to be publically NAKED. Upskirts, downblouses, leaked shot meant for her bf–SOMEthing. Anything less doesnt even qualify as contender. All the rest is crap any highschool kid in america could be doing.

  15. Because rough is ugly

    I do see a Lilo pattern. Wish shed throw me a bone before, Sammy ask her to come see her DJ….

  16. TheDuuuuuude

    TheDuuuuuude would gladly give her a mustache ride…

  17. See Alice

    Even Marcia Brady was a huge cokehead …… Read her book, they called her ” The Hoover” .

  18. Demi Lovato Loves Cocaine
    Commented on this photo:

    i want to coat her face with a thick layer of fresh semen

  19. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    Disney stars + coke=Lindsay.

    I would hit with assunder.

  20. Chugging from the bottle, good heavens…, whatever happened to plastic cups?
    Self-destruction ain’t what it used to be, I’m tellin’ ya.

  21. ExpletiveBMP

    Yea, all is well, another awesome cunanny to play pocket pool because of. And she’s a young lass—that’s like hitting oil the first time you dig your finger into the earth seeking a cool hole to put your dick.

  22. wim

    ……..this is america 2011?
    pffffffffffffffffffffff, ANOTHER MENTAL WRECK!!

  23. wrecked 'em

    I’d engulf her nose with my mouth and swab each nostrils clean of coke with my tongue.

  24. Bobby Franko

    who gives a fuck I does the coke allllz the time and aint no magazine writin no article about me doin the coke. i meeeaan jesuss. maybe if this were 1980 this would be a big deal but cokes coke baby. who gives a shit? oh i know in public we allllll supposed to act like everythingssss a big deal to maintain face but its not and everyone knows it but just keeps playing along. thats what makes it worse is how bad the public and media freak out about nothing. who gives a shit? let the girl do coke if she wants. shell wanna stop on her own eventually. probably.

  25. No2lames

    God she is annoying and nice bumchin and thanks for that horrid Sonny With A Chance…it should have been called Sonny Is An Irritiating Bitch That Will Mae Your Ears Bleed.

  26. Ty

    It is not fair to call Demi Lovato Lindsay 2.0. Demi is dealing with her emotional and body-image issues before they get out of control, and can we really trust a gossip rag like “Life & Style”? Hell no! I think Demi is super talented, her voice is incredible and she proved with her guest appearence on “Grey’s Anatomy” that she is a great actress. So, this article is completely pre-mature.

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