Demi Lovato in a Bikini

Here’s Disney star Demi Lovato vacationing in Mexico yesterday, and some of you might be noticing she’s 17 and I’m basically showing your her ass. If Perez Hilton posting a picture of Miley Cyrus’ vagina for sheer publicity isn’t considered child porn, and rightfully so, I’m pretty sure posting half an 18-in-60-days buttcrack falls under the same umbrella. I mean, what’s going to happen between now and August that makes this any different? Or is there a class all women go to before turning legal age that teaches them how to use sex to get new shoes? Because there’s your real crime. Now if you’ll excuse me, Chris Hansen is rappelling on to my lawn from a helicopter. *crosses fingers* Please have brought bagels.

NOTE: Click “View Full Size” for NSFW versions. [Fixed.]

Photos: Splash News