1. Mike Iksard

    This is like the Disney Prevert channel..

  2. kira

    the legal age of consent in Mexico is 12, as long as you don’t “seduce” a “chaste” female, so since that is where the picture was taken, your good to go

    • Viv

      That is not true, the legal age in Mexico is 18. No one under 18 may drink, work and 8 hour shift, vote or get married without their parents consent.She’s 17, she’s a minor, if her seminude pictures are to appear in any media, the parents have to consent to it in writing, otherwise it’s breaking the law.

    • Lol

      Ignorance on the internet, who knew.

  3. yayo

    nice little tities and butt. i´m going “jail bait” for her 4 sure.

  4. jesse

    why does it say “fixed” next to the pic.. whats fixed about it?

  5. Cardinal Fang

    I’ve always wondered what it would be like to angry fuck a young Janine Garafalo. Now I can!

  6. kurlzz cummmings

    she is sooooooooo hot id love yo fuck her

  7. Soviet Snow

    Mexican, Irish, and Italian American. I’d eat beans, potatoes, and pasta off her hot body.

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