Demi Lovato Has Leaked Photos Now

When Demi Lovato isn’t beating her dancers for NARCing on her then checking into rehab to duck the charges, she apparently lets them take racy pics of her cleavage like in the above photo leaked online today. Considering they’re predominantly female dancers, this really doesn’t to do much to quash those lesbian rumors going around, nor make me look like less a perv for putting on a party hat because Demi’s my new favorite Disney kid now. (It was real, Zack and Cody.)

Adding… There seems to be a lot of chatter about a hair trail, so apparently you’re going to want to avoid looking any further down than the breasts. I’d verify this information myself if it wasn’t impossible thanks to years of intense secret training. I’ve said too much.

UPDATE: And we got another one.

UPDATE #2: Make that three leaked photos. (Gracias, Alexandra.)

Photos: WireImage