1. Keno

    Looks like a tasty burrito

    • angerME

      lol, i dont get why this is news, just like miley cyrus, its only a matter of time before it becomes blatantly obvious the girls a ho…bout 18 years to be exact

  2. Fat Chuck

    I got to hear her sing once, but who cares, nice boobs!

  3. Heyzeus Hosay

    Cocaine’s a helluva drug

  4. All ya need is love.
    And a camera to record it.

  5. The Listener

    Maybe Selena’s bi-sexual. I’ve never seen a straight chick stick her tongue out and lick another girl’s face while that female stares at her tits. Of course, I could just be reading more into this than necessary, and the girls are just goofing around for a sexy photo.

  6. The Listener

    Oops! Meant to say “Maybe Demi’s bi-sexual.”

  7. The Listener


  8. XXZZ

    I hate it when “leaked” pictures get out of anyone at all. I may not be a “DISNEY FAN” but there are a lot of fakes.

  9. Rather Dashing

    After hours of extensive and exhausting internet research on this subject: lesbian.

    In my study, 97%* of all women photographed having their face licked by another woman are later filmed/photographed participating in lesbian sexual encounters.

    Margin of error for this study is 3%.

    • Pangulin

      This image is your 3% error.The truth is in the analysis of the image without already making shit up about the content. Demi is sticking her tongue out ,not licking anything. The other chick is looking down trying to see more of Demi than is already visible. Had your “extensive research” been done without a preconceived prejudice for your findings, you would have realized that women have been known to stick their tongues out in this manner many times without sexual intent. This is a “goof picture” set up by the many participants as something fun to do. It’s been done by many groups of young women over the years.It is almost a rite of passage in some circles to have this type picture taken.

      • What up blindey

        “Demi is sticking her tongue out ,not licking anything.”

        Totally, utterly wrong. Generally there are two types of “sticking your tongue out” in a “playful” manner–(1) your lips are closed and you stick your tongue out (classic kids’ taunt), or (2) your tongue is out and down with your mouth open like some kind of exaggerated fake yell–I remember 80s rockers doing a lot of this, hopefully that died with the 80s.

        What you see here in classic lick. Mouth open, tongue extended, and at least from this camera angle looks like it is contacting the cheek.

        Call it a goof picture if you want, but if it is then it is a goof picture of two chicks pretending to be lesbians, in which case how can you tell whether it’s a goof or not?

        Besides, you got a problem with her being les or bi?

      • Shan

        Who do you hang out with that this is a rite of passage? lol. As a typical 18 yr old girl in America there are some straight girls who joke around but I don’t know any who would go that far to actually stick their tongue out on another girls face while having the girl grab their waist and get a picture of it. Like this is not normal for someone who’s straight.

      • LOLBOT

        actually if you look a little closer demi is wilingly lowering her own shirt showing off her own rack to the girl, if that’s not lesbo action i dont know what is

      • Megan

        Geez, who cares anyways. She is who she is, like it matters.

    • kenny

      shuan i know 3 girls and there all at my house right now one of them is bi sexual though but there is nothing wrong with that in my book your all over analysing

  10. IKE

    Now this is the kind of real-life lezbo action you HOPE for, but don’t get. Most look like Rosie or Ellen.

  11. chesty

    How old is this one?

  12. Tony Foxtrot

    I just came.


  13. O.o

    ////////how can anyone get off on this? she looks like everyother 16 year old girl…..

    • Pe Ye

      Because she’s DEMI LOVATO for God’s sake!

      • LOLBOT

        I mean, did you look at her rack man? it’s huge!!!!!!!!!!! just imagine doin her with her good looking friend with those titties bouncing all around your face with her singing! bet youll get off then

      • missy

        ew your fucking nasty piece of shit ,

        you need to be put in a fucking hole with a vibrator to put up ur fucking fat ass.
        and btw her boobs arent huge , there being pushed you idiot.
        if ur want big boobs go look at tila tequila .

  14. the observer

    Just another piece of trailer trash, hey hosebag your mom and dad must be so proud.

    • Kaiba

      trailer trash?im sure she has enough money buy you,your house,and the slut that gave birth to you.

      • Blech

        Aw, are you one of Demi’s friends?

        How cute.

        I can’t wait to see Demi in a couple of years, promoting a porno to make ends meet.

      • Gantz

        It’s funny cuz she’ll still be richer then you. All these 13 year olds Baggin on her cuz she showed some cleavage….shut the fuck up, you know nothing and if you think showing this much skin is slutty then you kids will always know nothing, besides Shes hot so who gives a flying fuck what you hatein little kids think.

  15. john

    She might as well become a porn star now lil slut

    • Kaiba

      girlz do this shit all the time,if you ever take time out of bashin demi on the internet and go and actually meet women im sure you’ll see what im talking about dipshit.

    • Alex Monk

      u are just a sick perv and u suoldnt talk like tha she isnt just some slut shes a good person and im on of her fans so just shut up about this sick nasty shit she a teen girl…they mess around sometimes and i kno that cause im a teen guy…and i dont think u should judge her like this

    • Everybody on here needs to eally get a life. She is amazing but she is still human. Everyone on here is just jelous of Demi.

  16. lynn

    all ya”ll are dumb, okay. she is not a lezzie, this is a typical teenage girl, a few pics doesn’t make her a slut.and all you guys are nasty perverts who get off of a young girl cuz you cant get any action yourselves, the only pleasure you get is from your right hand, you should be ashamed of yourself. i hope you nasty fat perverts rot in hell.

  17. Dre

    OH YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!

  18. H6E6X6

    *applies for a job at Disney*

    • Chrissie

      LOL actually I think this stunt was pulled so that she could break free of Disney. It’s about changing a star’s image. Disney creates a wholesome image for you, and before you outdo your welcome and become some 35 year old virgin, these photo scandals are preemptive strikes.

      They say as much about the star in question as the wholesome image that was created for them did. They never really were that innocent, and I don’t believe they’re that slutty now.

      Back in the day if you wanted to get attention and try to boost your career, you posed for Playboy. Twitter is the new Playboy, except that it’s based on the understanding that most people are stupid and will think because it ended up on their Twitter account somehow it’s a true reflection of who that star is.

  19. Jackie

    Wow i can’t believe she would do something like that…she WAS my idol and i looked up to her but now idk?!?!?!?

  20. WTF


    • Chrissie

      I don’t know why everyone has to make this a damn moral issue and apply this to their character. These Disney stars are like WWE wrestlers. Their persona that they put out for public consumption isn’t the way they are at home. Part of what they do is a sales job. They’re selling you an image. So all this stuff where people call Ms. Lovato names and other people get all defensive is really pointless because everyone is buying that the image she’s presenting is actually who she really is in her private life.

      I buy that she’s a slut now as much as I buy that she was squeaky clean before. This is all just for publicity to help her get more acting roles or a new album. It’s business. Part of the job.

      • WTF


      • kenny

        yeaah leeaked thats what they all say

  21. demi's1stfan

    if anyone don’t like or love demi’s music please don’t write a comment and fuck all of you who hate demi this is just a girl who’s trying to have fun are u human or what and stop juging her she’s just 18 and she was trying to have fun a normal person would do this i love u demi forever

    • Chrissie

      That’s the thing. I don’t hate her. I have no emotional investment in this whole thing at all. All I see is a hot girl who took some pictures that a lot of girls her age and younger do.

      The difference for me is that this conveniently comes on the heels of her 18th birthday and how many squeaky clean young stars turn 18 and miraculously there’s a picture of them naked or in their underwear? I’m not judging her for it. She can do what she wants with her life. All I’m saying is that you never really know these celebrities. Disney has done an excellent job of creating personas for their stars and getting fans to buy in.

      I buy that Vanessa Hudgens is a slut for taking photos that she did as much as I buy her wholesome High School Musical image. I don’t know what to believe, but I’m starting to see a pattern emerging of actresses around 18 releasing “controversial” pictures, leading me to believe it isn’t just mere coincidence or just “Demi having a good time with a camera.” I think there’s a good possibility this is staged. Now she can break free of Disney and play more “adult” roles.

  22. lisa

    whats done is done now, so y’all who r calling her names and tlking rubish need to suck it up. its her life for sh!t’s sake and maybe thats why she entered rehab to get help, dang’t!! & she’s 18 & they r juss pics incase u dnt knw Girls Juss Wanna Hev Fun…………darrr

  23. Chrissie

    Forgive me for approaching this logically (I know, it’s Hollyweird – just go with it), but all “lots of girls take pictures like this” (true, teenagers are half-retarded socially) aside, I have a hard time believing this is legit.

    I don’t mean to say this isn’t the celebrity in question, but that this was taken “for fun.” I don’t know her drug and alcohol history, but she DID come out of rehab (whether it was for substances or simply depression), and rather than this being Ms. Lovato losing her mind or symptomatic of her current difficulties or even her just being a stupid teenager, I’m thinking this is one of those accidentally/on purpose publicity stunts.

    As a guy, this is hot stuff, but as a person, it’s a facepalm moment. Try something a bit more original next time, hun. A “wholesome” Disney actress who’s “a great role model” turns 17 or 18 and suddenly there are “racy” pictures leaked of them. We’ve never seen that before, have we? What are the chances that this girl gets out of rehab and suddenly “reinvents” herself? Miley Cyrus has been playing this game for years and just escalating the raunchiness of her photographic escapades.

    At some point, audiences grow tired of the same personas. They and their parents were dumb enough to buy the squeaky clean image, and while you might lose a few fans in the process of changing your image, a lot of other really naive and stupid young girls will be there to take their place because they figure Lovato or Cyrus or whoever are breaking free and being independent, “being themselves.”

    This could indeed be Ms. Lovato acting out as a result of mental health concerns, and if that’s the case, my heart goes out to her. But given the number of young girls who engage at this sort of stuff at a very young age and the number of celebrities who have reinvented themselves via some naughty twitter photo, I have a hard time buying this. This isn’t a moral issue. It’s a business one. Guy have been waiting for years for this girl to finally take pictures like these.

    Well, they got their wish and now Lovato is taking a very calculated career decision that a lot of these people make. They kill their image before it kills them and even though she can’t go back, there’s a distinct possibility the guys getting off to these pictures and the girls dumb enough to believe this is her being a “regular 18 year old girl” will buy the next phase of her career and that’s what it’s all about.

    • Caroline

      Thank you someone understands!!!!!!!!! Everyone here is all like “ohhh she is just an 18 year old girl being herself, they all do this!!” or “she is such a slut!!” and it makes me get soo annoyed…but you understand, its obviously just for publicity!!! Someone understands!!! Haha sorry…i just cant say that enough, you just made my day :)

  24. monniee

    Mayybe she was drunnk????!

  25. david

    idk why ppl getting on for i find it is a very sexy picture and demi tits look gr88888!

  26. andrew

    damn!!!! demi i love u!! …….u are sooooo hot!!!!

    • uwish

      you dont even no this girl and youu need to stop being a fuckin peice of shit. so fuck off and go b a perv somewhere else!

  27. Mmmmm

    Mmmmmmmm wow I don’t have a problem with this :D

  28. Hawwwt

    God I think ive looked at this am trillion times it’s just so damn hot!!

  29. chesty

    I’ll “leak” something on her

  30. FhaukkinqqBlaze

    She qot some biq ass boobs ahaa, idqaf bout her beinq wild.

  31. Richard

    Demi, don’t mind the negative people.

    If you want to show of your boobs you should do so, it’s your life!

  32. Pete

    This was on the cover of a danish newspaper! Wth. we dont even know who she is over here, could we care less ..
    Just another random pic of any other teenage girl that age ..

  33. Ossie (^..^)

    Is this schocking? I see more naked women at the beach… :o

  34. T-Pain

    Oh my gosh, I just want to bang her. Glad she’s legal. Yeaahhhhh. I’m T-Pain.

  35. dengue fever

    :applies for job at Universal Studios:

  36. Ashley Nicole

    This should not shock nor suprise anyone. Yet another Disney Star train wreck, but hey, all that money and “fame” along with the drugs goes straight to their heads and completly converts them. Money makes the world go round. Whose going to be next to add to the Ho Train? :-)

  37. Eef

    Lol this is sooooo nice to see…..americans can be so prudish.
    Every youg girl make these kind of pics…come on!
    The worlds biggest country of porn etc….are also the biggest hypocrits!

    European girl…….

    • The Listener

      Are you saying every young girl takes photos with clear lesbian undertones? No, I don’t think so.

  38. Detonathor

    Aw come on everybody, what’s the isue? There’s more “shocking” pics of well respected, church attending, drug free youngsters all over MySpace…

  39. Driver

    disney is dishing out some slutty girls now a days….lol : ] love you disney.

  40. lauren

    I know girls who take slutty pictures like this too. and that’s just it, they’re all sluts no matter what their job is, who they are, or if they’re on disney. sorry to be honest.

  41. Walt Disney

    That’s it, I’m sick of all these little tramps ruining my company’s wholesome image! Come with me Jonas Brothers, I need help disposing the bodies…..

  42. dtmason

    They give these young people too much money at a young age with no guidance and responsibility, and this is what you get people out of control with a I can do anything I want attitude, getting druck and on drugs, what is new.

  43. justwondering

    Why can’t america leave this poor girl alone???? All ever hear is “demi is going the way of britney, first rehab now sexy photos?!?!?!” First off she went to rehab for an eating disorder and some other depression, thats not her fault! Second why is it our business if she likes to take sexy pictures, I bet you ever high school/college student has at least one questionable picture on there cell. Pus she’s super hot so why does it matter?

  44. Rosa

    Uhh sooo….girls do stuff like that, just because she is famous doesn’t she can’t make mistakes or joke around you people kill me with that bullshit you could kill someone and still be a better role model than miley and this pic doesn’t make her a hoe I believe she is mostly an adult and can decide for herself I’m sure if one of you’re kids did that it would be ok and you wouldn’t say things like that about her

    • How old are you?
      Do you have children?
      How the FUCK could you say a parent wouldn’t be livid if there were photos like this of their children?!
      With all of that money she has she can’t find a better way to spend her free time?

  45. Michael

    I really don’t care if she’s Lesbian, bi, straight … Beastiality maybe, I don’t give a shit this is a sexy fucking photo

  46. Wow. Doesn’t it matter to anyone that pictures of stars like this are the reason that this is TYPICAL for teenage girls or PREteens?!!?
    It most likely doesn’t matter to the 85% of the people who just get off to it.
    That might be why teenage pregnancy rate is skyrocketing.
    Even if she’s doing it to “change her image” (to dike whore) couldn’t she have done so avoiding the corruption of minors minds?

  47. Caroline

    Why is everyone saying “oh every girl does this, she is just goofing off!!” i mean i know lots of girls do this, but it dosnt mean that its still right! It just makes todays society messed up. And most girls dont even go this far…its kind of pathetic really. I mean girls will post pictures that make them look sexy and crap, but they dont deliberatly pull there shirt down. Thats whats called trying to hard to be sexy, aka a slut..most girls will make themselves look sexy buy angeling the camera in different ways, or where sort of revealing clothing, or something, so that they look sexy, not looking like their trying to make themselves look sexy. Does that make sense? They wont just pull down there shirt and take picture of it! Some do, but thats the people who are the major pathetic sluts…anyone who has a facebook or myspace should know this. So everyone who is all like “oh she is just goofing off!” No she isnt, “goofing off” is not this, this is just simply being a slut.

  48. Athena Stafford

    Demi is a beautiful girl inside and out.
    Why are most these people being pervs and bullying her?
    It’s not like you’ve done any worse than this right?
    I don’t see anything wrong with it.
    She’s 18.. Let her be..
    She’s one of my role models.
    I love you Demi

  49. Merissa

    Demi Lovato, would never do such a thing. There was also plenty
    the rumors about Miley Cyrus,
    people just pulls in the masses with lies, it is not people’s problems, it’s their life.

  50. Merissa

    Demi is a nice girl and she doesn’t do stupid things, it’s certainly a person
    who has been a picture and post it online, it’s a crime, and it is not
    nice to do that to her, she has had it pretty hard, she has lost
    her best friend Selena Gomez, they were such good friends, their
    friendship is over now. They had so much fun together.

    • ally

      your just stupied k no one asked you you cant exapt it its rght in front of you ge it through your big stupied headkk.

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