Demi Lovato Has Leaked Photos Now

December 16th, 2010 // 350 Comments

When Demi Lovato isn’t beating her dancers for NARCing on her then checking into rehab to duck the charges, she apparently lets them take racy pics of her cleavage like in the above photo leaked online today. Considering they’re predominantly female dancers, this really doesn’t to do much to quash those lesbian rumors going around, nor make me look like less a perv for putting on a party hat because Demi’s my new favorite Disney kid now. (It was real, Zack and Cody.)

Adding… There seems to be a lot of chatter about a hair trail, so apparently you’re going to want to avoid looking any further down than the breasts. I’d verify this information myself if it wasn’t impossible thanks to years of intense secret training. I’ve said too much.

UPDATE: And we got another one.

UPDATE #2: Make that three leaked photos. (Gracias, Alexandra.)

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  1. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    Guy in background = most awesome photobomber, ever.

  2. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    • Lauren

      A lot of people have pictures of themselves and their friends doing crazy things. A lot of people do it. It’s just that you have seen her grow up and u think that she isn’t normal. She is just experimenting. Everyone does it! This doesn’t mean that she is a bad person and she doesn’t smoke coke fyi wherever u saw that it’s a lie. Sadly someone leaked these pictures to the internet so the whole world could see this. Also parents that think she isn’t a good role model don’t say crap about her. Tell your kids what’s happening and why it’s wrong. Everyone makes mistakes and if you have a problem your the parent show your kids who’s good and who isn’t.

      • Hebz

        I agree with Lauren. Just go on Myspace or Facebook and you will find several pics like these. She’s an 18 year-old girl who likes to have fun with her friends. Leave her alone. Get a life.

    • NYU08

      No! Not EVERYONE does it! Not EVERYONE is blinded by the media and goes along with the crowd! I can attest and I can absolutely say without a doubt it is ALWAYS such a better feeling to come out of a struggle or any kind of a situation (good or bad) KNOWING there are NO regrets…..Just saying, decisions make or break you…there is NO in between! :S

      • Snicker

        leave demi lovato alone. you have no right to judge her no one does. you don’t know her and neither do i. neither of us have any idea what type of person she is you can’t just spout your mouth off like this.

  3. Nick4ca

    That guy in the background needs a giant cigar and an ugly rocker wig.

  4. It’s all apart of “stomping out bullying”..

  5. Ash Bones

    I would bonerbomb the hell out of this..

  6. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
    one legged
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    she is win

    all kids who try coke before 20 are win… the model life

    • Marleny

      She didn’t do coke; that is a nasty rumor. She left because she was under stress from her tour, TV show, dance routines, her best friend DYING, and being stuck watching her ex-boyfriend fall in love with another girl. I don’t blame her for ducking out of the tour to help herself out; and besides, Alex Welch (the girl who ratted Demi out for DANCING at an 18-&-over club in South America, and the girl who Demi punched) leaked these photos on purpose. They were friends who trusted each other and Alex broke their trust instead of understanding all the pain Demi is going through right now.

      • Jessica

        what ever helps you sleep at night kid

      • ashlee

        And you know this because you’re her friend? lmoa. she does coke, it’s a well known fact in hollywood. i have personally seen her do it at a club in l.a.

      • lisa

        I agree with everything u have said she needed a break , and the girl that parties with her in clubs U WISH……….try wearing her shoes see what u would do..thats right ur foot 2 big …..

      • Snicker

        Her best friend died?! when?!

    • Jessica

      @ashlee…how can we take ur word for it?????? You probably live across the country and make lies like that up cause you have no confidence and want ppl to think your cool, just cuz u say that you see all these cool ppl at all these cool places

  7. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    These are racy leaked photos? Back in my day, Disney stars sent their significant others naked photos as a means of asserting their independence (I’m looking at you, V-hudg).

    • Mrs.Tellez

      lol Jface good one!!!!Wtf is going on over there at Disney?Has anyone else notice the pattern Going on?It seem like ever girl they hirer for what ever show or movie ect they all become lil whore’s and slut’s!IJust to name a few Britney,lindsey,miley, V-hudg,chrisrina,E.C.T. it’s like they go buck wild they should make a movie called (DIRTY DISNEY GIRL’S GONE WILD)lol who’s with me ???

      • Michelle

        I’m so with you. I mean come on ppl this girl is on Disney !!!DISNEY!!! Tell me what kid doesn’t watch Disney. And lil girls look up to this girl and this happends it’s wrong. And ppl are saying leave her alone. She’s been out of it and she broke up with her boyfriend and seen him with another girl. That happends to every girl honey. I’m sorry. It’s just wrong

      • Snicker

        if you have time to talk shit about people then you obviously have no life! leave demi lovato alone!

  8. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    totally agree with you C. She is so sucking in her stomach!

  9. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    Fuck that ass sooo hard

  10. Jessica

    The Photo is not that bad she is 18 she is an adult Miley cyrus photo had photo of herself in the bra and undies at 14 year old because she work with disney channel she should be care of what she does and who she hangs out with because I’m pretty sure it was one of these people in the picture that leaked the photo of Demi. Just like that girl leaked that video of Miley Cyrus when will these disney kids learn not everyone is their friend and will sell out them for money if given the chance that’s why they should try and stay friends with the kids they grew up with.

  11. wim

    americans simply can’t live without the AAAAH’s & OOOOOOOH’s given by the public.

  12. Gab

    I don’t understand why “slutty” is now the default pose for young girls.

  13. She’s hot. She’s 18. She’s a celeb. She is acting out in a way that H’wood (and seemingly society in general, the media, etc) has deemed acceptable. The poor girl needs some freaking positive role models and/or friends in her life, is all. Not a bunch of snarky drugged-out sluts (male and female). Shit…

  14. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    i guess this is compensation for not being “the pretty one” among the mexican disney stars

  15. right

    This girl couldn’t stand the fact Miley Cirus was getting soo much attention. So she “leaks” her own photo set. I can’t wait til one of them drops a porn video. They all will have to up their game then.

    • The Listener

      She’s in a treatment center. I think the last thing on her mind right now is leaking photos to the public. She’s more worried about being sued by the girl she punched.

  16. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    she looks fucking 40. hell no. i’ll take selena gomez or icarly any day of the week over her.

    • Aaron Mclaughlin

      40, you say 40!!! look at the sources. she is beautiful. How about the lovely Hot Miranda Cosgrove from the Elene John’s Oscar Viewing

  17. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    Thats what a Cocaine diet will do for you.

  18. Pangulin

    I would say that there is a very real possibility the redhead on the left in these pictures is responsible for the leaking of them to the world. After all is said and done she has threatened to sue Demi for being punched and most legal experts say she doesn’t have a very strong case.Weak case means no dough,so what better way to make Demi pay than to leak embarassing photos to the world? Either that or it was the guy and he is getting even for be kept so far from the goodies! However, taking into account his horrific expression in the picture,I’d bet on the redhead!

  19. disney makes good whores

    when do the “leaked” “Stolen” pics/ vids of the lesbian selena gomez hit the net…i thought her lesbian pictures would be out by now see she hates being called the good girl and innocent one….and we all know selena gomez is a lesbian i want her lesbian pics/vids to hit the net damnit!

    • Gary B

      Selena + Demi LEZ SEX VID = Awesome EPIC WIN.

      Justin Beiber will probably rip his dick off while viewing it.

  20. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    Photoleaking is the new face book for attention whores!?

  21. Nubbinsworth

    Damn she is hot.

  22. anonymous

    demi can pull down her shirt and stick out her chest as far as she can. she still has breasts like ke$ha has ass.

  23. imapc

    Which one is “the redhead” in these photos everyone keeps talking about? It seems she’s the one who leaked the photos and got punched by Demi, but there are two redheads. There’s the one with ridiculous orange-pink-red hair that people keep saying is from Paramore, and the girl above her looking over Demi’s shoulder. Which one is it?

    • The Listener

      It’s the orange-pink-red hair girl that looks like the one from Paramore. I found out her name is Alex Welch.

  24. Veronica

    The photo bomber is shocked at the nasty snail trail from her navel to her nethers.

  25. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
    I'm Obama and I approve
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    I would soil her…

  26. Veronica

    PS is it the main dude from American Pie?

  27. I'm Obama and I approve

    I would tax the HELL outta that

  28. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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  29. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Funniest thing about the pic is the guy. My daughter (who IS a Demi fan) kept asking me to show her the pic JUST so she could see the guy!

    Its horrible but I like so many others on here just cant help but wonder: Whats Selena Gomez’s Fall From Grace Gonna Be? My daughter says “Noooo…Selenas GOOD” and I said “yeah, so were Miley and Demi” Come to think of it so were Lindsay PARENT TRAP Lohan and Britney MICKEY MOUSE CLUB Spears. Im sure Im missing a few. Something about working for DISNEY really makes them rebel for some reason.

  30. dirtbag

    I’d tear her asshole wide open

  31. Armando

    I’d drop a load to watch her lez it up

  32. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    And these are newsworthy why????

  33. Mike

    Hot Damn!
    Mmmm I love Disney jailbait (even if they are now legal)

  34. LoveLeeR

    ah teenage girls nowadays…..

  35. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    at those arms!!!!!!

  36. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    neck wrinkles!!!!!!!!!

  37. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    too much push up bra action on small boobies !!!!!!!!

  38. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    major sucking in of the stomach !!!!!!!

  39. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    she looks like a mask !

  40. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
    Asimat Bagatov
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    I’d pound that now that it’s legal…

  41. Mike D.

    Paging Vivid Entertainment: Let’s get a lesbian love film going starring Amber Heard and Demi Lovato. Call it “Amber Loves Demi” or something like that. You’ll have a big seller on your hands. Heck, I don’t buy much of their product, but you could definitely count me in.

  42. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
    Tony Foxtrot
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    I just came.


  43. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    so much for the innocent girl that i thought she was, but selena is so much more responsible and innocent

    • Marleny

      We used to think Demi was innocent, too, remember? She still is, she just made a bad choice to take those pictures, especially with that attention whore, Alex.

    • DS

      That’s exactly why now’s the best time to pound her!!! It’s legal, with BIG titties and juicy!!!

  44. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    Uhh.. theres pics of Ke$ha getting her vag licked and this is the very best of Demi anyone can get? The same amount of skin shown is in both her “leaked” and her red carpet pics?! This is lame and weak.

  45. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    ////////how can anyone get off on this? she looks like everyother 16 year old girl…..

    • Pe Ye

      Because she’s DEMI LOVATO for God’s sake!

      • LOLBOT

        I mean, did you look at her rack man? it’s huge!!!!!!!!!!! just imagine doin her with her good looking friend with those titties bouncing all around your face with her singing! bet youll get off then

      • missy

        ew your fucking nasty piece of shit ,

        you need to be put in a fucking hole with a vibrator to put up ur fucking fat ass.
        and btw her boobs arent huge , there being pushed you idiot.
        if ur want big boobs go look at tila tequila .

  46. Jess


  47. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    Why has no one mentioned that the redhead is Hayley Williams from Paramore.

  48. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
    the observer
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    Just another piece of trailer trash, hey hosebag your mom and dad must be so proud.

    • Kaiba

      trailer trash?im sure she has enough money buy you,your house,and the slut that gave birth to you.

      • Blech

        Aw, are you one of Demi’s friends?

        How cute.

        I can’t wait to see Demi in a couple of years, promoting a porno to make ends meet.

      • Gantz

        It’s funny cuz she’ll still be richer then you. All these 13 year olds Baggin on her cuz she showed some cleavage….shut the fuck up, you know nothing and if you think showing this much skin is slutty then you kids will always know nothing, besides Shes hot so who gives a flying fuck what you hatein little kids think.

  49. Demi Lovato Leaked Cleavage Photo
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    @ Holls: ‘Cause it’s not?

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