Demi Lovato Checks Into Rehab, Disney Strikes Again

November 2nd, 2010 // 52 Comments

Disney star Demi Lovato reportedly dropped out of the Jonas Brothers tour yesterday to check herself into rehab for emotional issues, according to Us Magazine:

The nature of Lovato’s problems weren’t disclosed, but numerous websites – including TMZ – state that the singer, 18, recently was in a physical altercation with a female member of her tour and that served a “catalyst” in her decision to seek help.

Except it didn’t take long to figure out what was up, and sadly it wasn’t secret lesbiantry which is, admittedly, what I just assume everyone woman has:

Citing a person familiar with the situation, the Associated Press reports that the Disney star — who split from tour partner Joe Jonas earlier this year — indeed had self-mutilation issues.
She also showed signs of having an eating disorder, reports the AP.

Anyone remember Disturbing Behavior starring Katie Holmes and James Marsden? Because that’s almost exactly what I think is happening here. As these kids get closer to 18, their hormones short-circuit whatever the hell Disney did to their minds so they’d become bland, vanilla pop sensations. (Even the brown ones proving Walt Disney recovered Hitler’s Rosetta Stone.) Except Katie Holmes can’t get us out of this one by filming another sex scene* because Tom doesn’t want her remembering what penetration feels like. Stop me if I’m making too much sense.

*It’s in the deleted scenes. Rawr.

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  1. What the fuck is up with her armpit? Just some kind of adhesive for her dress, I hope.

  2. 2nd,Walt Disney would have approved, i.e. Black dress just like the Nazi SS!

  3. Sugar

    She doesn’t look like she has anorexia so it must be bulimia. It would be nice if she could speak out about this afterward to bring more awareness to those issues since she’s apparently some kind of teen idol.

    • Jessesgirl

      No way is it anorexia or bulimia – not with those huuuge chunky arms and fat face haha.

    • crystalbonar

      Please tell me, what is your technique? I didn’t know you could look at someone and automatically know if they’re anorexic or bulimic.

      • Jessesgirl

        If all the fat chicks aren’t shouting ‘anorexia’ then she’s a binge eater.

      • chantel!

        are you stupid, you don’t actually have to be super skinny to be anorexic or have a eating disorder. When you get down to that part in the eating disorder thats when its most dangerous, but the fact is that if she lost alot of weight quickly which she did, then she could in fact have a eating disorder.

      • Vania01

        You’re sooo stupid, you gotta think twice if you wanna say something on internet..

    • The Listener

      In the PAST, she had an eating disorder and was a cutter. At PRESENT, no one has stated why she’s in a treatment facility. It may or may not be the same as her past problems.

  4. Charlie Caligula

    Kind of sad. I feel bad.

  5. Jon Hex

    This is actually sad. She’s not riding the cocaine horse. I hope she gets better.

  6. Cock Dr

    Another screwed-up graduate from the Disney school of early childhood stardom.
    Hope that Ms. Lovato can overcome whatever issue(s) that landed her in rehab.

  7. ZigZagZoey

    You just became a Disney Star!
    What are you gonna do now?
    Go to REHAB!

    Disney makes so much fucking money off these people, they should take care of them better.
    Disney Rehab for teens.

    • Lmao :-) am wondering if she walked in on jonas bangin that other chick.. Purity rings make good cockrings for his little peepee

      • ZigZagZoey

        Hee hee!
        Don’t you mean she must have walked in on him screwing a dude?
        If you screw a guy with a purity cockring on ~ It means you are still a virgin, and you’re not gay.
        Ahhh those magical Disney cockrings!

  8. Miss Moppet

    I don’t even know who this chick is, but I love me a bad movie and Disturbing Behavior is fantastically terrible. Just sayin’.

    “Meet the musical little creatures that hide among the flowers”.

    • The Listener

      She stars on a Disney channel show called Sonny With a Chance. She plays the lead character Sonny Monroe.

      • Miss Moppet

        While I do appreciate the information you imparted, I guess I should have been more specific and stated, “I don’t care who this chick is.”

  9. This was probably the most obvious “blind item” or whatever they’re called ever even I had this figured out. With that said I hope Demi is able to work through her demonds. She’s the only one of these Disney girls that doesn’t make my eyes instantly roll when I see a pic of her.

  10. josh

    Get well soon

  11. Doc Schweinstrudel

    I hope she gets better soon. God bless

  12. Rough skills and power tools

    And we have a winner…I just checked my egotastic library, and the girl looks delicious in a bikini, what other issues could there be?

  13. cm

    I know it’s you’re job to make fun of people but I can’t agree with you making fun of her. Demi is ACTUALLY very talented and I am a big fan. I highly doubt she does drugs. I think she is very sensitive and just can’t take some things. I used to cut myself so I can relate. I really hope she gets better because like I said before she is very talented. But I do totally agree with the disney curse..

    • taylor

      ur right she doesn`t do drugs..she went in for emotional problems like cutting herself, and being way to stressed and things like glad she got help

  14. Gotcha

    To the superficial writer or editor, you have either placed a typo into this article or you misplaced a comma.

    “Except Katie Holmes can’t get us out of this one by filming another sex scene for the deleted scenes because Tom doesn’t want her to remembering what penetration feels like. Stop me if I’m making too much sense.”

    I think you mean “want her to remember.” Either that you you wanted a comma as in Tom doesn’t want her to, remembering what penetration feels like.

    I would opt on the remembering change.

    Just trying to look out for ya superfish, it’s hard enough just to keep up with all these screw balled fucked up celebrities, that an average person seems to eat up every day.

  15. Disney Sucks

    Does anybody else see a pattern here with these Disney girls? Demi is checking herself into rehab for cutting herself and for an eating disorder. She recently broke up with a Jonas Brother. You know who else used to date a Jonas Brother? Miley Cyrus. And we all know what is wrong with that girl. The Jonas Brothers are screwing up these girls pretty bad. And what do you know? They also have their own show on Disney. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Disney is setting these girls up. Disney is evil.

    • Ya trying to say Disney is pimpin these girls to the Jonas Brothers the same way they Pimped Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears to Justin Timberlake? Hmmmmmmm … interesting thought.

  16. riley

    god, some of you are total aholes.

  17. Kaiser

    She needs a cock therapy. That’s all.

  18. Well, another child star going through a tough time. I hope she gets well because she is one of those young stars who I thought was level headed. Unfortunately this scenario has been repeated time and time and time again with child actors.

  19. Gary B

    lets be thankful that Demi Lovato is dealing with her personal and emotional problems PROPERLY not self-medicating like Lindsay Lohan.

    People do not realize that being famous SUCKS, especially if you are a star that people have HIGH or just unrealistic expectations for.

    Is it me or do we just live in an age where kids are getting stressed out at younger and younger ages, because all the soccercows just over-schedule their kids into oblivion and then wonder when they burn out at 12 and become World of WarCraft or DXM addicts.

    Do not become a victim of EXPECTATIONS

    Problem is Demi became as victim of the Conspiracy, she needs to make J.R. “Bob” Dobbs as her short duration personal savior, and learn how to tell the CON how to FUCK OFF. Doing so she will be filled achieve true slack and be able to cut the bullshit that is stressing her out.

    Joe Jonas there is just something not right about him.

  20. AnonymousError

    I hope to see her recover. Fame can be a really ugly, destructive force, especially for young females right in the throws of it. She deserves to be happy and enjoy all of the success her talent has earned her.

  21. Cher X

    She’s far too young to have that much white concealer under her eyes.

  22. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. These Disney child stars are starting more and more to remind me of the evil plot in “The Boys From Brazil”. Long story short, it’s about a Nazi plot to recreate the formative years and pivotal events of Hitler’s childhood for 94 boys in order to potentially raise another Hitler.

    Think about it – Britney, Miley, now Demi? Someone keep an eye on that Selena Gomez character…

    I mean, I’m sure Disney’s goal isn’t to raise another Hitler – let’s face it, all of these girls would look silly with a little square mustache – but the question becomes, who ARE they trying to raise?

  23. Demi Lovato
    Commented on this photo:

    How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood…

  24. unicorn

    this is sad– i actually really like demi lovato. she’s probably the only celebrity i can relate to, and not want to make fun of like the 99% of other people fish writes about. if you had to tour the world with your now ex-boyfriend and have his new girl follow the tour and they’re parading their relationship in front of you, who knows how you’d act. she actually handled herself really gracefully — and now i guess she couldn’t take it anymore. i hope you feel better soon demi.

  25. Dess


  26. Gary B

    More I read about this, Demi does not need rehab just a really good vacation form all this mess.

    She has a show and She on tour, was dating Joe Jonas, promoting Oceans with him, had a break up and has to tour with him. This outburst with one of her dancers sounds like she is overworked and worn out.

    Contrary to what people this there is NOTHING GLAMOROUS about this life. Too many people expect more and more out of you and when you give 1005 they want 200% you give that and they want even more.

    At least Demi realized she has issued and is dealing with them PROPERLY instead of the Lindsay Lohan Self Medication plan.

  27. Aussie Mama

    Another Disney Victim, with self mutilation, anorexia issues, really meaning sexual abuse by the disney/industry pedo’s. That’s the only way to make it, that’s the realisty of fame. Parents like the Lohans/Spears etc willing to hand their kids over to these pervs for their own lifestyle, unfortunately are a dime a dozen. Poor kids.
    You remember not too long ago when Bieber was in Australia, the media gave him a whipping for yelling at a Producer to, “get your fkn hands off of me!”
    Refering to Bieb’s as a spoilt brat, instead of maybe looking at it from the other angle, of being surrounded by pedo’s that use every opportunity to grope him. It’s no wonder his mother and Taylor Swiftts mum chaperon their kids everywhere, never letting them out of their sight!

  28. Ash Bones

    What does it cost to go to disney now, $90.00 ??

  29. Mama Pinkus

    Lay off of her; there’s nothing wrong with realizing you need help and getting it

  30. wrecked 'em

    AWESOME! Demi’s nipping whatever it is in the bud before it becomes a full bLOwHan monster problem on her that she can’t control. It’s a shame there’ll be one less train wreck. But it’s cool that a seemingly nice young chick with a bright future has got more on the ball than to fall into the same old Hollywood traps that have most reaching for a dollar and esteem on a string, like Lindsay Lohan desperately lunging for Grey Goosed Red Bulls.

  31. Annie

    why is she trying so hard to be white?

  32. Demi Lovato
    Commented on this photo:

    She is beautiful :)

  33. Demi Lovato
    Commented on this photo:

    i hope she rots in there she stole joe from me

  34. Demi Lovato
    Commented on this photo:

    hmm.. somehow I dont believe its for “emotional issues” or whatever. Bet money its either blow or pills.

  35. Demi Lovato
    Commented on this photo:

    WOW!!! I dont know if i she this should belive this or not,Demi used to be my roll model with Selena Gomez:( Theres ben alot of gossiping in Hollywood :( :( :( :(

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