Demi Lovato Checks Into Rehab, Disney Strikes Again

Disney star Demi Lovato reportedly dropped out of the Jonas Brothers tour yesterday to check herself into rehab for emotional issues, according to Us Magazine:

The nature of Lovato’s problems weren’t disclosed, but numerous websites – including TMZ – state that the singer, 18, recently was in a physical altercation with a female member of her tour and that served a “catalyst” in her decision to seek help.

Except it didn’t take long to figure out what was up, and sadly it wasn’t secret lesbiantry which is, admittedly, what I just assume everyone woman has:

Citing a person familiar with the situation, the Associated Press reports that the Disney star — who split from tour partner Joe Jonas earlier this year — indeed had self-mutilation issues.
She also showed signs of having an eating disorder, reports the AP.

Anyone remember Disturbing Behavior starring Katie Holmes and James Marsden? Because that’s almost exactly what I think is happening here. As these kids get closer to 18, their hormones short-circuit whatever the hell Disney did to their minds so they’d become bland, vanilla pop sensations. (Even the brown ones proving Walt Disney recovered Hitler’s Rosetta Stone.) Except Katie Holmes can’t get us out of this one by filming another sex scene* because Tom doesn’t want her remembering what penetration feels like. Stop me if I’m making too much sense.

*It’s in the deleted scenes. Rawr.

Photos: Splash News