Sorry, Fez, Demi Lovato’s All Grown Up Now

Demi Lovato looks like an adult woman in her new video, so already we know Wilmer Valderrama hates it. And even though I screen-capped it on mute, I can honestly say I understand why. Oh cool, Demi, you and your beautiful friends go to fake raves all the time whacked out on Molly? Are you even trying to act like you’re still in high school, or did I just hang this prom committee sign over my basement door for my own amusement? God, these pop stars have no respect for their fan base — *takes off whistle* — I mean, seriously, no cheerleader outfit — *throws clipboard into lake* — no plaid skirt, no knee-highs, nothing!! *drops head, slowly walks away dragging giant net of soccer balls*

And here are the screencaps, because why make your coworkers start their weekend watching you jam pencils in your ears?

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Photo: DemiLovatoVEVO