Demi Lovato Ain’t Havin’ No Snitches

November 3rd, 2010 // 163 Comments

Presumably to protect the Twilight franchise from scandal, details regarding the “physical altercation” that pushed Demi Lovato to check herself into rehab have finally emerged and there’s not a whiff of Ashley Greene involved, according to People:

“As she did on most nights off, Demi invited her band, dancers and her parents to dinner,” says the source. “Afterward, she broke off with a very small group.”
The following day, tour managers and Lovato’s stepfather, Eddie De La Garza, questioned the group’s conduct. According to a source close to the situation, the group had been partying.
“When tour management found out about this, they talked to the people involved, including Demi,” says the source. “Demi reacted badly and perceived that someone on tour had told on her.”
When Lovato and other tour members were on an airplane that same day, Lovato confronted a young dancer, whom she thought might have been the one to blame for telling on her. “There was a short, physical altercation,” says the source, adding that it was “one-sided.”

So all this time we were being told, “Oh, poor Demi had an eating disorder,” and “Oh, poor Demi was bullied,” it turns out Demi Lovato was caught partying, beat the shit out of the alleged snitch, and then checked herself into rehab to duck the consequences. See? This is exactly why I keep saying these Disney kids pose a direct threat to our very way of life. The little bastards can stab you in the neck then turn around and cry “stress from the tour” while hot-tubbing at Promises. They’re the perfect assassins!

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  1. Averre

    “There was a short, physical altercation,” says the source, adding that it was “one-sided” Translation: Demi got her ass kicked.

  2. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Willy Wonka
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    I wanna fuck the fat kid next to her!

  3. karma

    She is a beautiful young girl. Maybe corrupt by Disney or her own self, but a pretty girl all the same. I notice a lot of young girls with self esteem issues! Truly sad. Please try to love yourself and fellow females!!!!

  4. Demi Lovato Bikini
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    OMW!!!……she is so HOT!!!

  5. Gary B

    How can anyone call her fat? Are we so conditioned to desire women who look like they are a day away from starvation?

    This incident is starting to explain some things like here falling out with Selena. When that happened, I think that was the moment things went wrong with her. For Demi’s sake I think she needs to do two things.

    Go on a vacation, she has a TV series, filmed a movie then went to promote it and then went on a tour with out a break.

    Reconnect with Selena Gomez, she was a positive stabilizing force in her life and one that she really needs right now.

    • Erin

      This chick is weeks away from starvation. There is a world of difference between her and, say, calista flockheart (whom no one finds sexy). I’m 5’7″ and average 130 lbs (which looks thinner than her already) Last summer I got crazy sick and couldn’t eat for literally 10 days- I lost a bunch of weight but I was still NOWHERE near nasty skeleton status. With just water, this chick could survive for weeks. She’s not obese, but she’s a long way from scrawny. Our perceptions of normal are so messed up…

      • Nick

        Nope, “our” perceptions of normal are not messed up, it’s “AMERICANS’” perception of normal. I’m Brit and I can clearly see that she’s a little plump–not fat but certainly not skinny either. In most of the world we use BMI. Slim is a BMI of about 18.5, skinny is a BMI of maybe 16.5 or less. This chick is not skinny, you are not skinny. But for men, chicks don’t have to be skinny to be fuckable anyway. Most guys would consider this Lovata chick hot

  6. ohlawd

    I have a body kinda similar to hers (except I work out a lot to keep my thighs, butt, and arms toned). My upper arms and butt are naturally a little fuller–hence my working out–but my waist always stays around 24 inches. Note: I also work out to keep my tummy toned.

    It’s called having a pear shaped body, and if you eat healthy and exercise regularly, you can keep it under control. Just like some women have an apple shaped body (big boobs, no ass, average to large waist). Many girls I know would kill to have a smaller waist without losing whatever ass they have.

    Also, Teresa, I’m sorry that you probably have boy hips, but IS possible to have hips and a naturally small waist.

    • ohlawd

      *it IS possible

      • Ash Bones

        what does boy hips mean??

      • Nick

        Boy hips means having slim hips, not too much fat on the hips I think. Think Pink(the singer). Um, ohlawd, I hate to break it to ya, but a pear-shaped body is the most common body shape for women. And I wouldn’t say that having a pear-shaped body is necessarily hotter than having “boy hips”. Both are hot in different ways. It’s more important that women are a nice weight

  7. anonymous11

    this girl has a ridiculously nice body. everyone calling her fat is crazy, not to mention annoying. maybe she’s not completely proportionate, but many people aren’t naturally. work it giiiirl.

  8. Lettinhio

    Where’s the tits?

  9. mike

    demi is beautiful not fat at all if i had the chance i would make love to her all night and day long and die happy

  10. Demi Lovato Bikini
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    Hot, so hot
    I watch her show and save it in my MMB for later

  11. Demi Lovato Bikini
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    if only she was facing the front

  12. Demi Lovato Bikini
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    demi lovato is too skinny she mades to put some weight on

  13. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Olliver Twisted
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    I’d nail that ass! Her ass cheeks are perfect. Take her from behind and watch those ass cheeks ripple!!!!

  14. Demi Lovato Bikini
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  15. Demi Lovato Bikini
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  16. Demi Lovato Bikini
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    Nice body!

  17. Reemer

    Seems like the bitch is mean and nasty like Naomi Campbell. I like that. I also like her fat fucking ass. Fuck that skinny ass Selena Gomez bitch, the only BFF you need Demi is my cock up your shithole.

  18. Demi Lovato Bikini
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    Man the one’s who taken these pictures are losers and speciali the last one
    come on man when are the embarrassing pictures gonna stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s normal sized. Not too thin, not too big. And really quite sexy. Seriously.

  20. Sarah

    She’s gorgeous.

  21. Demi Lovato Bikini
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    What a shame. These are the young girls our children are looking up to. I dont need the girl my child looks up to flashing her naked bottom for cameras. We got enough of that crap with Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan. Why cant these Disney stars try something new for a change, and be decent human beings. I never liked Demi Lovato in the first place, and I’m glad none of my children do either.

    • Frassington T Bear

      T’aint naked if you can’t see the taint

    • Lara

      You want them to be decent human beings? Well they are. Can’t you see that’s a 18 year old girl on a holiday with her family? She’s just having fun in the water with her little sister and you think thats some kind of crime?? I know girls of my age (14 years old) who have even have a kid and she cant wear a bikini??

      • Having Fun?

        Yeah, I don’t care where she is, I agree with Cocoa, half her ass is hanging out of her bathing suit. If you’re a role model for thousands of young girls, it’s not that hard to cover up your ass, ESPECIALLY if you’re on vaca with your family. Why would your family members want to see that? It’s disgusting. Have some decency. And you can tell those 14 y/o friends of yours to sew their vags shut, because having a child at that age is a sin against humanity.

      • AyeDay

        wow. she isnt naked. She’s pulling the swim suit out so that she isnt flashing around. You’ve never got a wedgy before? and she didnt say they were her friends, shes just saying, why should this girl get bashed due to a wedgy when there are girls out there getting pregnant. She never said it was good that they were doing it.
        do us all a favor, quit preeching about stuff you have no clue about, and learn how to read.

      • richii

        aint that tha truth

  22. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Can we find one Disney teenaged star who doesnt want to be a big ol’ hoochie & slut these days? I swear, there’s no hope for the youth of today if this is the type of person they have to look up to. Demi, we dont need another Miley Cyrus. One is too many as it is.

  23. I’d kill a snitch. Not saying I have, not saying I haven’t.

  24. Demi Lovato Bikini
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    Soft and doughy.

  25. Momsen = lame try hard

    She might be sexy (minus the bum chin) but she is so annoying.

  26. Demi Lovato Bikini
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    She is very good looking and she has a very nice smile.

  27. Demi Lovato Bikini
    dude with brains
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    she has an awesome butt.

  28. sith

    I am too turned on by these photos. Shame on me.

  29. Demi Lovato Bikini
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    That’s what I’m saying… all this people talking about this girls when I bet you don’t even know what your kids are doing right now… You think is bad just because she is famouse, but that’s what an 18 year old girl do… Stop being ridiculous.

  30. Demi Lovato Bikini
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    I won’t say much at all, but you can also just say that those people who took photographs were wrong. Imagine that you are on a vacation with your family and your swimming trunks sitting between your butt. There are people to take pictures and post online. and you have not authorized it, we would have a lawsuit but celebs can’t do that because the paparazzi would say: “freedom of the press” So you would agree, but must stop to comment, she is only 18.

  31. Demi Lovato Bikini
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    the best way to improve from an eating disorder–continue getting photographed with people who look like that.

  32. Demi Lovato Bikini
    ily demi
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    omg her ass is so nice id eat her out

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