Demi Lovato Ain’t Havin’ No Snitches

Presumably to protect the Twilight franchise from scandal, details regarding the “physical altercation” that pushed Demi Lovato to check herself into rehab have finally emerged and there’s not a whiff of Ashley Greene involved, according to People:

“As she did on most nights off, Demi invited her band, dancers and her parents to dinner,” says the source. “Afterward, she broke off with a very small group.”
The following day, tour managers and Lovato’s stepfather, Eddie De La Garza, questioned the group’s conduct. According to a source close to the situation, the group had been partying.
“When tour management found out about this, they talked to the people involved, including Demi,” says the source. “Demi reacted badly and perceived that someone on tour had told on her.”
When Lovato and other tour members were on an airplane that same day, Lovato confronted a young dancer, whom she thought might have been the one to blame for telling on her. “There was a short, physical altercation,” says the source, adding that it was “one-sided.”

So all this time we were being told, “Oh, poor Demi had an eating disorder,” and “Oh, poor Demi was bullied,” it turns out Demi Lovato was caught partying, beat the shit out of the alleged snitch, and then checked herself into rehab to duck the consequences. See? This is exactly why I keep saying these Disney kids pose a direct threat to our very way of life. The little bastards can stab you in the neck then turn around and cry “stress from the tour” while hot-tubbing at Promises. They’re the perfect assassins!

Photos: Splash News