Demi Lovato Eating Taco Bell By Herself Encapsulates All Emotions

It seems only right that one day after Joe Jonas announced his engagement to Sansa Stark that his ex-girlfriend, Demi Lovato, was spotted on a solo Taco Bell run. Demi can afford to have a minion bring her whatever she wants, but the fact that she decided to do it herself says something here.

For anyone who hasn’t eaten alone in a Taco Bell dining room, it’s basically Dr. Regret’s waiting room of sadness. Ultimately you’re going to walk out of there feeling worse than when you walked in, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea… especially when you’re balls deep in a cheesy gordita crunch.

A lot of people think face tattoos are the ultimate sign of apathy, but nothing says “fuck it” quite like eating a meal alone at a T-bell. Props to you, Demi — you just made a new fan!

**plays first 5 seconds of “Heart Attack” on Spotify**

Never mind…